Bachelor and Master Theses

Finished theses

.04.2012  A New Perspective on Predicting Maintenance Costs  Ivica Crnkovic 
.04.2014  Intuitiv styrning av ABB robot i simulerings miljn Robotstudio  Giacomo Spampinato 
180208  Kvalitetsskring av den styrda praktiken fr jetmotorutbildningen p Aircraft Academy of Sweden  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
180131  Hanteringen av temporal information och domnkunskap relaterad till behandlingar fr CP i ett Kliniskt beslutsstdsystem  Peter Funk 
18.04.09  Erstta APU:n med SOFC-GT hybridsystem inom luftfarten  Kjell-Åke Brorsson  not set 
18.03.30  Environment Cost Index for Boeing 737  Kjell-Åke Brorsson 
18.03.25  Hur ILS kan optimeras fr avioniksystem  Odd Romell 
18.01.31  A Survey on Developers Preferences in Integrated Development Environment  Federico Ciccozzi 
18.01.28  Network Virtualization in Multi-Hop Heterogeneous Architecture  Mohammad Ashjaei 
18.01.26  Performance of Interior gateway protocols in different topologies with redistribution  Jakob Danielsson 
18.01.10  Securing a network 101 - A best practice on how to secure a given IT-enviroment  Hans Bjurgren 
170608  Extended target tracking using Gaussian processes on stick-pixel defined objects  Fredrik Ekstrand 
170202  Elektriskt framdrivningssystem fr hgpresterande ultraltt flygplan  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
17.10.29  Dynamics and electronics of a manually chargeable quadcopter for steady-state flight   
17.10.02  Analys av flygplatsavisning genom uppvrmda landningsbanor  Fredrik Ekstrand 
17.09.30  Flygindustrins vg mot miljvnligare brnslen  Kjell-Åke Brorsson 
17.09.27  Fr- och nackdelar med att frlnga eller frkorta underhllsintervallet inom underhllsprogrammet   Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
17.09.26  Re-engineering sequential software to introduce parallelization  Federico Ciccozzi 
17.09.22  Investigating Fog- and Cloud-based Control Loops for Future Smart Factories  Svetlana Girs 
17.09.01  Trdls brnslevervakning  Martin Ekstrm 
17.08.07  Computer Controlled Direct Descent  Odd Romell 
17.06.16  Real-Time Challenges of Vehicular Embedded Systems on Multi-Core - A Mapping Study  Alessio Bucaioni 
17.06.13  Studie av EGTS p AVRO RJ 100   
17.06.13  Analys av TCAS trafikdisplay och frbttring av pilotens frstelse fr systemet  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
17.06.13  Airbus A320 NEO Base Maintenance Concept SAS Operations  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
17.06.13  Tillvaratagande av reservenheter och reservdelar fr avionik  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
17.06.13  Framtida installationskrav p Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) - med hnsyn till litiumbatterier  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
17.06.09  Offline Scheduling of Task Sets with Complex End-to-End Delay Constraints  Matthias Becker 
17.06.09  Livekodning Livekodarens praktik: svrt men enkelt  Rikard Lindell 
17.06.09  Client-side evaluation of Quality of Service in Cloud Applications  Alessandro Papadopoulos 
17.06.09  Uppgradering av LAN-milj  Sara Lundahl 
17.06.09  En underskning av dagens trdlsa ntverk i skolmilj  Jakob Danielsson 
17.06.09  Improvement Proposal for Wireless Office Networks  Svetlana Girs 
17.06.09  Taktila hjlpmedel fr hrselskadade inom musiken  Rikard Lindell 
17.06.08  Feature selection of EEG-signal data for cognitive load  Shaibal Barua  B/A 
17.06.07  Stress Management for Pilots  Shaibal Barua 
17.06.07  Analys av potentialen fr rrliga winglets p framtidens kortdistansflygplan   Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
17.06.04  En jmfrelse av hrdvarubrandvggars funktion i en ntverksmilj  Elena Lisova 
17.06.04  Robust Communication in Heterogeneous and Distributed Systems  Nandinbaatar Tsog 
17.06.04  Analysing network monitoring systems and objects for a telecommunications company  Robert Suurna 
17.06.04  Automatic Test Generation and Mutation Analysis using UPPAAL SMC  Raluca Marinescu 
17.06.03  Investigating cache behaviour of feature detection algorithms  Jakob Danielsson  B/A 
17.06.02  Using Artificial Intelligence to Verify Authorship of Anonymous Social Media Posts  Miguel Leon Ortiz 
17.06.02  VR-flygsimulatorer, fr kad upplevelse och som lroverktyg i flygutbildningar  Hkan Forsberg 
17.06.02  MOTOR SYSTEM DESIGN FOR LARGE UAV  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
17.06.02  Guidelines for UML or SysML modeling within an enterprise architecture  Daniel Sundmark 
17.06.02  Guidelines for UML or SysML modelling within an enterprise architecture  Daniel Sundmark 
17.06.01  Implementing an ALF/UML to ALF/SWEET translator  Jan Gustafsson 
17.06.01  Dataverfring av skilda datatyper p gemensam lnk via multiplexing  Elisabeth Uhlemann 
17.06.01  Runtime Verification Of A PLC System: An Industrial Case Study  Adnan Causevic 
17.06.01  Manual and Dynamic Spectrum Analysis with Cisco Radio Resource Management and CleanAir for Interference Handling in Wireless 5 GHz Networks  Elisabeth Uhlemann 
17.05.31  Predicting Execution Time of Test Cases in the Safety Critical Systems  Wasif Afzal 
17.05.24  A Mobile Graph Like Visual Programming Language  Rikard Lindell 
17.05.17  En jmfrande studie mellan Software-Defined Networking protokollen OpenFlow & OpFlex Mlardalens  Stefan Lfgren 
17.05.17  Utvrdering av VMware NSX Virtualized Network Platform  Stefan Lfgren 
17.05.17  Real-time Process Modelling Based on Big Data Stream Learning  Ning Xiong 
17.05.17  Ocean Waves Estimation  Giacomo Spampinato 
17.02.02  Hangar of the future - digital scanning & analysis  Per Schlund 
17.01.30  A secure user authentication scheme for critical mobile applications  Maryam Vahabi 
17.01.30  Indoor Positioning System Using Bluetooth Beacon Technology  Hossein Fotouhi 
161013  Clinical Decision Support System for Cerebral Palsy  Peter Funk 
160119  Hur SAS, med hjlp av Lean-verktyget, kan frbttra sin kvalitet fr regularitet, ekonomi m.m. i driften  Tommy Nygren 
160101  Underskning av tillgnglighet och frebyggande underhll i industriprocess  Tommy Nygren 
16.10.14  Framtidens grnssnitt fr pappersls informationshantering inom flygindustrin  Tommy Nygren 
16.10.06  Investigation of an OSLC-domain targeting ISO 26262 -Focus on the left side of the Software V-model-  Barbara Gallina 
16.10.05  Effektivisering av Verktygshantering i en Part-145  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
16.10.03  A point of care terminal for COPD home management  Svetlana Girs 
16.09.22  Hardware accelerated synchronization and rectification of high speed stereo image streams  Carl Ahlberg 
16.09.15  Develop an Automated System for EEG Artifacts Identification   Mobyen Uddin Ahmed  B/A 
16.07.01  Safety Management System (SMS) fr Flygunderhll Part-145  Tommy Nygren 
16.06.5  On the Use of Base Choice Strategy for Testing Industrial Control Software  Eduard Paul Enoiu 
16.06.5  A Study on Timed Base Choice Criteria for Testing Embedded Software  Eduard Paul Enoiu 
16.06.22  Adaptive autonomy with unreliable communication  Fredrik Ekstrand 
16.06.16  Ray Tracing Non-Polygonal Objects: Implementation and Performance Analysis using Embree  Afshin Ameri E. 
16.06.15  An Empirical Exploration in the Study of Software-Related Fatal Failures  Eduard Paul Enoiu 
16.06.15  SAAB-340, Nya inspektionsrutiner fr Placards & Markings  Tommy Nygren 
16.06.15  Systematisk anvndning av integrated logistic support fr avioniksystem  Odd Romell 
16.06.15  Pairwise Testing for PLC Embedded Software  Eduard Paul Enoiu 
16.06.15  Combinatorial Modelling and Testing of PLC Software using ACTS  Eduard Paul Enoiu 
16.06.15  Frdrjt underhll fr skerhetskritiska system inom flyg  Tommy Nygren 
16.06.14  Touch gestures for process graphics  Rikard Lindell 
16.06.13  Reliability comparison of wireless protocols IEEE 802.15.1 and IEEE 802.15.4  Hossein Fotouhi 
16.06.13  Performance Evaluation of MAC protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks  Maryam Vahabi 
16.06.13  Mobility management for software defined wireless sensor networks  Maryam Vahabi 
16.06.13  Comparison of Time- and Event-Triggered Strategies for Wireless Communication in Embedded Systems  Svetlana Girs 
16.06.10  Simplified Sensor System for an Intelligent Robotic Gripper  Fredrik Ekstrand 
16.06.10  Master/Magister thesis: Model-checking transaction properties for concurrent real-time transactions in UPPAAL  Simin Cai 
16.06.10  Developing a Methodology Model and Writing a Documentation Template For Network Analysis  Sara Abbaspour Asadollah 
