Bachelor and Master Theses

Available Company Thesis Projects Proposals

On this page, thesis project proposals from companies are published. If you are interested in a project, contact the company.

Companies interested in publishing project proposals on this page should contact the thesis coordinator at If a published project gets selected by a student or cancelled so that the project should be removed, please contact the coordinator. Published projects will be removed after 1 year on the list.

Current projects:

Company:                      Subject:                       Title: Date Published:
Ericsson Computer Science, Software Engineering, Embedded Systems Simulated testbed of urban mobility radio network traffic for testing of V2x applications 2016-11-21
eSys Solutions Sweden AB Computer Science, Software Engineering Cloud platform analysis and implementation 2017-03-05
RISE: The Swedish Research Institute Computer Science, Software Engineering, Embedded Systems Simulated testbed for platooning application 2017-04-10

Other ways of finding company thesis projects

Various databases host many thesis proposals:

Students that are interested in combining their thesis project with starting up their own business/ideas are recommended to contact Idélab.

Company websites often also advertise available thesis proposals. For example:

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