Euromicro Conference 2002, Component-based Software Engineering Track


 Egon Teiniker, Stefan Mitterdorfer,Christian Kreiner, Zsolt Kovacs, Reinhold Weiss:
Local Components and Reuse of Legacy Code in the CORBA Component Model

Pedro J. Clemente, Juan Hernández, Juan M. Murillo, Miguel A. Pérez, Fernando Sánchez:
AspectCCM: An aspect-oriented extension of the CORBA Component Model

Humberto Cervantes, Jean-Marie Favre:
Comparing JavaBeans and OSGi towards an integration of two complementary component models.

Luis Iribarne, José M. Troya, Antonio Vallecillo:
Selecting Software Components with Multiple Interfaces

Alexandre Fioukov, Evgeni Eskenazi, Dieter Hammer,Michel Chaudron:
Evaluation of Static Properties for Component-Based Architectures

You-Hee Choi, Oh-Cheon Kwon, Gyu-Sang Shin:
An Approach to Composition of EJB Components Using C2 style

Pauliina Ulkuniemi, Veikko Seppänen:
Definition of a COTS Software Component Acquisition Process Framework: The Case of a Telecommunication Systems

Päivi Kallio, Tuomas Ihme:
Evolution of the use and risks of the Commercial Components and Software

Peter Volgyesi, Akos Ledeczi:
Component-Based Development of Networked Embedded Applications

Walter Maydl, Bernhard Sick, Werner Grass:
Towards a Specification Technique for Component-Based Measurement and Control Software for Embedded Systems

Anders Wall, Magnus Larsson, Christer Norström: 
Towards an Impact Analysis for Component Based Real-Time Product Line Architectures

Rebeca P. Díaz Redondo, José J. Pazos Arias, Ana Fernández Vilas, Belén Barragáns Martínez:
Approximate Retrieval of Incomplete and Formal Specifications applied to Horizontal Reuse

Yu Jia, Min Tan, Yuqing Gu:
The Evolutionary Approach to Semantics-Driven CBD Automation