16.06.10  A Brain-Actuated Robot Controller for Intuitive and Reliable Maneuvering  Elaine strand 
16.06.09  Implementing and Evaluating CPU/GPU Real-Time Ray Tracing Solutions  Afshin Ameri E. 
16.06.07  Visual Studio add-in to add a logging service to COM components for smart devices  Frank Lders 
16.06.05  Time predictability of GPU kernel on an HSA compliant platform  Fredrik Bruhn 
16.06.05  Enabling Data Sharing with DDS On Real-time Constrained Industrial Robots  Saad Mubeen 
16.06.05  Opera performing robot   
16.06.05  Worlds fastest go and grasp  Fredrik Ekstrand 
16.06.05  Evaluation of prerequisites for an IPv4 to IPv6 transition  Svetlana Girs 
16.06.05  An Adaptive Control System Based on PID, I2PD and RLS: a Simulated Design for UAVs  Alessandro Papadopoulos 
16.06.03  A comparative study of Palo Alto Networks and Juniper Networks next-generation firewalls for a small enterprise network  Hossein Fotouhi 
16.06.03  Utvrdering av SNMP-baserade vervakningssystem fr feldetektering  Nikola Petrovic 
16.06.03  Interface Design for Decision Support Systems: A Case Study of a Sales Performance Management Tool  Peter Funk 
16.06.03  Utvrdering av utvalda SD-WAN produkter  Lennie Carlén Eriksson 
16.06.03  Automated Deployment of Customer-Premises Equipment  Nils Muellner 
16.06.03  HCI - En analyserande kartlggning av datavetenskapliga metaforer inom digitalisering  Rikard Lindell 
16.06.02  Analys av materialval/konstruktionslsning mot strckformningsverktyg  Per Schlund 
16.06.02  Fish counter  Carl Ahlberg 
16.06.02  Optimization of masking in a thermal coating process of gas turbine combustion can  Per Schlund 
16.06.02  Sensor system for spinal injury risk reduction  Martin Ekstrm 
16.06.02  Capacity Planning And Server Design For A Web Service  Wasif Afzal 
16.06.02  Ntverksvervakning av trdlsa accesspunkter  Elisabeth Uhlemann  not set 
16.05.30  Evaluation of a Hypervisor Performance in a Distributed Embedded System  Mohammad Ashjaei 
16.05.25  Analyzing Real-Time Traffic in Wormhole-Switched On-Chip Networks  Meng Liu  B/A 
16.05.18  Resource Virtualization for Real-time Industrial Clouds   Mohammad Ashjaei 
16.02.17  Ray Traced Gaming: Are We There Yet?  Afshin Ameri E. 
16.02.02  Software enhancement for improving sampling frequency and BLE communication in an embedded system  Martin Ekstrm 
151116  Calculation of elevator guide rails  Per Schlund 
151112  Firepower, Next Generation Firewall from Cisco  Hossein Fotouhi  B/A 
150607  Automatisering i en ntverksmilj​  Stefan Lfgren 
150607  Utvrdering av fretagets IT-milj i enlighet med   Hans Bjurgren 
150607  Metoder fr trdls gstaccess  Hans Bjurgren 
150607  Ntverksskerhet  Hans Bjurgren 
150310  App enabling environment to Volvo CE platforms  Sara Dersten 
15.12.31  A Case Study of Parallel Bilateral Filtering on the GPU  Thomas Larsson 
15.11.30  Intelligent System for Monitoring Physiological Parameters Using Camera  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed  B/A 
15.11.27  Frn bok till datorspel, digital transformering fr frmjandet av lsfrstelse hos barn  Rikard Lindell 
15.11.22  A model-based safety analysis approach for high-integrity socio-technical component-based systems  Barbara Gallina 
15.11.20  Design av modell fr uppfljning av elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet fr nya komponenter som ska installeras ombord p flygplan utrustade med wi-fi/telefoni  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
15.11.20  Mikrosensorbaserat flygplansunderhll  Tommy Nygren 
15.11.20  Design av en interaktiv tjnst fr en bred mlgrupp  Rikard Lindell 
15.11.19  Data dependency analysis in industrial systems  Frank Lders 
15.11.18  Kan en digital artefakt ka upplevelsen av tillgnglighet inom vrden  Caroline Uppsll 
15.11.17  Optimering av B737NG underhllsprogram ur ett tekniskt tkomstperspektiv  Tommy Nygren 
15.11.15  Investigation of Feature Optimization Algorithms for EEG Signal Analysis For Monitoring the Drivers  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed  B/A 
15.11.15  Ett flexiblare ramverk vid skapande av guider  Daniel Hedin 
15.11.13  Evaluating Vivado High-Level Synthesis on OpenCV Functions for the Zynq-7000 FPGA  Carl Ahlberg 
15.11.13  Automated Data Visualizations A Modular and Extensible Approach  Batu Akan 
15.11.13  Underhllssystem Gripen C/D  Tommy Nygren 
15.11.12  Click4Alert: Mobile Fault Report  Afshin Ameri E. 
15.11.  Design and Implementation of Electrical Load Analysis (ELA) for Cross Fleet Configuration  Hkan Forsberg 
15.09.20  Analysis of complete systems through computer vision   Baran rkl 
15.09.01  Strukturering av jobbkort fr kad effektivitet i underhllsplanering  Tommy Nygren 
15.06.30  Cost and Efforts in Product Lines for Developing Safety Critical Products An Empirical Study  Stephan Baumgart 
15.06.20  A Generic System-level framework for Intelligent Sensor Data Management  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
15.06.15  Elektronisk signatur  Tommy Nygren 
15.06.15  Anpassning och optimering av underhllsprogram fr SAR-operation  Tommy Nygren 
15.06.15  Conceptual design of a 3-shaft turbofan engine   
15.06.07  Defining and tracing requirements for software integration testing  Wasif Afzal 
15.06.07  Mtningssystem fr inbyggda sensorer i hlsoteknik  Daniel Kade 
15.06.07  Online admission control for multi-switch Ethernet networks  Mohammad Ashjaei 
15.06.07  Communication mechanisms among instances of a many-core real-time system   Matthias Becker 
15.06.07  Industrial control systems on multicore  Saad Mubeen 
15.06.07  Automated Test Generation for Structured Text Language using UPPAAL Model Checker  Adnan Causevic 
15.06.07  Model-based Testing on Generated C Code  Adnan Causevic 
15.06.07  Enhancing the consistency between requirements and test cases through the definition of a Controlled Natural Language  Antonio Cicchetti 
15.06.07  An ALF/UML to ALF/SWEET translator  Jan Gustafsson 
15.06.07  Automated Test Case Generation for Function Block Diagrams using Java Path Finder and Symbolic Execution  Adnan Causevic 
15.06.07  A comparative study of responsive web design frameworks in security vulnerability  Irfan ljivo 
15.06.07  Application of Bayesian network learners using non-static code metrics for software fault prediction  Wasif Afzal 
15.06.07  Electronics for Health Monitoring Sensors  Martin Ekstrm 
15.06.07  Autonomous robot with human detection and obstacle avoidance  Martin Ekstrm 
15.06.07  Body area network with gait symmetry analysis  Martin Ekstrm 
15.06.07  Low cost analog ultra wideband radar for human protection  Martin Ekstrm 
15.06.07  RealTime Control in Industrial IoT  Saad Mubeen 
15.06.07  Mobile Interaction with Safety Critical Systems: A feasibility study  Adnan Causevic 
15.06.07  Investigating GUI test automation ROI: An industrial case study  Sara Abbaspour Asadollah 
15.06.07  Efficient Implementation Of Image Analysis Algorithm For Evaluation And Prediction Of The Metal Cutting Process Using Jaguar Platform  Fredrik Ekstrand 
15.06.07  A reliable timing system using RFID  Martin Ekstrm 
15.06.05  Model-Driven Engineering for Mobile Robot Systems: A Systematic Mapping Study  Federico Ciccozzi 
15.06.04  From the Object Constraint Language Standard Library to C++  Federico Ciccozzi 
15.06.04  Effects on material properties after different holding times during solution treatment.  Per Schlund 
15.06.04  Design and construction of an manipulator for an autonomous underwater vehicle  Fredrik Ekstrand 
15.06.04  Pitfalls in Spatial Modelling of Ethnocentrism  Bjrn Lisper 
15.06.04  Computational electromagnetic modeling in parallel by FDTD in 2D  Magnus Otterskog 
15.06.04  Study of Longitudinal stability of a parachute through numerical simulation  Jacob Brynolf 
15.05.29  A Model for Estimating the Execution Cost of Test Cases  Mehrdad Saadatmand 
15.05.27  Limited-preemptive fixed priority scheduling of real-time tasks on multiprocessors  Abhilash Thekkilakattil  B/A 
15.05.27  Limited-preemptive EDF scheduling of real-time tasks on multiprocessors  Abhilash Thekkilakattil  B/A 
15.05.20  Requirements traceability in the SCRUM software development process  Alessio Bucaioni 
15.05.03  A Method and Tool for Automated Analysis of Heavy Vehicle Requirements  Predrag Filipovikj 
15.03.04  Utvrdering av A-checkupplgg till Dash 8 Q400  Tommy Nygren 
15.03.01  Underskning kring frdelar vid sammanslagning av Air Hudik och Priority Aero Maintenance  Tommy Nygren 
15.02.20  Sensorteknik inom flygplansunderhllet  Tommy Nygren 
15.02.02  Mobile Virtual Reality Environment in Unity 3D   Daniel Kade 
15.02.02  En analys av ljudlatens i Windows 10 på tillgängliga enheter  Rikard Lindell 
15.02.01  Modeling of FACTS Power System controller using IEC 61850  Mats Bjrkman 
141115  Ntverksvervakning av hamnterminaler fr ABB Crane Systems  Stefan Lfgren 
141009  Att infra Ipv6 p en hostingplattform  Stefan Lfgren 
141007  : Supersonic jet engine  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
140916  En studie kring komponentisering av legacysystem och dess frdelar  Radu Dobrin 
14.11.25  Combining different feature weighting methods for case-based reasoning  Ning Xiong 
14.11.17  Processing RAW image data in mobile units  Baran rkl 
14.11.06  Motorbyte ( Engine Replacement)  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
14.10.30  Application for debugging and calibration of an underwater robot  Sverine Sentilles 
14.10.23  Modernisering av Javabaserade webbapplikationer  Caroline Uppsll 
14.10.16  Construction of inflected wings  Tommy Nygren 
14.10.15  ​Comparision study of cross-platform developing tools for iPhone devices  Afshin Ameri E. 
