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Program Overview

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Sept 3, 2007
Sept 4, 2007
Sept 5, 2007
Sept 6, 2007
Sept 7, 2007
W1: SYANCO (Salon Sipun)      

Conference (Ragusa, Bobara, Orlando)

W1:SAVCBS (Salon 6)
W3: IWPSE (Bobara)         
W5: SOQUA (Orlando)         
W4: IW-SOSWE (Salon 5) W6: EFTS (Salon 5)
W7: ESSPE (Salon 7)

W8: DoSTA (Libertas)
  Doctoral Symposium (Ragusa)

The program schedule

Sept 3, 2007
Sept 4, 2007
Sept 5, 2007
Sept 6, 2007
Sept 7, 2007
9:00 Workshops Workshops Sessions Sessions Sessions
10:30 Break Break Break Break Break
11:00 Workshops Workshops Sessions Sessions Sessions
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00 Workshops Workshops Sessions Sessions Sessions
15:00         Break         
15:30 Break Break Sessions Break Break
16:00 Workshops Workshops Sessions Sessions Sessions
18:00 Evening activities Evening activities Evening activities Evening activities Evening activities


  Wednesday Sept 5 Thursday Sept 6 Friday Sept 7
07:00 ) 5/10k RACE  
09:00 Opening Session V:
Test Generation
Session VI:
Sigsoft Awards Ceremony 
 09:30 Keynote: Siagri Keynote: Weyuker
10:30 BREAK/Poster session BREAK/Poster session BREAK


Session I:
and Structure
Session II:
Fault Detection

Session VII:
Scaling-up Static

Session X:
Session XI:
14:00 SOTA 1: Staab SOTA 2: Kwiatkowska  SOTA 3: Scacchi
15:00 BREAK/Poster session EC: Bresciani IMT: Scedrov
 15:30  Session III:
Code Analysis

Session IV:
Processes and
BREAK/Poster session BREAK
16:00 Session VIII:
and Mobile
Session IX:
Session XII:
Session XIII:
Unit and System
17:30   Closing
18:00 Sigsoft "Town Meeting"
18:30 Dubrovnik Visit and Reception
20:00  Conference Dinner


09:00 Opening Ceremony (Ragusa)

Conference Overview by Chairs: Ivica Crnkovic and Antonia Bertolino
Welcome Address by Ministry of Science, Education and Sports Dragan Primorac

09.30 Keynote Talk: Roberto Siagri (Ragusa)
Session chair: Antonia Bertolino

Pervasive Computers and the GRID: the Birth of a Computational Exoskeleton for Augmented Reality

10.30 BREAK / POSTER PRESENTATIONS (Tihi salon - The Quiet Salon)

11.00 SESSION I: Mining Specifications and Structure (Bobara)
Session chair: Wilhelm Schaefer

Mining Specifications of Malicious Behavior,  Mihai Christodorescu, Christopher Kruegel, Somesh Jha

Recommending Random Walks, Zachary M Saul, Vladimir Filkov, Premkumar Devanbu, Christian Bird

Mining API Patterns as Partial Orders from Source Code: From Usage Scenarios to Specifications, Mithun Acharya, Tao Xie, Jian Pei, Jun Xu

11.00 SESSION II: Fault Detection (Orlando)
Session chair: Alessandro Orso

Detecting Object Usage Anomalies, Andrzej Wasylkowski, Andreas Zeller, Christian Lindig

Which Warnings Should I Fix First?, Sunghun Kim, Michael D. Ernst

Context-Based Detection of Clone-Related Bugs, Lingxiao Jiang, Zhendong Su, Edwin Chiu

12:30 LUNCH

14:00 State Of The Art Presentation: Steffen Staab  (Ragusa)
SOTA chairs: Mehdi Jazayeri, David Rosenblum

On Marrying Ontology and Software Technology


15:30 SESSION III: Code Analysis (Bobara)
Session chair: Lori A. Clarke

Programming Asynchronous Layers with CLARITY, Prakash Chandrasekaran, Christopher L. Conway, Joseph Joy, Sriram K. Rajamani

