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RTiS 2007
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8.00-8.30Registration and coffee
8.40-9.00Introduction to MdH and PROGRESS
9.00-10.00Keynote 1: "Software Challenges and Opportunities for Real-Time on Multicore Machines" - Prof. Edward A. Lee, University of California at Berkeley
10.20-12.00Paper Session 1: Development techniques, CBD, MBD
"Extracting Simulation Models from Complex Embedded Real-Time Systems" - Johan Kraft, Joel Huselius, Christer Norström and Anders Wall.
"Cross-level sensor network simulation with COOJA" - Fredrik Österlind, Adam Dunkels, Joakim Eriksson, Niclas Finne and Thiemo Voigt.
"Derivation of Implementation Constraints — Implementation Simulation and Treatment of Multiple Design Choices" - Mattias Wecksten, Magnus Jonsson and Jonas Vasell.
"Packaging Component-Analysis for Reuse" - Johan Fredriksson and Rikard Land.
"Model Integration in the development of Embedded Control Systems – a characterization of current research efforts" - DeJiu Chen, Martin Törngren, Jianlin Shi, Sebastien Gerard, Henrik Lönn, David Servat, Mikael Strömberg and Karl-Erik Årzén .
"Making Decisions in Integration of Automotive Software and Electronics: A Method Based on ATAM and AHP" - Peter Wallin, Joakim Fröberg and Jakob Axelsson.
"Experiences from Model supported Configuration Management" - Ola Larses, Carl-Johan Sjöstedt, Martin Törngren and Ola Redell.
"Reusing Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis with Component Contracts" - Johan Fredriksson, Thomas Nolte, Mikael Nolin and Heinz Schmidt.
13.20-14.20Keynote 2: "New Technology Trends Coupled with Multicore" - Prof. Erik Hagersten, Uppsala University / Acumem
14.20-15.10Paper Session 2: Experience Reports
"Experiences from Applying WCET Analysis in Industrial Settings" - Jan Gustafsson, Andreas Ermedahl, Christer Sandberg and Björn Lisper.
"Impact of Soft Errors in a Brake-by-Wire System" - Daniel Skarin, Martin Sanfridson and Johan Karlsson.
"Some Experience from the Development of a Simulator for a Telecom Cluster – CPPemu" - Jakob Engblom, Mikael Bergqvist, Mikael Patel and Lars Lundegård.
"Experiences from large embedded systems development projects in education, involving industry and research" - Martin Törngren, Martin Grimheden and Niklas Adamsson.
15.30-16.10Paper Session 3: Software analysis
"Automatic Derivation of Loop Bounds and Infeasible Paths for WCET Analysis using Abstract Execution" - Jan Gustafsson, Andreas Ermedahl, Christer Sandberg and Björn Lisper.
"Determining Maximum Stack Usage in Preemptive Shared Stack Systems" - Kaj Hänninen, Jukka Mäki-Turja, Markus Bohlin, Jan Carlson and Mikael Nolin.
"Shared Data Analysis for Multi-Tasking Real-Time System Testing" - Anders Pettersson, Daniel Sundmark, Henrik Thane and Dag Nyström.
16.10-18.00Tool Introductions and Tool Demos
19.00-Dinner att Västerås Castle


9.00-10.00Keynote 3: "Real Time Communication - What Are the Real Issues?" - Prof. Hermann Kopetz, Vienna University of Technology
10.20-12.00Best Papers Session
"A Prototype Tool for Software Component Services in Embedded Real-Time Systems" - Frank Lüders, Ivica Crnkovic, Daniel Flemström and Anders Wall.
"Efficient Development of Real-Time Systems Using Hybrid Scheduling" - Jukka Mäki-Turja, Kaj Hänninen and Mikael Nolin.
"Reducing Delay and Jitter in Software Control Systems" - Hoai Hoang, Giorgio Buttazzo and Magnus Jonsson.
"Timing Analysis of the FlexRay Communication Protocol" - Traian Pop, Paul Pop, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng and Alexandru Andrei.
13.20-13.50Bengt Asker Award 2007: "Energy Efficient Authentication in Wireless Sensor Networks" - Rickard Söderlund
13.50-14.20Industrial Talk: OMG Systems Modeling Language (SysML) - Anders Norberg, InfoTech Consulting AB
14.20-15.10Paper Session 4: Implementation technology
"INCENSE: Information-Centric Run-Time Support for Component-Based Embedded Real-Time Systems" - Andreas Hjertström, Dag Nyström, Mikael Åkerholm and Mikael Nolin.
"SystemC based System Synthesis of Real-Time Video Processing Systems targeting FPGA Implementation" - Najeem Lawal, Mattias O'Nils and Benny Thörnberg.
"Simplifying Memory-Constrained Event-Driven Programming with Contiki’s Protothreads" - Adam Dunkels, Oliver Schmidt, Thiemo Voigt and Muneeb Ali.
"Reprogramming Wireless Sensor Networks with Run-Time Dynamic Linking in Contiki" - Adam Dunkels, Niclas Finne, Joakim Eriksson and Thiemo Voigt.
15.10-15.50Coffee + Poster Session
"Evaluation of Embedded Automotive System Design Decisions Using Real Options" - Håkan Gustavsson and Jakob Axelsson.
"Machine Assisted Code Generation for Manycore Processors" - Jerker Bengtsson, Verónica Gaspes and Bertil Svensson.
"Managing Complexity of Automotive Electronics Using the EAST-ADL" - Philippe Cuenot, DeJiu Chen, Sebastien Gerard and Martin Törngren.
"SimArch – A Generic Communication Architecture for Driving Simulators and Experiment Systems" - Josef Nilsson.
15.50-16.40Paper Session 5: Network and control
"Simulation of Networked Control Systems Using TrueTime" - Anton Cervin, Martin Ohlin, Dan Henriksson
"Simulation Tools for Dynamically Reconfigurable Automotive Embedded Systems - An evaluation of TrueTime" - Tahir Naseer Qureshi, DeJiu Chen, Magnus Persson and Martin Törngren.
"A Process Membership Service for Active Safety Systems using TT/ET Communication Scheduling" - Carl Bergenhem and Johan Karlsson.
"Prolonging Network Lifetime in Long Distance Sensor Networks using a TDMA Scheduler" - Jonas Neander, Ewa Hansen, Jukka Mäki-Turja, Mikael Nolin and Mats Björkman.
16.45-17.45SNART Annual Meeting (Open to all members of SNART - become a member for free at

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