14.10.15  3D Surround Sound Application for Game Environments  Daniel Kade 
14.10.15  Digital Educational Game for Autistic Children  Afshin Ameri E. 
14.10.01  Security Feature Test for Ethernet switches  Stefan Lfgren 
14.09.31  UI design for PAIN-OUT Online System  Mattias Olausson 
14.09.26  The Functional Paradigm in Embedded Real-Time Systems  Bjrn Lisper 
14.09.14  Migrating process automation application to mobile devices  Afshin Ameri E. 
14.08.28  Alternative Aviation fuels  Tommy Nygren 
14.08.22  Region-based multi-focus image fusion using image histogram comparison  Baran rkl 
14.08.21  Eskalering av AMP  Tommy Nygren 
14.07.29  Congestion Management at the Network Edge  Conny Collander 
14.06.30  Master thesis: From Requirements Specification to Test Scripting: Towards Automated Support  Antonio Cicchetti 
14.06.27  A migration method for legacy mobile applications  Federico Ciccozzi 
14.06.25  Frbttrad saverringsdesign fr dieselmotor  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
14.06.25  PW120 engine performance, matching the engine and measurement tools  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
14.06.25  Energy flows in Waterjet cutting systems  Tommy Nygren 
14.06.19  Definition, analysis and implementation of a model-checked Space Plug-and-play Architecture adaptation for the Controller Area Network  Mikael Ekstrm 
14.06.15  Resource based analysis of Ethernet communication between software partitions  Meng Liu 
14.06.15  Innovation Diffusion in Scale-Free Networks: Signal Analysis in Complex Networks  Baran rkl 
14.06.13  Architecting for the cloud  Hongyu Pei-Breivold 
14.06.13  A closer look and comparison of cross-platform development environment for smartphones (Working Title)  Caroline Uppsll 
14.06.13  vervakning av fordonsanvndning och fordonsekonomi i transportbranschen  Afshin Ameri E. 
14.06.12  Virtual Reality Streaming and Concepts of Movement Tracking  Daniel Kade 
14.06.12  Interaktiva multidisciplinra konstnrliga upplevelser i unika miljer digital frstrkning av scenkonst  Rikard Lindell 
14.06.09  Framtagning av automatiskt system fr hantering av arbetsordrar till SAAB340  Tommy Nygren 
14.06.08  A tool to facilitate interactive and collaborative learning of execution flow and code for novice computer science  Bjrn Lisper 
14.06.06  Extended Kalman ltration for attitude and orbital determination of satellites  Giacomo Spampinato 
14.06.06  Indoor positioning system for Android phones  Mats Bjrkman 
14.06.04  FPGA Accelerated De-hazing by Visible and Near-infrared Image Fusion  Fredrik Ekstrand 
14.05.14  Implement and evaluate Mimer database on INtime  Dag Nystrm 
14.05.01  Estimering av tidstgng vid planerat underhll av Boeing 737-800  Tommy Nygren 
14.04.03  Enhancing the Monitoring of Real-Time Performance in Linux  Mehrdad Saadatmand 
14.03.02  An approach to allow safety requirements to be efficiently decomposed, traced and validated  Barbara Gallina 
14.02.01  Evaluating What Should Be Logged in a Real-Time System Using Log-Selection Strategies  Patrick Graydon 
14.01.27  Building a Safety Case in Compliance with ISO 26262 for Fuel Level Estimation and Display System  Barbara Gallina 
14.01.22  Measuring vibrations in video by image analysis  Carl Ahlberg 
131010  CFD Computation of a Jet Engine Setup  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
13.06.13  Implementation of a secure network solutions for Project Area  Stefan Lfgren 
13.12.15  Comparison between .NET and Java EE - Implementation of a Cash & Bank Application  Frank Lders 
13.11.15  Visual studio add-in for proxy object code generation  Frank Lders 
13.11.04  Building a safety case for a small-sized product line of Fuel Level Display systems  Barbara Gallina 
13.10.31  SQLite in a Robot Control System  Dag Nystrm 
13.10.22  Methods for Modeling of Product Lines for safety-critical systems  Stephan Baumgart 
13.10.15  Development of a Mobile Solution for Delivering Price Quotes in the Construction Industry  Afshin Ameri E. 
13.10.01  Frstudie till implementering av Electronic Flight Bag  Tommy Nygren 
13.10.01  Maintenance of Turbomin 100  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
13.10.01  Miljkrav mobila kommunikationssystem  Tommy Nygren 
13.10.01  Small Scale Testing for 760094 MUD (Multiaxial Fatigue) Project.  Per Schlund 
13.10.01  Simulering som konstruktionsstd  Per Schlund 
13.09.30  Automated orchestra for industrial automation  Moris Behnam 
13.09.20  Implementering av ISO 9001  Sten Grahn 
13.09.15  Understanding Architectural Smells in Software Product Lines  Ivica Crnkovic 
13.09.11  Adapting Mode Switches into the Hierarchical scheduling  Rafia Inam 
13.09.10  Monitoring of Micro-sleep and Sleepiness for the Drivers Using EEG Signal  Shahina Begum 
13.08.29  Migration of a Mobile Core Application to a Simplified Infrastructure - In-Service Performance Analysis  Thomas Nolte 
13.08.27  Web based adress book  Josip Maras 
13.08.15  Lossless Message Compression  Mats Bjrkman 
13.08.15  Electronic sign-off of technical documentation within   Tommy Nygren 
13.07.01  Revision of prepages  Tommy Nygren 
13.07.01  Governor Electronics for Diesel Engines  Mikael Ekstrm 
13.07.01  Embedded vision system based on Android in Tablets  Lars Asplund 
13.07.01  Applying Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Methods in Embedded Systems Design  Gaetana Sapienza 
13.06.30  Porting AUTOSAR to a high performance embedded system   Jakob Axelsson 
13.06.30  Development and setup of an environment for measuring of relevant parameters in a harsh environment using software defined radio  Mats Bjrkman 
