ICSR7 2002 Workshop on

Component-based Software Development Processes

Austin, Texas, April 15-19, 2002


Saleh M. Al-Hatali,
Gwendolyn H. Walton   

 Smart Features for Compositional Wrappers

Ninat Wanapan,
Somnuk Keretho   

A Method for Developing Component-Based Applications: Role Based Coordination Component Model (RBCCM) Approach

Ludger Martin   

Visual Component Integration and Regression Test

Colin Atkinson,
Hans-Gerhard Groß   

Built-in Contract Testing in Model-driven, Component- Based Developmet

Samira Sadaoui   

Component Generalization with Formal Methods

Sudipto Ghosh   

Improving Current Component Development Techniques for Successful Component-based Development

Philippe Aniorte  

Component-Based Software Development : From Component Model To Software Architecture

Zheying Zhang,
Matti Rossi  

Component Modeling for System Analysis and Design

Michael Winter, Christian Zeidler, Christian Stich  

 The PECOS Software Process

Francisco Domínguez, Rafael Capilla, Juan Manuel Cueva  

OVIBUS: A Scalable Platform for Combining Heterogeneous Components