Object and Reference Immutability using Java Generics, Yoav Zibin, Alex Potanin, Mahmood Ali, Shay Artzi, Adam Kiezun, Michael D. Ernst

Efficient Checkpointing of Java Software Using Context-Sensitive Capture and Replay, Guoqing Xu, Atanas Rountev, Yan Tang, Feng Qi

15.30 SESSION IV: Development Processes and Tools (Orlando)
Session chair: Alexander L. Wolf

Recovering and Using Use-Case-Diagram-To-Source-Code Traceability Links, Mark Grechanik, Kathryn S McKinley, Dewayne E Perry

Bi-Objective Release Planning for Evolving Software Systems, Moshood Omolade Saliu, Guenther Ruhe

An End-To-End Industrial Software Traceability Tool, Hazeline Asuncion, Frederic Francois, Richard N. Taylor

Globally Distributed Software Development Project Performance: An Empirical Analysis, Narayan Ramasubbu, Rajesh Krishna Balan


09:00 SESSION V: Test Generation (Bobara)
Session chair: Alan Hartman

Parallel Test Generation and Execution with Korat, Sasa Misailovic, Aleksandar Milicevic, Nemanja Petrovic, Sarfraz Khurshid, Darko Marinov

Improving Test Case Generation for Web Applications Using Automated Interface Discovery, William Halfond, Alessandro Orso

The Impact of Input Domain Reduction on Search-Based Test Data Generation, Mark Harman, Youssef Hassoun, Kiran Lakhotia, Phil McMinn, Joachim Wegener

09:00 SESSION VI: Refactoring Automation  (Orlando)
Session chair: Prem Devanbu

Determining Detailed Structural Correspondence for Generalization Tasks, Rylan R. Cottrell, Joseph J. C. Chang, Robert J. Walker, Joerg Denzinger

Beyond Refactoring: A Framework for Modular Maintenance of Crosscutting Design Idioms, Macneil Shonle, William G. Griswold, Sorin Lerner

Automated Testing of Refactoring Engines, Brett Daniel, Danny Dig, Kely Garcia, Darko Marinov


11.00 SESSION VII: Scaling up Static Analysis (Bobara)
Session chair: Mary Jean Harrold

Finding Bugs Efficiently with a SAT Solver, Julian Dolby, Mandana Vaziri, Frank Tip

RELAY: Sound Race Detection on Millions of Lines of Code, Jan Wen Voung, Ranjit Jhala, Sorin Lerner

Detecting Large Number of Infeasible Paths through Recognizing their Patterns, Minh Ngoc Ngo, Hee Beng Kuan Tan

11.30 WISE TRACK (Orlando)
WISE chairs: Antonia Bertolino,Henry Muccini

A Survey of Web Engineering Practice in Small Jordanian Web Firms, Asim Elsheikh, Haroon Tarawneh

CANCELLED Practicum in Software Project Management - An Endeavor to Effective and Pragmatic Software Project Management Education, Manzil e Maqsood, Talha Javed

Building a Research University Ecosystem: the Case of Software Engineering Education at Sofia University, Roumen Nikolov, Sylvia Ilieva

12:30 LUNCH

14:00 State Of The Art Presentation: Marta Kwiatkowska  (Ragusa)
SOTA chairs: Mehdi Jazayeri, David Rosenblum

Quantitative Verification: Models, Techniques and Tools

15:00 EC Presentation: Paolo Bresciani  (Ragusa)
Session chair: Ivica Crnkovic

ICT in FP7 - Next Opportunities


16.00 SESSION VIII: Service-Oriented and Mobile Computing  (Bobara)
Session chair: Paola Inverardi

Model Checking Service Compositions under Resource Constraints, Howard Foster, Wolfgang Emmerich, Jeff Kramer, Jeff Magee, David Rosenblum, Sebastian Uchitel

Detection and Resolution of Atomicity Violation in Service Composition, Chunyang Ye, S.c. Cheung, W.k. Chan, Chang Xu