13.06.30  Connecting a Design Framework for Service-oriented Systems with UPPAAL model-checker  Aida Causevic 
13.06.30  LAN-uppgradering  Hans Bjurgren 
13.06.20  An executable meta-model for safety-oriented software and systems development processes within the avionics domain in compliance with RTCA DO 178B  Barbara Gallina 
13.06.20  Prestanda berkningar fr flygplan som kan landa p Bunge flygflt p Gotland.  Per Schlund 
13.06.15  Reusing Process Elements in the Context of Safety Critical Systems Development and Certification  Barbara Gallina 
13.06.14  Robot Calibration based on Kinematic Couplings  Giacomo Spampinato 
13.06.13  FPGA - Reconfigurable Systems in ZynQ  Mikael Ekstrm 
13.06.13  Semantic Analysis of Natural Language and Definite Clause Grammar using Statistical Parsing and Thesauri  Batu Akan  B/A 
13.06.12  Improving a Hardware-based Real-time Kernel  Moris Behnam 
13.06.11  Researching Integration of ART Test Cases into JCAT  Bjrn Lisper 
13.06.10  Using Kinect to interact with presentation software  Oguzhan Ozcan  B/A 
13.06.09  Actuator control using pre-calibrated force data on a quadrocopter  Giacomo Spampinato 
13.06.09  Implementering av OPC server fr SNMP ntverksvervakning av FACTS anlggningar   Robert Suurna 
13.06.07  A Model-based Test Generation Tool for Industrial Function Block Diagrams  Eduard Paul Enoiu  B/A 
13.06.02  Case-based approach for process modeling  Ning Xiong 
13.06.01  Model Test Coverage Measurements in an Industrial Setting   Daniel Sundmark 
13.06.01  MAS Remote  Mats Bjrkman 
13.05.31  Alternativa flygbrnslen  Per Schlund 
13.05.21  Individual Stress Diagnosis Using Skin Conductance Sensor Signals  Shahina Begum 
13.05.16  Comparison of Web Development Technologies‐ASP.NET & PHP  Frank Lders 
13.05.10  Multi-Sensor Information Fusion for Classification of Driver's Physiological Sensor Data  Shahina Begum 
13.05.08  Utveckling av fondfrskringssystem  Dag Nystrm 
13.05.01  Review AD and SB for airplane and develop improved monitoring system  Tommy Nygren 
13.04.29  Replikering av kunddata i DMZ milj  Andreas Hjertstrm 
13.04.09  Integrating Requirements Authoring and Design Tools for Heterogeneous Multi-Core Embedded Systems  Juraj Feljan 
13.04.02  Master thesis: System Testing in a Simulated Environment  Antonio Cicchetti 
13.03.11  Simulators for formal languages, automata and theory of computation with focus on JFLAP  Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic 
13.02.28  Virtual environment for assembler code diagnosis  Bjrn Lisper 
13.01.20  VPN Mesh for Industrial Network  Hans Bjurgren 
13.01.31  A virtual test environment for motion capture shoots  Oguzhan Ozcan 
13.01.30  Valgrind for OSE  Moris Behnam 
13.01.15  Lean oriented technical ordering   Tommy Nygren 
13.01.15  Master thesis: The problem of bidirectionality in Model-Driven Engineering  Antonio Cicchetti 
13.01.09  Design of Target Drone  Per Schlund 
12.12.19  Improving a Graphical Turntable Simulator  Juraj Feljan 
12.12.15  Extending ABB's WirelessHART Tool  Frank Lders 
12.12.15  Utveckla CAME - Continuing Airwothiness Management Exposition fr Priority Aero Maintenance  Tommy Nygren 
12.12.11  Multicore Pattern  Frank Lders 
12.11.30  Create a equlized maintenance/planingprogram and minimizing downtimes for Sandvik Mining And Consturuction AB  Antti Salonen 
12.11.05  The Mode Switch Logic implementation in the ProCOM component model  Hang Yin 
12.10.26  Human - Virtual Agent Interaction  Oguzhan zcan  B/A 
12.10.11  Medicinkross  Lars Bark 
12.10.02  Development of composite fin to improved Orion rocket  Per Schlund 
12.09.30  3D Wireless inertial tracking & capture motion of industrial Robot with IMU  Giacomo Spampinato 
12.09.15  Development and documentation of process and routines for Continues Airworthiness Management Organisation, CAMO  Tommy Nygren 
12.09.15  Development and documentation of Maintenance Program, MP, for EC135 s/n 0418 helicopter  Tommy Nygren 
12.09.15  Processer fr omhndertagning av luftvrdighet av luftfartyg eller delar av ett luftfartyg vid srskild hndelse  Tommy Nygren 
12.09.15  Utveckla en process fr traktionsmotorns underhllsprogram liknande MSG-3 analysen  Tommy Nygren 
12.09.15  Value stream analasys of the process for the production of technical publications  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
12.09.15  Streamlining of hydraulic testing  Tommy Nygren 
12.09.11  On-board Diagnostics Framework  Jan Carlson 
12.09.07  Game-based Motion Capture Training  Oguzhan Ozcan 
12.09.06  An Investigation of the Dual Priority Scheduling Paradigm  Abhilash Thekkilakattil 
12.09.06  Design and implementation of a MLFQ scheduler for the Bacula backup software  Ivica Crnkovic 
12.08.31  Master thesis: Applying Model Checking Techniques on Scania Vehicle Control Systems  Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas 
12.08.28  Electronic design optimization of vibration monitor instrument  Mikael Ekstrm 
12.08.21  Data Distribution Service for Industrial Automation  Moris Behnam 
12.08.20  Design Philosophy for User Friendly Parameter Handler  Radu Dobrin 
12.08.15  Improving software evolvability by exploiting change history and software metrics  Ivica Crnkovic 
12.07.31  ORGFX - a Wishbone compatible Graphics Accelerator for the OpenRISC processor  Fredrik Ekstrand 
12.06.30  Analyse of Patria Helicopter process for Maintenance Data Documentation   Tommy Nygren 
12.06.30  Development of SAAB 340 Line Maintenance  Tommy Nygren 
12.06.28  Evaluation of Structural Testing Effectiveness in Industrial Model-driven Software Development  Eduard Paul Enoiu 
