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Welcome to the Water & Industry conference 2015
7-10 June, Västerås, Sweden!

We are now approaching the IWA Water and Industry conference start and could kindly like to invite you to the Welcome reception at Västerås Castle, June 7 at 18.00. Please follow the map for guidance to the Castle. The registration opens at 8.00 on June 8 in the Mälardalen University main entrance.

Please have a look at the maps and directions for further guidance in Västerås City.

Registration is now open!

On behalf of the Organizing committee, we are delighted to invite you to the Water & Industry 2015 international conference. This event is the latest in the IWA Chemical Industries Specialist Group conference series. It will address issues related to wastewater, gas and solid waste management in industry with a special focus on chemical pollutants, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Industries are primary consumers of water and energy and major producers of waste and wastewater. Efficient industrial water, solid waste and off-gas management is therefore of paramount importance to achieve environmental sustainability and improve business profitability. This requires innovative and cost effective technologies, advanced management and regulations. Water & Industry 2015 international conference will be held in Västerås, Sweden, to discuss these needs.

Mälardalen University in Västerås, Sweden is in the heart of one of the worlds most advanced industry regions with long traditions in energy efficiency, automation and sustainability. The city was one of the first in the world to implement biogas which is converted from sludge and food waste for local buses, trucks and taxis application for more than ten years.

This conference will focus on the latest developments in energy-efficient and sustainable wastewater, gas and solid waste treatment in 21st century industry. The event aims to provide a forum for environmental and chemical engineers, microbiologists, chemists and policy makers to present their most recent technological and scientific breakthroughs in the fields of management, characterization, minimization and abatement of industrial waste and wastewater. We therefore invite you to come and enjoy beautiful Sweden during this exciting and fruitful event.

Ass Prof Emma Nehrenheim
Organizing Committee Chair
Prof Darren Sun
IWA Chemical Industries Specialty Group Chair

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