Building Reliable Component-Based Software Systems

Ivica Crnkovic and Magnus Larsson (editors)

Extended reports

"Extended Reports” collects technical reports that Ph.D. and M.Sc. students, and practitioners have written at the course “Component-based Software Engineering: Building Reliable Component-based Systems”. The course was held at Mälardalen University, Department of Software Engineering, Sweden, during the period Nov 2001 – Jan 2002.  The reports presented cover selected topics from the book and refer to related works.



2 & 6

Andreas Sjögren: A Method for Support for Design By Contract on the .NET platform


Richard Torkar: Dynamic Software Architectures


Christina Wallin: Verification and Validation of Software Components and Component Based Software Systems


Andréas Johansson: Software Implemented Fault Injection Used for Software Evaluation

11 & 12

Caroline Nyholm: Product Line Development – an Overview


Joakim Fröberg: Software Components and COTS in Software System Development


Miroslaw Staron: On using COM binary components in design-time composition of component-based embedded systems

17 & 18

Rikard Land: How can frameworks facilitate component reuse?


Pernilla Eklund: Dealing with the complexity of CBSE – Fundamental Environmental needs

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