12.06.20  Intelligent gripper  Mikael Ekstrm 
12.06.20  Software Encryption in Mobile Devices  Rikard Lindell 
12.06.15  Method to secure content in Scania Truck maintenance programme  Tommy Nygren 
12.06.14  A Mapping Study of Automation Support Tools for Unit Testing  Adnan Causevic 
12.06.14  Time Machine Computing for Media Improvisation  Rikard Lindell 
12.06.14  En matematikapplikation utvecklad fr Windows 8  Bjrn Lisper 
12.06.14  SysMon A framework for monitoring and measuring real-time properties  Mikael Sjdin 
12.06.14  Generating Fuzzy Rules from Case Base for Classification Problems  Ning Xiong 
12.06.14  Simulation of Telecom application  Daniel Flemstrm 
12.06.14  An Evaluation Framework on Telecommunication System Test Suites  Daniel Flemstrm 
12.06.14  A Data Access tracking approach for Memory analysis and Bad data access pattern detecting  Daniel Flemstrm 
12.06.12  Superfighters Deluxe: A Game Utilizing Web Technologies  Afshin Ameri E. 
12.06.11  Enhancing the human-team awareness of a robot  Ning Xiong 
12.06.08  Embedded Instrument Panel for Construction Equipment  Mats Bjrkman 
12.06.01  Course Curriculum Planning and Management System  Ivica Crnkovic 
12.06.01  Designer 3.0 Concept: A Designer Tool based on Qt Creator  Thomas Larsson 
12.06.01  Uniform templates for the IT-forensic operations  Afshin Ameri E. 
12.05.31  Multi-Sensor Information Fusion for Monitoring Drivers Level of Performance  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed  B/A 
12.05.30  GPU-accelerated Model Checking of Periodic Self-Suspending Real-Time Tasks  Mikael sberg 
12.05.27  Implementation av datainsamlingsverktyg med NetFlow p ISP  Stefan Lfgren 
12.04.30  Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE) for Priority Aero Maintenance   Tommy Nygren 
12.04.20  Optimering av garinspektionsprocessen vid SAS Technical Operations  Tommy Nygren 
12.04.20  Granskning och uppdatering av flygbolaget Skyways Maintenance Program  Tommy Nygren 
12.04.17  Utveckling av kursmaterial fr kursen Flygmotorunderhll, Mlardalens Hgskola  Tommy Nygren 
12.04.12  Extending FTT-SE Protocol for Multi-Master/Multi-Slave Networks  Moris Behnam 
12.03.31  Development of a ZigBee Wireless Sensor Node  Martin Ekstrm 
12.03.21  Layout of wash, paint and line end assembly of 1 to 6 cylinder C-head.  Per Schlund 
12.03.01  UAV visual servoing for autonomous ground vehicles in ROS simulation environment  Giacomo Spampinato 
12.02.02  Component-models classification a systematic review  Sverine Sentilles 
12.02.02  A Taxonomy of Extra-Functional Properties for Embedded Systems  Sverine Sentilles 
12.02.02  SurfaLtt-Anpassad webblsare fr personer med funktionshinder  Federico Ciccozzi 
12.02.01  Challenges and Opportunities of Automating Performance Testing: An Industrial Case Study  Adnan Causevic 
12.01.15  Simulation of Safety-Critical Systems Specified in AADL  Jiale Zhou 
12.01.15  Designing Mobile Ambient Applications  Adnan Causevic 
12.01.15  A simulation environment for automatic night driving and visual control  Giacomo Spampinato 
112.01.1  Huvudmeny Handy Blue  Andreas Johnsen  not set 
110911  Reducing vibrationrelated disturbances in the delivery outflow of large AC-machines  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
110211  ABB Robotics Optimization of Remote Service Solution for large installations  Johan Strner 
11.12.26  Automatiserad arkitektur-baserad verifiering av skerhetskritiska system  Andreas Johnsen 
11.12.15  Implementing data analysis and visualization into a SOA based architecture for AddTrack Enterprise 4G  Aida Causevic 
11.12.05  Development of a web-based interface for SDH  Hans Bjurgren 
11.12.01  Implementation of Web Content Management System for a charity group  Federico Ciccozzi 
11.11.25  A Zoomable 3D User Interface using Uniform Grids and Scene Graphs  Thomas Larsson 
11.11.17  CRL2ALF - En versttare frn PowerPC till ALF  Linus Kllberg 
11.11.17  Analysis and development of methods, processes and tools for technical publications for integrated EW-systems  Tommy Nygren 
11.11.10  A framework for the analysis of failure behaviours in component-based model-driven development of dependable systems  Barbara Gallina 
11.09.15  Development of a Communication Framework for optimized and guaranteed information exchange between train and wayside  Bjrn Lisper 
11.09.15  Business intelligent systems for small and medium enterprises.  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
11.09.12  ProCom middleware  Etienne Borde 
11.09.09  Framtagande av modifieringsunderlag fr installation av ny drr till galley G1, compartment 105 p SAS B737-700/-800  Tommy Nygren 
11.09.09  Utforma en frenkla arbetsverktyg fr EASAs regelverk nr 2042/2003 med tillhrande AMC och amendments  Tommy Nygren 
11.09.09  Projekt Malm Aviation Underhllsprogram  Tommy Nygren 
11.09.09  Miljvnligare inflygningar  Tommy Nygren 
11.09.08  A web store based on reusable .NET components  Frank Lders 
11.09.08  Comparison between ASP.NET and PHP: Implementation of a Real Estate Database   Frank Lders 
11.09.08  Improvement of Search Engine in a Distributed Real-Estate Sales Management System Network  Radu Dobrin  B/A 
11.08.30  IP-telephony in an existing network  Hans Bjurgren 
11.08.17  User Interface Test Automation and its Challenges in an Industrial Scenario  Sasikumar Punnekkat 
11.08.15  Enriching OSE Scheduler for Better Predictability Support   Mehrdad Saadatmand 
11.08.08  A Case Study on the Creative Process of Making a Game for Mentally Disabled Children  Oguzhan Ozcan 
11.08.05  Development of a Newsroom-application for multiple mobile platforms  Robert Suurna 
11.07  A Stochastic Framework for Real-Time Systems under Preemptive Priority-Driven Scheduling by using Matlab  Yue Lu 
11.06.30  Servo Motors Control With FPGA : control system with torque change  Fredrik Ekstrand 
11.06.30  A Design Framework for Service-oriented Systems  Aida Causevic 
11.06.30  Container Madness  Linus Kllberg 
11.06.28  Integrating formal analysis techniques into the Progress-IDE  Aneta Vulgarakis 
11.06.24  Modelling and Characterization of Wireless Channels in Harsh Environments  Elisabeth Uhlemann 
11.06.20  Create Work Instructions for Overhaul/Repair/Modification of Airbus A330 RB 211 Trent 700 Propulsion System Thrust Reverser  Tommy Nygren 
11.06.20  Performance Modeling of ASP.Net Web Service Applications: an industrial case study  Cristina Seceleanu 
11.06.16  Comparative Study of Web Application Development with SQL Server and Db4o  Frank Lders 
11.06.16  Evaluation of a method for identifying timing models  Bjrn Lisper 
11.06.16  Separation of CAME/MOE with revisions  Tommy Nygren 
11.06.16  Data Mining - Contextual Analysis of Events  Daniel Flemstrm 
11.06.16  A Framework for Data Mining and Events Correlation on Telecommunication System Logs  Daniel Flemstrm 
11.06.15  Evaluation of Object-Space Occlusion Culling with Occluder Fusion  Thomas Larsson 
11.06.10  Automated image analyzing and categorizing program  Andreas Gustavsson 
11.06.10  Website design and development for live video streaming over mobile phones (HoorayTV)   Damir Isovic 
11.06.02  Surface Interaction for touchOS  Rikard Lindell 
11.06.02  Evaluation of real-time performance in virtualized environments  Mikael sberg 
11.06.01  Integrating Enhanced Slot-Shifting in uC/OS-II  Damir Isovic 
11.06.01  A comparison of component-based software engineering and model-driven development from the ProCom perspective  Juraj Feljan 
11.06.01  Automated Code Generation from Action Language Enhanced UML Models  Antonio Cicchetti 
11.05.31  A Keyword Based Interactive Speech Recognition System for Embedded Applications  Lars Asplund 
11.05.25  Evaluation of Software Defined Radio platform with respect to implementation of 802.15.4 Zigbee  Marcus Bergblomma 
11.05.25  Extension of the WCET benchmark program suite  Jan Gustafsson 
11.04.15  Hierarchical Scheduling and Feedback Control  Moris Behnam 
11.04.14  Safety Supporting Architectural Pattern in ArchWiz  Frank Lders 
11.04.14  A Visual Studio Add-In for Software Component Services in Smart Devices  Frank Lders 
11.04.01  Force feedback and head tracking interaction in the industrial domain  Hongyu Pei-Breivold 
11.04.01  Calibration and accuracy analysis for a laser triangulation system  Lars Asplund 
11.03.31  Applying AUTOSAR in Practice - Available Development Tools and Migration Paths  Mats Bjrkman 
11.03.29  Case-based reasoning in postoperative pain treatment  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
11.03.18  Principles of a Central Database for Interfaces Regarding TCMS, PIS and CCTV Systems   Dag Nystrm 
11.03.03  Working for the customer - Acting as software consultant in a migration project  Frank Lders 
11.02.28  Stereo Vision System for an Autonomous Robotic Platform  Lars Asplund 
11.02.03  Design and development of interactive web site based on a customer-oriented business model for the multimedia application C3LOOPS  Rikard Lindell 
11.02.03  Evaluation of Two Web Development Technologies  Frank Lders 
11.01.31  Comparison of two platforms for component-based development of web applications  Frank Lders 
11.01.29  Personligt varningssystem av truckar i industrimilj  Mikael Ekstrm 
11.01.24  Localization and Navigation System for an Autonomous Wheel Loader  Giacomo Spampinato 
11.01.21  An Investigation of Multi-core (Single-Chip Multiprocessor) Programming Languages  Farhang Nemati 
11.01.20  Optimering av motorunderhll RM15  Tommy Nygren 
11.01.20  Upprttande av underhllsprogram fr Piper PA-31 Navajo  Tommy Nygren 
11.01.16  Konstruktion av x/y-system fr kamerabaserad detektering och infngning av bollar.  Christer Gerdtman 
11.01.16  Rapid prototyping - development and evaluation of Field Oriented Control using LabView FPGA  Mikael Ekstrm 
11.01.15  From Components to Cloud Enabled Services - A Study of Open Source Software Evolution  Hongyu Pei-Breivold 
100503  Performance penalties when emulating OSE in a Linux system.   Daniel Flemstrm 
10.12.20  Is a big button interface enough for elderly users?  Rikard Lindell 
10.12.19  Design and implementation of a secondhand E-bookshop  Radu Dobrin 
10.12.15  Horizontal transformations for models reuse and tool chaining  Antonio Cicchetti 
10.11.30  An Intelligent Portable Sensor System in Diagnosing Stress  Shahina Begum 
10.11.19  Monitoring and logging system with SMS notification.  Mikael Ekstrm 
10.11.18  Review of Turbomin 100 - A pilot study with suggested improvements of educational jet-engine Turbomin 100  Mirko Senkovski Karlsson 
10.11.18  Surveying and evaluating software integration tools for software-intensive systems  Peter Wallin 
10.11.05  A decision support system for stress diagnosis using ECG signal.  Shahina Begum 
10.11.05  A decision support system for stress diagnosis using ECG signal.  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
