ICSR7 2002 Workshop on

Component-based Software Development Processes

Austin, Texas, April 15-19, 2002

Practitioners as well as academics claim that the component-based software development paradigm is of major importance for the field of software engineering, and expect that in the near future most software systems will be developed from components. Software organisations, applying component-based software-development technologies, are not only better able to handle complexity but also to reduce development times and cost by the systematic reuse of in-house and standard components. Thus, component-based development offers organisations a way to quickly react on market requirements.

In practice the component-based development paradigm has only has a significant impact on the implementation phase of the software life cycle. Component technologies such as CORBA, JavaBeans/EJB, DCOM/ActiveX and lately .NET basically allow the ‘technical’ cooperation of binary software building blocks of different origin. To counter this view there is a significant need to introduce the component-based development paradigm into all phases of the development life-cycle. In other words, the concept of a component should not just be seen as an implementation vehicle, but also as a central part of software design in term of concepts, methods and processes.

The goal of this workshop is to examine the process of component-based software development in all phases of the development life-cycle (i.e., specification, design, composition, testing, deployment) and to identify how this process needs to be different from traditional software development. Participation is encouraged both from practitioners to provide their experiences and help in identifying open questions, and from researches to suggest methodological support for addressing these questions. The ultimate goals is thus to enable an exchange of experience between practitioners and researches concerning the relevance and feasibility of using the component paradigm throughout the software life-cycle.


Participants are asked to write a position paper (3000-5000 words) on appropriate concepts, methods and applications. A non-exhaustive list of topics includes:


Methodological foundation of component-based software development;


Modeling of component-based systems (UML and others);


Tools supporting component-based development;


Integration of the component paradigm into existing environments;


Component testing, verification, distribution, maintenance;


Combination of heterogeneous component technologies;


Extension of ‚standard’ technologies to support component-based development (e.g., databases, languages, compiler, XML etc.);


Industrial experience reports.


Submissions should be sent to zeidler@decrc.abb.de  and should be in the required format for ICSR proceedings. All submissions must be in Adobe portable document format (PDF). The papers should be formatted according to the Springer guidelines, specified at: http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html.

Important Dates


Deadline for workshop submissions:         Feb 14, 2002  


Notification of acceptance:                         March 1, 2002

Organizing Committee

bullet Christian Zeidler (ABB Corporate Research, Germany)
bullet Marko Fabiunke (FhG FIRST, Berlin, Germany)
bullet Christian Bunse (FhG IESE, Kaiserslautern, Germany)
bullet Colin Atkinson (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)
bullet Ivica Crinkovic (Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden)

Location and conference date: Austin, Texas, April 15-19, 2002

Contact Info: Christian Zeidler (ABB Corporate Research, Germany) zeidler@decrc.abb.de