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Real-Time in Sweden (RTiS)
August 21st - 22nd, 2007
MRTC/PROGRESS research centre at Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden

Real-Time in Sweden 2007 (RTiS'07) is a conference intended to bring together industry and academia in an effort to share ideas and information about hot and emerging topics in the area of embedded and real-time systems. RTiS'07 is held in conjunction with the ARTES Summer School.

The RTiS'07 conference provides an overview of Swedish research and industrial state of the art within the field. Researchers and developers and therefore invited to submit their very best publications on embedded and real-time systems, produced in the time period 2005-2007 (submission of previously published material is allowed). This year RTiS will include special sessions on the hot and emerging topics: software tools and multicore systems.

We especially invite Swedish industry to submit papers that describe challenges and possible solutions in real-time and embedded systems, as well as to demonstrate their tools for e.g., analysis, design, simulation, verification, and implementation of embedded and real-time systems. For details see Invitation for the Industry.

RTiS'07 is the 9th conference in a series of successful biennial conferences organized by SNART (the Swedish National Real-Time Association). SNART is a non-profit association with members from industry and academia who share an interest in real-time aspects of computation and system design.

RTiS'07 is hosted by the MRTC/PROGRESS research centre, and located at the Mälardalen University in Västerås. The Mälardalen University is located close to the Västerås city centre.

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