10.11.04  A Code Generator for Software Component Services in Smart Devices  Frank Lders 
10.11.02  CourseScheduler  Thomas Leveque 
10.10.29  Development of wireless self-adjustable signal amplifier for medical purpuses  Martin Ekstrm 
10.10.07  Omarbetning av Funda  Linus Kllberg 
10.10.07  Performance Testing and Analysis of Modern Web Technologies  Frank Lders 
10.09.15  Frstudie fr SWIFT B737-800 kabinlayout med rddningsutrustning  Tommy Nygren 
10.09.15  Utvrdering och optimering av underhllsprogram  Tommy Nygren 
10.09.15  Upprttande av underhllsplan for rullkanal LRQ gllande pressutrustning  Tommy Nygren 
10.09.15  Utveckla en struktur fr underhllsarbete   Tommy Nygren 
10.09.15  Artificial Life, A Model  Baran rkl 
10.09.01  Analyzing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in open source products  Sasikumar Punnekkat 
10.08.30  A failure behaviour analysis framework for Progress IDE  Hseyin Aysan 
10.07.31  Telecom and Internet Service Mashups in Robotics: Architecture, Design and Prototyping  Damir Isovic 
10.07.08  Thermal optimization of VEO+ projectors  Lars Asplund 
10.07.01  Force feedback and head tracking interaction in the industrial domain  Hongyu Pei-Breivold 
10.06.31  Unified Incremental Multimodal Interface for Human Robot Interaction  Baran rkl 
10.06.30  Loopaggregering ur stora audiostrmmar  Rikard Lindell 
10.06.16  LAN refresh and WAN migration  Johan Strner 
10.06.15  Design of Controller board for a Lunar Rover  Giacomo Spampinato 
10.06.10  IPv6 in WeOS   Johan Strner 
10.06.10  Live TV broadcasting via mobile devices  Damir Isovic 
10.06.10  Evaluation of real-time databases in a control-system setting  Andreas Hjertstrm 
10.06.10  Monocular Visual SLAM based on Inverse Depth Parametrization  Giacomo Spampinato 
10.06.08  Hierarchical server-based communication with switched Ethernet  Thomas Nolte 
10.06.06  Effective tracing in a massive multicore environment B  Daniel Flemstrm 
10.06.06  Effective tracing in a massive multicore environment A  Daniel Flemstrm 
10.06.04  Model Based Test Design in CPP Verification (for 2 students)  Antonio Cicchetti 
10.06.04  Building a tiny OCL interpreter in C++ (2 students)   Antonio Cicchetti 
10.06.04  Building a tiny OCL interpreter in Java (2 students)   Antonio Cicchetti 
10.04.28  Advanced Intranet Seach Engine  Sasikumar Punnekkat 
10.04.22  SE-Master Thesis: Automated Build and Test Tool/Process  Markus Lindgren 
10.04.08  DDC (Distributed Data Collector)   Mikael Ekstrm 
10.03.28  Utveckling och utvrdering av applikation fr lokalisering via mobiltelefon  Damir Isovic 
10.03.25  Crack detection in manual welding process using acoustic emission   
10.02.01  Planning of Robot Behaviour  Baran rkl 
10.02.01  Low consuming class D-amplifier for rough enviroments   Magnus Otterskog 
10.01.31  Non intrusive monitoring of milling processes   
10.01.31  Monitoring system for free form modeling machines at Digital Mechanics.   
10.01.31  Independent Local Locator Substrate Indirection Transport ILLSIT  Mats Bjrkman 
10.01.28  Master Thesis: Component Repository Browser  Sverine Sentilles 
10.01.28  Universell kopplingsbox mellan NC-maskin och industrirobot  Lars Asplund 
10.01.28  The Python neural simulation technology graphical user interface  Baran rkl 
10.01.28  How to incorporate security requirements into the ArchWiz tool.  Rikard Land 
10.01.18  Development of a multi-bus platform for automation testbed  Martin Ekstrm 
10.01.15  Prediktion av frvntad livslngd hos motorls  Mikael Ekstrm 
090707  Master thesis: Code inspection at companies for WCET analysis / Kodinspektion vid fretag fr WCET-analys  Christer Sandberg  B/A 
09.10.17  Web based sales management system  Frank Lders 
09.09.30  GUI for component behavior based on REMES  Aneta Vulgarakis 
09.09.30  Clinical Decision Support System for Post operative Pain relief  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
09.09.15  Master Thesis - Writing a NECV850E assembler to ALF translator in cooperation with world-leading WCET tool providers  Andreas Ermedahl 
09.09.15  Master Thesis - Writing a PowerPC assembler to ALF translator in cooperation with world-leading WCET tool providers  Andreas Ermedahl 
09.09.11  Automated sequential composition of deltas and related optimization operations  Antonio Cicchetti 
09.08.31  A Metamodel independent approach for Conflict Detection to support distributed development in MDE  Antonio Cicchetti 
09.08.31  A Software Engineering approach to Network Administration  Hans Bjurgren 
09.08.30  Halvautomatisk styrning av RMRC  Lars Asplund 
09.08.30  Implementation av IPv6 i Vsters stadsnt  Mats Bjrkman 
09.08.26  Integrating wireless systems into process industry and business management  Antonio Cicchetti 
09.08.25  A prototype of a fragmented document editor  Damir Isovic 
09.08.25  Analysis of Boot Time Reduction Techniques in Linux  Daniel Flemstrm 
09.07.31  Experimental study on smart antennas in low power wireless communication  Mats Bjrkman 
09.07.16  Regression Test Selection in Multi-Tasking Real-Time System based on Run-Time Logs  Daniel Sundmark 
09.07.15  Master Thesis - Developing an ALF interpreter for the SWEET WCET analysis tool  Bjrn Lisper 
09.07.03  Construction of a measuring module for electronic warfare system  Magnus Otterskog 
09.07.02  Master Thesis: Component behavior modeling  Aneta Vulgarakis 
09.07.01  Programvaruutveckling till USB I/O enhet  Christer Gerdtman 
09.07.01  Development of a hand held night vision system  Lars Asplund 
09.06.26  Brain computer interface using EEG  Baran rkl 
09.06.20  Graphical visualization and analysis tool of data entities in embedded systems engineering.  Andreas Hjertstrm 
09.06.18  Development of Additional Functionality: REB670 Busbar Protection   Mikael Ekstrm 
09.06.15  Master Thesis - Automatic Input domain definition for Test Design Techniques  Sigrid Eldh 
09.06.15  Master Thesis - Comparing Test Design Techniques for Open Source Systems  Sigrid Eldh 
09.06.15  Master Thesis - Global mobility optimization framework  Radu Dobrin 
09.06.15  Master Thesis - Comparing Applicability of Test Design Techniques for Telecom systems  Sigrid Eldh 
09.06.08  Grammar recognition using biologically inspired spiking networks  Baran rkl 
09.06.07  A wishbone compatible SD card controller for embedded usage  Fredrik Ekstrand 
09.06.05  Design and implementation of a small scale ISP  Conny Collander 
09.06.04  Protocol Performance Measurement Methology - A case Study with SS7  Daniel Flemstrm 
09.06.01  Master Thesis: Web based AHP Evaluation Tool  Peter Wallin 
09.06.01  Demonstrator av vinkelgivare  Magnus Otterskog 
09.05.31  Aerodynamic analysis of Mach nr. increase on Gulfstream G650  Gustaf Enebog 
09.05.30  Configuration of measurement access point in a wireless sensor system  Martin Ekstrm 
09.05.30  Traceability in Model Based Testing  Antonio Cicchetti 
09.05.30  Test Derivation and Reuse through Horizontal transformation of System models  Antonio Cicchetti 
09.05.30  Supporting the automatic test case and oracle generation using system models  Antonio Cicchetti 
09.05.28  Design and implementation of controller for robotic manipulators using Artificial Neural Networks  Giacomo Spampinato 
09.05.27  Sensitivity Analysis of IGBT Gate Drive Applications  Denny berg 
09.05.11  Myoelectric Interface  Baran rkl 
09.05.10  Project Solaris - Aerodynamic performance analysis of a solar powered UAV  Gustaf Enebog 
09.05.10  Project Solaris - Historical survey of solar powered UAVs and an evaluation of its potential market  Gustaf Enebog 
09.05.10  Project Solaris - Mass, balance and load analysis of a solar powered UAV  Gustaf Enebog 
09.05.10  Project Solaris - Evaluation of EASA-regulations applied to maintenance of a solar powered UAV  Tommy Nygren 
09.05.10  Project Solaris - Evaluation of EASA-regulations applied to airworthiness and design of a solar powered UAV  Gustaf Enebog 
09.05.04  Introducing Linux in a complex real time system  Daniel Flemstrm 
09.04.16  Utvrdering av pd-signaler  Mikael Ekstrm 
09.04.16  Vidareutveckling av robot  Mikael Ekstrm 
09.04.16  Evaluation of OKL4  Moris Behnam 
09.04.16  How to get the maximum benefits from TQM and Management System for better project results?  Baran rkl 
09.04.02  Utveckling av ett kontrollsystem fr DC-motor  Mikael Ekstrm 
09.03.09  Auditory Cortex in FPGA  Baran rkl 
09.02.28  Robot Positioning System  Nikola Petrovic 
09.02.25  Modeling deployment and allocation in the Progress IDE  Sverine Sentilles 
09.02.25  An extensible attribute framework for ProCom  Sverine Sentilles 
09.02.25  The Progress run-time architecture  Jan Carlson 
