About the conference

E-CAP is is an acronym for European - Computing And Philosophy.

The E-CAP 2005 conference will deal with all aspects of the "computational turn" that is occurring through the interaction between the disciplines of Philosophy and Computing. The Programme Committee are particularly interested in submissions in the following areas:

- Philosophy of Information and Information Technology

- Computational Linguistics

- Biological Information, Artificial Life, Biocomputation

- Cognitive Science

- Metaphysics (Distributed Processing, Emergent Properties,

  Formal Ontology, Network Structures, etc)

- Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Problem of Consciousness

- Computer-based Learning and Teaching Strategies and Resources &

  The Impact of Distance Learning on the Teaching of Philosophy and Computing

- IT and Gender Research, Feminist Technoscience Studies

- Information and Computing Ethics

- New Models of Logic Software


Program Chair

Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic

Department of Computer Science and Electronics, IDE,


Local Organisers

Christina Bortas, Mälardalen University
Baran Cürüklü
, IDE, Mälardalen University
Harriet Ekwall, IDE, Mälardalen University

Ylva Boivie,
IDE, Mälardalen University