Bachelor and Master Theses

9 Checklist


This is a non-extensive list of the items that need to be done to complete the thesis work.
  1. Inception Phase
    • I have attended the “opening event” in November
    • I have a thesis proposal with a supervisor at IDT
    • I have a discuss the content of the proposal with my supervisors
    • The proposal is in my field of study and at a good level
    • I have made a timeplan on how I will work on the project
    • I have submitted on time my application to start a thesis work to the Thesis Coordinator
    • I received a confirmation from the Thesis Coordinator that I can start my thesis work
  2. During the work
    • I have participated in the status and planning seminar
    • I have had regular meetings with my supervisor
    • I have driven the work forward in between the meeting
    • I have studied background information for the work
    • I have searched for relevant sources to help me answer the problem
    • I have selected a scientific or an engineering method to follow during the work or part of the work
    • I have derived a solution to solved the problems
    • I have analysed my solution with respect to other solutions but also to test if it is a sound solution
    • I have regularly worked on my report
  3. The report
    • I have followed the IDT template and recommendations for the thesis report
    • I have had several iterations with my IDT supervisor on my report
    • I have asked my supervisor whether (s)he thinks the report is good enough to be submitted
    • I have submitted, on time, my report for examination
  4. The presentation and opponentship
    • I have shown my slides to my supervisor in good time before the presentation
    • I have rehearsed my presentation
    • I have presented my work at the presentation day
    • I have attended two other presentations
    • I have signed-up, on time, to be opponent to another thesis that I have selected. [for students at advanced level only]
    • I have received an email from the thesis coordinator confirming that I can be opponent on the selected thesis [for students at advanced level only]
    • I have submitted, on time, my opponentship report [for students at advanced level only]
    • I have actively participated in the defense by providing constructive feedbacks and asking relevant questions [for students at advanced level only]

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