09.02.10  Programming and control of a robot with gestures A novel approach to human-robot interaction  Baran rkl 
09.02.01  Utveckling av utrustning fr mtning av gats mikrorrelser  Mikael Ekstrm 
09.01.31  Implementation of IEEE 1394 (Firewire) in an FPGA  Jrgen Lidholm 
09.01.31  GPU Programming in a Functional Language  Bjrn Lisper 
09.01.31  Production line test equipment for PM stepper motors  Fredrik Ekstrand 
09.01.29  PLC emulering  Frank Lders 
09.01.15  Occlusion Culling: An approach based on precalculations from paths  Thomas Larsson 
09.01.15  Managing the synchronisation of envolving models conforming to different meta-models  Aneta Vulgarakis 
09 Q2.3  Master thesis: Connect measurements of car body parts to adjustments in production line   
080526  Dansande Robotar  Lars Asplund 
0804010  An Efficient Strategy for Object Finding  Lars Asplund 
08.04.15  Comparasion between Web Platforms  Frank Lders 
08.12.31  Image optimization algorithms on an FPGA  Jrgen Lidholm 
08.12.18  Intag och export av kontrolluppgifter  Peter Wallin 
08.10.17  Extracting information from a CV using the Struts and Hibernate frameworks  Farhang Nemati 
08.09.04  Grafisk programmering av primitiver genom att anvnda C# och WPF  Thomas Larsson 
08.09.01  Component-based modeling and analysis of embedded systems  Paul Pettersson 
08.07.07  Compensation for eccentrical and non round rolls and coils in cold rolling mill  Joop Lundqvist 
08.07.05  Implementing Adventure Games using Logic Programming  Bjrn Lisper 
08.06.30  Autonomous Machine  Lars Asplund 
08.06.30  Innehllscentrerad Videoredigering i Dataytamilj  Rikard Lindell 
08.06.30  Online fuzzy case-based individual stress diagnosing system  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
08.06.30  Hjlpsystem fr rollator  Mikael Ekstrm 
08.06.30  Medicinkross  Christer Gerdtman 
08.06.29  Developing a conceptual graphical user interface for 800xA  Thomas Larsson 
08.06.27  UML profile for SaveComp Component Model  Aneta Vulgarakis 
08.06.27  Transformation between JavaBeans and SaveComp software component models  Sverine Sentilles 
08.06.27  Component-based devlopment for software and hardware components  Sverine Sentilles 
08.06.20  Automatic Technical Illustration Based on Cartoon Shading Principles  Thomas Larsson 
08.06.19  Recording of Scheduling and Communication events on Telecom Systems  Johan Kraft 
08.06.19  Investigating Eclipse Modeling Tools to Improve Usability in SaveIDE  Sverine Sentilles 
08.06.19  Testutrustning fr vakuumvakter  Mika Seppnen 
08.06.19  Development and evaluation of Flood'Ed as edutainment for mixing colors  Rikard Lindell 
08.06.16  Using Wii motion sensing controls for industrial applications  Rikard Lindell 
08.06.09  Recording of muscles activities (EMG) to detect hand and arm movements  Baran rkl 
08.06.07  Enhancing the audio environment in virtual city  Rikard Lindell 
08.05.31  Adjustment and analysis of new storage system in dynamic enviromnents  Filip Sebek 
08.05.30  Implementation of an artificial neuron in VHDL  Baran rkl 
08.05.27  Sensitivity analysis of IGBT Gate Drive applications  Denny berg 
08.04.16  Software Configuration Management and Change Management  Ivica Crnkovic 
08.04.10  How can Lean Philosophy Improve the Traditional Philosophy of Project Management  sa Lundkvist 
08.04.10  An Approach to Efficient Object Searching for Mobile Robots  Lars Asplund 
08.01.31  Programmering av styrning av tvttarm p tvttrobot.  Lars Asplund 
08.01.31  Ntverksbaserad styrning av kamerakran  Lars Asplund 
08.01.31  Dynamisk belastning  Lars Asplund 
08.01.12  Test Coverage Analysis  Mikael Ekstrm 
08.01.06  Using laser as a tool for dimensional measurements of nuclear fuel   
08.01.06  Implementering och optimering av Spin image algotrim  Lars Asplund 
070901  Synthesis of the DC link voltage by means of GDU collector-emitter measurement.  Lennart Lindh 
070630  Conceptualizing SIP based gateway control  Daniel Flemstrm 
07.12.31  Building of a component development process in an Integrated Development Environment  Sverine Sentilles 
07.12.20  Design Patterns for OOP Thread Encapsulation in Realtime Applications  Daniel Flemstrm 
07.11.30  Textual CBR system using domain specific ontology  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
07.11.30  Develop Experience Reusing System by Combining Vector Space Model and Nearest Neighbour.  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
07.11.26  Power consumption optimization in Bluetooth networks  Martin Ekstrm 
07.11.08  Is it possible to use Oracle TimesTen while maintaining real-time performance?  Frank Lders 
07.11.04  TESTUTRUSTNING FR ALKOLS  Mikael Ekstrm 
07.11.02  Component Design Tool for Embedded Systems Components  Mikael kerholm 
07.10.19  Portering av vervakningsverktyget SocEye till Eclipse  Mohammed El Shobaki 
07.09.16  3-Axis MEMS accelerometer used to detect falls in elderly people  Lars Asplund 
07.08.31  Development of an adaptive automatic reclosing function which inhibits reclosing on permanent faults  Joop Lundqvist 
07.08.31  Specification and design of a prototype of IDE for Component-Based Embedded System  Sverine Sentilles 
07.08.30  Komponentbaserad basplattform Rhapsody p microcontrollers  Johan Fredriksson 
07.08.30  Visualizing and implementing an automated process  Rikard Land 
07.08.20  Correlating Model information with software / hardware probe measurements to analyze performance of a Telecom System  Daniel Flemstrm 
07.08.15  Test benchmarks and test environment for SWEET  Jan Gustafsson 
07.08.06  Elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet fr medicinteknisk utrustning  Magnus Otterskog 
07.07.30  Empirical Evaluation of Using Software Components in Windows CE  Frank Lders 
07.07.02  Multimedia Communication in Home Networks - Publish/subscribe model for real-time applications  Larisa Rizvanovic 
07.06.30  Trdlst EKG och respiratorisk vervakningssystem fr utvrdering av mjlksyratrskeln vid trning  Mikael Ekstrm 
07.06.30  Safety assessment of Garex air traffic control communication panels  Mikael Ekstrm 
07.06.25  Presentation och analys av prestanda hos komplexa realtidssystem.  Daniel Flemstrm 
07.06.25  WCET Analysis and Certification of Automatically Generated Code for CC-Systems AB  Bjrn Lisper 
07.06.21  Improvement of verification procedure  Mikael Ekstrm 
07.06.20  Architecture Description Languages and Views Suitable for Merging Software Systems  Rikard Land 
07.06.20  Network oriented C-programming  Conny Collander 
07.06.20  Improving User Access to a Digital Signage System Integration of the InStoreMedia System with Microsoft Office  Rikard Land 
07.06.20  Real-TIme Systems on Multicore Platforms  Damir Isovic 
07.06.19  FPGA-based Hardware Numerical Engine  Adam Dunkels 
07.06.18  Utvrdering av programfldesanalys fr WCET-berkningar vid Volvo Construction Equipment  Jan Gustafsson 
07.06.18  Blind sensor for soccer playing robots  Lars Asplund 
07.06.15  Koppling mellan motorstyrkort och mini-ITX dator .  Lars Asplund 
07.06.15  Testbnk fr jmfrande mtningar  Mikael Ekstrm 
07.06.08  Konstruktion av integrerad H-brygga med styrdator och tachometer.  Lars Asplund 
07.06.07  Overview of architecture description languages  Frank Lders 
07.06.07  AI-game Engine  Rikard Lindell 
07.06.04  Porting and verifying AROS to NS in LINUX/UNIX  Jonas Neander 
07.06.04  Utveckling av I/O  Marie-Louise Harvig 
07.05.31  Programmering av inbyggt system med trdls kommunikation via ZigBee  Mika Seppnen 
07.05.31  Developing a remote control application for Windows CE  Frank Lders 
07.05.28  Lastmtning av CPU i realtidsoperativsystem  Johan Kraft 
07.05.14  Frbttra befintlig orderhanteringsprocess  Johan Strner 
07.05.04  Multisensor medical device  Mikael Ekstrm 
07.04.23  3D Vision  Filip Sebek 
07.04.05  IEC61850, i praktiken  Jan Gustafsson 
07.03.31  Omimplementering av Data Field Haskell  Bjrn Lisper 
07.03.19  Alkosensor  Mikael Ekstrm 
07.03.16  Hjd niv p mellanspnningsntet  Mikael Ekstrm 
07.03.16  ChipVision Command Center  Lars Asplund 
07.02.30  Changing to new type of brake system in the middle of an existing train production   
07.02.28  Feature Extraction From Sensor Data To Represent And Matching Cases For Patient Health Care  Shahina Begum 
07.02.28  Feature Extraction From Sensor Data To Represent And Matching Cases For Patient Health Care  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
07.02.16  Removal of Power Line Interference and others single frequency tone from signals.  Mikael Ekstrm 
07.02.15  Implementing Gesticulation in Combination with Pointing Control Using Hidden Markov Models  Frank Lders 