Automatic Consistency Assessment for Query Results in Dynamic Environments, Jamie Payton, Christine Julien, Gruia-Catalin Roman

From Representations to Computations: The Evolution of Web Architectures, Justin Erenkrantz, Michael Gorlick, Girish Suryanarayana, Richard Taylor

16.00 SESSION IX: Modelling Approaches (Orlando)
Session chair: Mary Lou Soffa

Reconciling Software Configuration Management and Product Data Management, Jacky Estublier, German Vega

Symbolic Message Sequence Charts, Abhik Roychoudhury, Ankit Goel, Bikram Sengupta

Model Transformation in the Large, Felix Klar, Alexander Konigs, Andy Schurr

Difference Computation of Large Models, Christoph Treude, Stefan Berlik, Sven Wenzel, Udo Kelter


09:00 SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Awards  (Ragusa)
Chair: David Rosenblum

09.30 Keynote Talk: Elaine J Weyuker   (Ragusa)

2007 ACM SIGSOFT Outstanding Research Award recipient: Software Engineering Research - From Cradle to Grave


11.00 SESSION X: Verification Techniques (Bobara)
Session chair: Laura K. Dillon

The Symmetry of the Past and of the Future: Bi-infinite Time in the Verification of Temporal Properties, Matteo Pradella, Angelo Morzenti, Pierluigi San Pietro

State Space Exploration using Feedback Constraint Generation and Monte-Carlo Sampling, Sriram Sankaranarayanan, Richard M. Chang, Guofei Jiang, Franjo Ivancic

Automated Size Analysis for OCL, Fang Yu, Tevfik Bultan, Erik Peterson

11.00 SESSION XI: Developer-centric Studies (Orlando)
Session chair: Stefan Biffl

Does a Programmer's Activity Indicate Knowledge of Code?, Thomas Fritz, Gail C. Murphy, Emily Hill

A Socio-Technical Framework for Supporting Programmers, Yunwen Ye, Yasuhiro Yamamoto, Kumiyo Nakakoji

Program Comprehension as Fact Finding, Thomas D. LaToza, David Garlan, James D. Herbsleb, Brad A. Myers

12:30 LUNCH

14:00 State Of The Art Presentation: Walt Scacchi  (Ragusa)
SOTA chairs: Mehdi Jazayeri, David Rosenblum

Free/Open Source Software Development: Recent Research Results and Emerging Opportunities

15:00 In-Memory Talk: Andre Scedrov
Session chair: Ignac Lovrek

The Work of Dean Rosenzweig: A Tribute to a Scientist and an Innovator

15.30 BREAK

16.00 SESSION XII: Empirical System Characterization (Bobara)
Session chair: Kumiyo Nakakoji

A Framework for Characterization and Analysis of Software System Scalability, Leticia Duboc, David Rosenblum, Tony Wicks

An Empirical Study on the Evolution of Design Patterns, Lerina Aversano, Gerardo Canfora, Luigi Cerulo, Concettina Del Grosso, Massimiliano Di Penta

Measuring Empirical Computational Complexity, Simon Goldsmith, Alex Aiken, Daniel S. Wilkerson

16.00 SESSION XIII: Unit and System Testing (Orlando)
Session chair: Raffaela Mirandola

Training on Errors Experiment to Detect Fault-Prone Software Modules by Spam Filter, Osamu Mizuno, Tohru Kikuno

CTG: A Connectivity Trace Generator for Testing the Performance of Opportunistic Mobile Systems, Roberta Calegari, Mirco Musolesi, Franco Raimondi, Cecilia Mascolo

Contract Driven Development = Test Driven Development - Writing Test Cases, Andreas Leitner, Ilinca Ciupa, Manuel Oriol, Bertrand Meyer, Arno Fiva

17:30 FAREWELL  (Ragusa)


Doctoral Symposium, September 4th 9:00-16:00 (Ragusa)

DS Committee

    Carlo Ghezzi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy (chair)
    Lee Osterweil, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
    Richard A. Kemmerer, UCSB, USA
    Jeff Kramer, Imperial College London, UK
    Axel van Lamsweerde, UCL, Belgium


