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6 FAQs


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What would happen if my application is not approved?

Several reasons might lead to reject an application to start. It can be due to students not fullfilling the prerequisites, not suitable topic, not having a supervisor at IDT.

  • If the prerequistes were not met, students should get the missing courses approved first. Then submit another application to start at the instance of the course.
  • If the application did not contain a suitable topic for a thesis work but the prerequisites to start the course are satisfied. Students in this situation get an option to select an already made proposal from the list of available theses at IDT. This means that the student can start the thesis work in the course instance (s)he applies for but on a new thesis topic. If the student refuses this option, (s)he won’t be allow to start. The student can apply again to start the course at the next course instance.
  • If the application lacked the IDT supervisor and the examiner. If there are supervisor and examiners who are available and are knowledgeable on the selected topic, the application might get assigned a supervisor and examiner randomly from the list of available supervisor and examiner at IDT. Their decision will influence whether the students can start or not. If there is no supervisor and examiner available or if there is no supervisor and examiner who are competent on the proposed topic, the application will be denied.

Students cannot start in the middle of a course instance so it is important to make sure that the probability to get the application rejected is low. Make sure you start looking for a thesis topic early. Make sure you discuss the topic early with possible supervisor at IDT and you get an inofficial confirmation that your application should be good enough to start. Check that you satisfy the prerequisites for the course you will apply for.

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I submitted my report for examination late. What will happen now?

First, you cannot participate in the presentation days that directly follows the submission of the report. You can, however, attend the two presentations and if needed for your course do the opponentship. Your report will only be evaluated at the next examination session and you can do the presentation then.

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I want to do my thesis with other students. Is this possible?

Thesis work can be done either individually or in pair. No other configuration is allowed. Also, when working in pair, it is preferable that the two students are in the same program. If one of the student is involved in an exchange program, (s)he must ensure that the requirements from the exchange program will not negatively affect the other partner – an example of negative impact would be that the student must defend the thesis abroad. If such case exists, the two students must talk to the program responsible, the thesis coordinator and the international coordinator about the issue before applying to start.

Other important aspects to consider when wanting to do a thesis work in pair are that:

  • the size of the work must corresponds to two individual theses
  • the workload must be equaly shared between the two students (i.e. not one student doing all the work)
  • each student is responsible for the complete work (i.e. must be able to answer any question on any part of the work)

In particular, this has implications with regards to plagiarism and cheating.

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How do I find a supervisor and examiner for my thesis?

It is the student’s responsibility to find a supervisor at IDT for the thesis work. To find your supervior, you have to consult the list of supervisors who are available for the course instance you are interested in. On this list, for each staff member, there are a list of preferred topics they are interested in supervising.

Therefore, you preferably need to ask first people from this list whose preferred topics are close to the planned work in the proposal. Second, you will have to meet your supervisor regularly so it is important that your supervisor is someone who 1) you have good contacts with and 2) whom you are ready to listen to. For example, it could be a teacher from a course you did well in.

When you found possible candidates to be your supervisor, you need to contact them to see if they are still available. Each staff member has a limited number of theses they can work with. Therefore, don’t wait until the last day to contact them.

It is recommend that you contact the potential supervisor in a similar way as what you would do to apply for a job:

  • Detailed information about the project (written proposal)
  • Provide information about the company and contact person
  • Attached an excerpt from Ladok
  • Motivations

If you have talked to many persons and still cannot find a supervisor, you can contact the thesis coordinator for help. Do not forget to add in the inquiry email to the thesis coordinator the list of the persons who you have contacted.

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I am planning to do a thesis with a company. Is there anything that I must take into consideration?

See 3 for detailed information.

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Can I get paid for doing a thesis?

A thesis work is a part of the student’s education. There is no requirement from the university that the project is to be done in return for payment. However, students can request to receive a salary from the company. In this case, it is a matter between the company and the student. It is quite common that students rewards students when they have done an outstanding work.

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What do I need in my proposal?

A proposal does not need to be very long. 1 or 2 pages are often enough to describe what the goal with the work is. A proposal must contain at least the elements described in the proposal template:

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How long should my final thesis report be?

There is no size limit for a thesis report, neither in minimum number of pages nor in maximum. It is important to write the report in keeping in mind that it will be read by people who are not necessarily familiar with the domain. They should be able to reproduce your work with the information that is provided in the report. So a good report requires a certain amount of information. On the other hand, the information must be to the point. If you can develop a complete idea in a few sentences that are concise and accurate, it is much better than rambling and repeting the same idea with different formulation.

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I am done with parts of the examination but I don’t see my grades in Ladok?

The thesis work is a whole. This implies that the results for the different examination parts are registered in Ladok altogether in the end.

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What is the difference between the proposal I submitted and the report for the status and planning seminar? Shall I submit again my proposal?

The status and planning report is NOT the same as the proposal for the application to start. A significant part of the report must be dedicated to a well-written background section (i.e. you must describe all the concepts and all pieces of information that a reader will need to place your work in a context and understand it). Another significant part of this report must be about formulating the problem and explaining what you will be researching. Finally, the last important part is that you must have a method section where you describe what a method you are planning to use to solve your problem and why. You are expecting to provide a justification of why you plan to use a given method.

As usual, it is difficult to set a min-max page limit for the report. However, you should attempt to write 5-10 pages on your report for 15-credits theses fulltime, and 10-15pages for 15-credits theses at half-time pace and for the 30-credits theses. (This count excludes the cover page, table of contents). The report must be written according to the official template: Basically, if done right, this should be viewed as the first draft of the first chapters of your final thesis report. You might also want to include abstract and introduction to get early feedbacks on it.

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