AESSCS 2014 Workshop

Planning the Unplanned Experiment:
Assessing the Efficacy of Standards for Safety Critical Software

At the European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC)
13 May 2014 in Newcastle upon Tyne


08:30Workshop registration
09:00Opening remarks
09:10Keynote: Pippa Moore, Who’s Using Your Software?
09:50Keynote: John McDermid, Nothing is Certain but Doubt and Tests
10:30Coffee break
11:00Q&A with keynote speakers Pippa Moore and John McDermid
11:40Mario Fusani and Giuseppe Lami, On the Efficacy of Safety-related Software Standards
11:55Virginie Wiels, A Formal Experiment
12:10Discussion: What does it mean for a standard to ‘work’?
12:30Lunch break
14:00Rob Ashmore, The Utility and Practicality of Quantifying Software Reliability
14:15John Rushby, Bev Littlewood, and Lorenzo Strigini, Evaluating the Assessment of Software Fault-Freeness
14:30Discussion: Should we be following recipes or quantifying software performance?
14:55Dewi Daniels, The Efficacy of DO-178B
15:10Discussion: Can we assess a standard as a whole (much as system-level testing assesses software)?
15:30Coffee break
16:00Ibrahim Habli and Andrew Rae, Formalism of Requirements for Safety-Critical Software: Where Does the Benefit Come From?
16:15C. Michael Holloway and Chris W. Johnson, Towards Assessing Necessary Competence: A Position Statement
16:30Discussion: How can we assess the human performance aspects of the standard process?
16:50Discussion: What is the most effective way to establish the needed evidence of standards’ efficacy?
17:20Plans for a summary paper and closing remarks
17:30Workshop ends