Visualising Exemplary Program Values, Marcin Stefaniak

An Analysis of Developers' Tasks using Low-Level, Automatically Collected Data, Irina Coman

Composition and Tradeoff of Non-Functional Attributes in Software Systems: Research Directions, Pasqualina Potena

Model Driven Test-Case Construction, Stefan Baerisch

Slede: Lightweight Verification of Sensor Network Security Protocol Implementations, Youssef Hanna

Analysis of A Deployed Software, Madeline Diep

Component Airbag: a novel approach to develop dependable component-based applications, Roberto Pietrantuono

A Model-Driven Approach to generating User Interfaces, Sevan Kavaldjian

Mining Temporal Rules from Program Execution Traces (Poster), David Lo

On the Modularity Assessment of Software Architectures: A Concern-Oriented Approach (Poster), Claudio Sant'Anna

Towards Integration of Process Models and Methods (Poster ), Edward Fischer

Traceability Management meets Information Retrieval Methods: Strengths and Limitations  (Poster), Rocco Oliveto


Poster presentations (during breaks, Wednesday, Thursday)

In addition to the poster sessions the appointments with the poster authors can be reserved by placing notes on the "Appointment reservations" wall poster positioned in the poster exhibition room.


Management and Reengineering

Exploring Motivational Differences between Software Developers and Project Managers, Helen Sharp, Tracy Hall, Nathan Baddoo, Sarah Beecham

Product Integration Improvement Based on Analysis of Build Statistics, Stig Larsson, Petri Myllyperiko, Fredrik Ekdahl

A Case Study in Assessing and Improving Capacity Using an Anatomy of Good Practice, Mikael Patel, Andreas Borg, Kristian Sandahl

Efficient Token Based Clone Detection with Flexible Tokenization, Hamid Abdul Basit, Simon Pugliesi, William F. Smyth, Andrei Turpin, Stan Jarzabek

Model Design and Transformation

A Segment-based Approach for Reconcilable Model Transformation, Xin Zhou, Ying Liu, Jun Zhu

A Behavioural Model for Product Families, Alessandro Fantechi, Stefania Gnesi

A Specification-based Approach to Testing Software Product Lines, Engin Uzuncaova, Daniel Garcia, Sarfraz Khurshid, Don Batory

A Profile-Driven Statistical Analysis Framework for the Design Optimization of Soft Real-Time Applications, Tushar Kumar, Jaswanth Sreeram, Romain Cledat, Santosh Pande

Coverage Criteria

A Study of Interleaving Coverage Criteria, Shan Lu, Weihang Jiang, Yuanyuan Zhou

An Iterative, Multi-Level, and Scalable Approach to Comparing Execution Traces, A.V. Miranskyy, N.H. Madhavji, M.S. Gittens, M. Davison, M. Wilding, D. Godwin

State Coverage: A Structural Test Adequacy Criterion for Behavior Checking, Ken Koster, David Kao

Verification and Validation

Quantifying the Effectiveness of Testing via Efficient Residual Path Profiling, Trishul Chilimbi, Aditya V. Nori, Kapil Vaswani

Differential Testing - A New Approach to Change Detection, Robert B Evans, Alberto Savoia

Directed Test Generation using Symbolic Grammars, Rupak Majumdar. Ru-Gang Xu

Towards Incremental Adaptive Covering Arrays, Sandro Fouche, Myra B. Cohen, Adam Porter

 Predictive Testing : Amplifying the Effectiveness of Software Testing, Pallavi Joshi, Koushik Sen, Mark Shlimovich

Using Groupings of Static Analysis Alerts to Identify Files Likely to Contain Field Failures, Mark S. Sherriff, Sarah Smith Heckman, J. Michael Lake, Laurie A. Williams

On Impact-Oriented Automatic Resolution of Pervasive Context Inconsistency, Chang Xu, S.C. Cheung, W.K Chan, Chunyang Ye


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