09/09 2007

Computation, Information, Cognition – The Nexus and The Liminal, Dodig-Crnkovic G. and Stuart S., eds. (2007), CSP
[See  Book cover  & Table of Content] has been published and you can order from: 
Contributors will get a 40% discount.

Read a book review by Vincent Müller for "Cybernetics & Human Knowing".

18/06 2007

The book is expected within the next six / seven weeks.

12/04 2007

Computation, Information, Cognition – The Nexus and The Liminal, Dodig-Crnkovic G. and Stuart S., eds. (2007), CSP
Book cover

21/11 2006

E-CAP 2007 Conference will be held at the University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, June 21-23 2007.

01/11 2006

tripleC journal published, see
SPECIAL ISSUE OF TRIPLEC: Selected Papers From ECAP 2005 -
European Computing and Philosophy Conference 2005

Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic and Susan Stuart eds.

23/10 2006

CSP book will be published in 2007.
Dodig-Crnkovic G. and Stuart S., eds. (2007), Computation, Information, Cognition – The Nexus and The Liminal, Cambridge Scholars Press.
Cambridge Scholars Press will be changing its name to Cambridge Scholars Publishing on the 1st of November 2006. The majority of titles appearing in 2007 will carry the new imprint.

30/8 2006

tripleC journal is planned for the 1th of November.
Soon we will be able to tell you the expected publication date for the CSP book too.

26/8 2006

Our editing of the materials for the CSP book and the tripleC journal is approaching the final phase.
Very soon (within a week or so) we will be able to tell you when the publication may be expected.

16/3 2006

Please note that all papers (including those for tripleC) should be sent to
with "ECAP 2005 paper" in the subject line.

12/3 2006

Notification of acceptance sent to the authors. Here are the formatting rules for the book.
Formatting for the tripleC journal is given in


The process of publication of the proceedings of E-CAP 2005@MDH Sweden is converging and we have reached the point when the selection of papers has been made for two publications:

1. A book with working title 'Computing, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science' published by Cambridge Scholars Press

2. A special issue of tripleC, a refereed web open-access journal

17/2 2006

As the result of a gratifying circumstance that we have got unexpectedly many contributions (almost every participant submitted their papers), we are still in the process of reviewing, but we expect the notification of acceptance sent 3rd March 2006.

22 December

Full paper notification acceptance is posponed to 21th February 2006, as a result of two deadline extensions for full papers.

27 September Information about E-CAP 2006 conference in Trondheim, Norway!

20 September

The new deadline for paper submission is set to October 20th, 2005 - as many people needed more time, and we are trying to get published as many of excellent papers presented on the conference as possible. Please send your papers to

12 August

Information about publishing

     The articles should be no longer than  4,000 words total, including the abstract and references.  It is intended that some  will go into a book 'Computing, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science' published by Cambridge Scholars Press and some into Wolfgang Hofkirchner's Triple C  journal
     Articles will go through the usual peer-review process before the final decision regarding publication is made by editors. No special formatting conditions are specified at this stage, as book and journal formats differ.

     We will inform  everyone of decisions by December 31st, and ask people whose  paper has been accepted if they want to make any minor revisions at  that time.

1 July  Now finally almost all credit cards have been billed,
 so if you need a receipt for the conference fee please contact Harriet.
 I am out of office from 3 July until the end of August.
 Best, Gordana
8 June  Thank you all for making E-CAP 2005 such a great event!
 Here are the pictures from the conference that can remind you your visit to MDH, Västerås and Sweden.
30 May


Elba excursion, Thursday evening, schedule

19.15 Busses from MDH to the boat
19.25. Elba-quay, boat is waiting
M/S Napoleon boat to Elba
19.45 Elba island
20.00 Dinner at Elba
(? back to Västerås)

We take a walk from the port to the city!

Townhall reception, Friday evening

We take a walk from the University to the Tawn Hall, see the map. After the reception we walk back to the town.

30 May


(You will get this instruction in your conference folder too)
Instructions for connecting to the wireless network:

If on private computer:
1. Make sure your wireless network card is configured for DHCP.
2. Connect your wireless network card to wireless network with SSID MdH_Student.
3. Open the webbrowser and connect to any url. If asked to accept security
certificate answer yes. The wireless network will present a logon screen.
4. Logon with the account that you have been assigned.
5. Close the webbrowser.

If on MDH laptop computer:
1. Open the webbrowser and connect to any url. If asked to accept security
certificate answer yes. The wireless network will present a logon screen.
2. Logon with the account that you have been assigned.
3. Close the webbrowser.

Access to MDH computers in computer lab room U2-023 (on the second floor)
Logon to the computers with:
Account: will be given in your conference folder
Password: will be given in your conference folder

29 May


When you reach MDH University from the Central Station (coming by either train or Arlanda airport bus, see the map) it is very easy to find your way to the lecture halls. All the lecture halls and the Restaurant Rosenhill are located at the ground floor of the main building. Please observe that all travel information including bus time table for the tours between the airport Arlanda and Västerås may be found under Local Information on this web page.

18 May


Time slots for presentations are 40 min and they accommodate one or two presentations.
If 40 min is allocated for two presentations, the total time, including  questions is 20 min for each presentation.


It is very important that each presentation keeps the absolute time table. People must be able to move between parallell sessions!

Therefore, please, ensure that your presentation is restricted to 40/20 min (except keynotes/invited papers as indicated in the conference program), allowing 5 min for questions/discussions and change of speaker.

We will have a computer in each lecture hall, and they will have Internet connection and PowerPoint.

If you bring your own PC, we will transfer your presentation with USB memory stick.
Overhead projectors (for plastic sheets - overhead transparences) are available in all lecture halls.

17 May

Conference lunch will be at the restaurant Rosenhill,  close to the lecture halls. If you are allergic, please let us know in advance!
There will be a vegetarian alternative too.

14 May

Please check the preliminary schedule! Time for your presentation should correspond to what is given in If not, or in case of any other problem, contact me!


The deadline for sending your abstracts to be included in the Conference booklet is May 15, 2005. If you haven't send any abstract yet, or if you plan to revise your abstract, please do that before May 15th.


We have a preliminary program for the conference now. If you wonder to which track your presentation belongs, have a look at conference booklet that contains all the participants names and paper titles organized in different tracks.


The abstracts of the accepted articles will be collected in the conference booklet available at this web page and even in printed form at the start of the conference.

14 Apr

Conference Proceedings will be published after the conference and they will include best papers submitted in August and modified to incorporate responses to arguments at the conference.

Revised: 03/03/08.