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Poster presentations (during breaks, Wednesday, Thursday)

In addition to the poster sessions the appointments with the poster authors can be reserved by placing notes on the "Appointment reservations" wall poster positioned in the poster exhibition room.


Management and Reengineering

Exploring Motivational Differences between Software Developers and Project Managers, Helen Sharp, Tracy Hall, Nathan Baddoo, Sarah Beecham

Product Integration Improvement Based on Analysis of Build Statistics, Stig Larsson, Petri Myllyperiko, Fredrik Ekdahl

A Case Study in Assessing and Improving Capacity Using an Anatomy of Good Practice, Mikael Patel, Andreas Borg, Kristian Sandahl

Efficient Token Based Clone Detection with Flexible Tokenization, Hamid Abdul Basit, Simon Pugliesi, William F. Smyth, Andrei Turpin, Stan Jarzabek

Model Design and Transformation

A Segment-based Approach for Reconcilable Model Transformation, Xin Zhou, Ying Liu, Jun Zhu

A Behavioural Model for Product Families, Alessandro Fantechi, Stefania Gnesi

A Specification-based Approach to Testing Software Product Lines, Engin Uzuncaova, Daniel Garcia, Sarfraz Khurshid, Don Batory

A Profile-Driven Statistical Analysis Framework for the Design Optimization of Soft Real-Time Applications, Tushar Kumar, Jaswanth Sreeram, Romain Cledat, Santosh Pande

Coverage Criteria

A Study of Interleaving Coverage Criteria, Shan Lu, Weihang Jiang, Yuanyuan Zhou

An Iterative, Multi-Level, and Scalable Approach to Comparing Execution Traces, A.V. Miranskyy, N.H. Madhavji, M.S. Gittens, M. Davison, M. Wilding, D. Godwin

State Coverage: A Structural Test Adequacy Criterion for Behavior Checking, Ken Koster, David Kao

Verification and Validation

Quantifying the Effectiveness of Testing via Efficient Residual Path Profiling, Trishul Chilimbi, Aditya V. Nori, Kapil Vaswani

Differential Testing - A New Approach to Change Detection, Robert B Evans, Alberto Savoia

Directed Test Generation using Symbolic Grammars, Rupak Majumdar. Ru-Gang Xu

Towards Incremental Adaptive Covering Arrays, Sandro Fouché, Myra B. Cohen, Adam Porter

 Predictive Testing : Amplifying the Effectiveness of Software Testing, Pallavi Joshi, Koushik Sen, Mark Shlimovich

Using Groupings of Static Analysis Alerts to Identify Files Likely to Contain Field Failures, Mark S. Sherriff, Sarah Smith Heckman, J. Michael Lake, Laurie A. Williams

On Impact-Oriented Automatic Resolution of Pervasive Context Inconsistency, Chang Xu, S.C. Cheung, W.K Chan, Chunyang Ye


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