07.02.07  Master education management system (continuation)  Ivica Crnkovic 
07.02.05  Marknadsplan fr Alleato  Annika Kaisdotter Andersson (Jonsson) 
07.02.04  Vision system for robotic arm of grapple harvester  Lars Asplund 
07.02.04  Sensorntverk baserad p Zigbee  Lars Asplund 
07.02.01  Handhllen pulsmtare  Christer Gerdtman 
07.02.01  Adapting the WCET analysis tool SWEET to the AIR data format  Andreas Ermedahl 
07.02.01  A Comparative Study of Component Models for embedded Systems  Frank Lders 
07.02.01  Evaluation of software components in ERTS  Frank Lders 
07.02.01  Flexible simulation of water-waves in Real-Time  Thomas Larsson 
07.01.30  A thesis in computer communications: Evaluation of a real time available bandwidth measurement method  Andreas Johnsson 
07.01.28  Unsupervised sequence learning using biological neural networks  Baran rkl 
07.01.23  Artificial Intelligence Search Algorithms In Travel Planning  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
07.01.23  Artificial Intelligence Search Algorithms In Travel Planning  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
07.01.22  Decision Support System for Lung Diseases (DSS)  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
07.01.22  Decision Support System for Lung Diseases (DSS)  Shahina Begum 
07.01.21  High Speed 2kW DC/DC Converter  Lars Asplund 
07.01.21  Accelerometerkonstruktion med MEMS givare  Mikael Ekstrm 
07.01.19  Testrigg fr USB-gyro  Christer Gerdtman 
07.01.19  Bltands-USB-adapter  Christer Gerdtman 
07.01.12  Implementation of Risk Management Tool in a company  sa Lundkvist 
07.01.12  Mediacenter kartlggning  Daniel Flemstrm 
07.01.11  Using Iterative Simulation for Timing Analysis of Complex Real-Time Systems  Johan Kraft 
07.01.01  Earned Value Management  sa Lundkvist 
07.01.01  Embedded Systems Field Monitoring and Replication  Kristian Sandstrm 
07.01  Mtning av spridare till SVEA-96 Optima3  Ingemar Reyier 
061231  Powerline simulation over LONworks  Lars Asplund 
061001  Creating structured savings of on-line discussions to build up a searchable knowledge repository  Peter Funk 
06.12.31  Statisk analysator till RAPID  Bjrn Lisper 
06.12.07  Digital Dopplerfantom  Maria Lindn 
06.11.29  Implementing ISO 9001 and 14001 Quality and Environmental Management Systems for a Small Business  sa Lundkvist 
06.11.25  Utveckling av en hgpreciserad noninvasiv teknik fr detektering av Ocular Micro-Tremor med IR-ljus  Mikael Ekstrm 
06.11.22  Testbed for a semi-full-custom mixed signal ASIC  Lars Asplund 
06.11.22  Investeringsbehov ntstationer  Denny berg 
06.11.16  Device information viewer and indicator for remote support  Filip Sebek 
06.11.10  Revision av befintliga processer och mallar fr projekthantering samt framtagande av en prioritetslista, med ekonomisk bas, fr vinstmaximering av projekt.  sa Lundkvist 
06.11.10  Machine Tool Tending  Ingemar Reyier 
06.11.06  Sensor communication characteristics a comparison of LIN, PSI5, ACL and PWM  Mikael Ekstrm 
06.10.27  Developing a Product Data Management prototype system  Christer Sandberg 
06.10.27  User perceived Quality-of-Service for multimedia applications  Larisa Rizvanovic 
06.10.27  Visonsystem fr kvalitetskontroll  Mikael Ekstrm 
06.10.23  Quality-aware frame skipping for MPEG-2 video based on inter-frame similarity  Damir Isovic 
06.10.18  Master Education Management system  Ivica Crnkovic  B/A 
06.10.16  Experience Sharing Over the InternetCase study e-learning  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
06.10.05  Analys och implementation av pixel- och vertex-shaders.  Martin Skogevall 
06.10.05  Kalibreringstjnst fr PQ mtinstrument   
06.10.05  Automatisering av kalibreingstjnst fr elkvalitet instrument   
06.09.21  Systemanpassad transmissionslnk fr flygmtning  Mikael Ekstrm 
06.09.19  Utveckling av Bestiks hrdvara  Mika Seppnen 
06.09.14  Lastanalysator till RAPID  Ingemar Reyier 
06.09.07  Performance Monitoring using built inprocessor support in a complex real time environment  Daniel Flemstrm 
06.09.07  Implementering av ett skert trdlst nt p SMHI  Conny Collander 
06.09.07  Using the Principle of Refactoring to implement a Graphical User Interface  Daniel Flemstrm 
06.09.05  Environment for Brake by Wire System Development  Denny berg 
06.09.01  Outsourced Product Development and Project Management  sa Lundkvist 
06.08.31  Portering av Data Field Haskell  Bjrn Lisper 
06.08.29  Internet i inbyggda system  Lennart Lindh  not set 
06.08.25  Relationship Management in projects: Customer Satisfaction Analysis and its effect on margin.  sa Lundkvist 
06.08.22  Will different culture give an impact on successful project management?  sa Lundkvist 
06.08.20  Litet brbart EKG med Bluetooth kommunikation till java kompatibel mobiltelefon  Javier Garcia Castao 
06.08.20  HMI concept for robot maintenance system  Rikard Land 
06.08.16  Efficient Remote Instruction Procedures Using Case Base Reasoning  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed 
06.08.15  Test system for improved hardware tests  Mikael Ekstrm 
06.08.08  Power House: Utveckling och studie av ett pedagogiskt spel  Thomas Larsson 
06.08.03  Studie och design av fantom fr mikrovgsdiagnostik  Tommy Henriksson (Gunnarsson) 
06.07.30  Support Case Analyze  Daniel Flemstrm 
06.07.18  Ntstrmriktarstyrning med variabel modulationsfrekvens  Joop Lundqvist 
06.07.14  Inredningshjlp p hemsida  Martin Skogevall 
06.07.11  Control-flow and data-flow analysis of real-time system  Anders Pettersson 
06.07.01  Real-Time Database Management Support in a Component Framework  Dag Nystrm 
06.07.01  Use of Software Component Models in Embedded Real-Time Systems  Frank Lders 
06.06.30  Best supplier Selection  sa Lundkvist 
06.06.30  To develop a telemedicine compatible ECG-device  Mannan Mridha 
06.06.29  DeviceNet ver Bltand  Javier Garcia Castao 
06.06.29  Sckhanteringsrobot  Ingemar Reyier 
06.06.27  Axonometri i tvdimensionella spel: Skapandet av Power House  Thomas Larsson 
06.06.21  Analysis and evaluation of Failures and categorisation in a soft real-time systems (based on an OSE kernel)  Sigrid Eldh  B/A 
06.06.20  CoDeSys on CCP for Bromma Conquip  Johan Strner 
06.06.19  Swedish and much more on the webb  sa Lundkvist 
06.06.12  Designstudie av 2-dimensionell mikrovgsfantom  Mika Seppnen 
06.06.10  Analysis and Management of Embedded Systems Field Data  Kristian Sandstrm 
06.06.08  Automatic Diagnostic Data Collection - Improving the support orgnization's data gathering process in the ABB 800xA framework  Rikard Land 
06.06.02  Refitting Bounding Boxes for Globally Deformed Objects  Thomas Larsson 
06.06.01  Kvalitetshjande metoder fr inbygd mjukvara  Daniel Sundmark 
06.06.01  Network Admission Control p MdH  Conny Collander 
06.06.01  Artificiell intelligens i datorspel: En fallstudie fr spelet Power House  Thomas Larsson 
06.06.01  Webbprogrammering i ASP.NET med hjlp av Web services och databaser  Damir Isovic 
06.06.01  Evaluation of Real-Time Operating Systems for Xilinx MicroBlaze CPU  Susanna Nordstrm 
06.06.01  Expatriate Managers on Viking Turf: three case studies on Expatriate managers' perceptions on adjusting to the international job and organizational cultural environment in Sweden  sa Lundkvist 
06.06.01  Evaluation of jCOLIBRI  Shahina Begum 
06.05.16  Techniques and Processes for Assessing Compatibility of Third-Party Software Components  Rikard Land 
06.05.04  Hedda, plattform fr att skapa/verkstlla flexibla och adaptiv online kurser (eLearning)  Peter Funk 
06.05.04  Automatisk design och konfigurering (Configuration Management) med AI.  Peter Funk 
06.05.04  Ny generation av Kapacitiv Spnningstransformator (CVT)  Joop Lundqvist 
06.04.18  Simulation Control Panel Components  Mikael kerholm 
06.04.18  Simulation Observation Tool  Mikael kerholm 
06.04.13  Implementation av automatisk datainsamling, lagring och presentation fr salubjudna fastigheter och bostadsrttslgenheter p Internet  Johan Strner 
06.04.05  Implementation av en OPC server fr historiska data  Daniel Flemstrm 
06.03.31  Real-Time Performance of Windows XP Embedded  Frank Lders 
06.03.06  HW/SW Co-design of embedded systems within Alteras design environment  Lennart Lindh 
06.03.02  Elektrisk berkning av lckfldesreaktans fr grov/fin lindningskopplare  Joop Lundqvist 
06.03.02  Systemverktyg fr verksamhetsstyrning  Rikard Land 
06.03.02  An Intelligent FAQ Ansewering System Using Statistic and Semantic Information  Peter Funk 
06.03.01  Software Component Services for Windows CE  Frank Lders 
06.02.02  Effektivisering av kraftntens verfringsfrmga med hnseende p ekonomiskt utfall  Joop Lundqvist 
06.01.28  A GIS platform for Win CE  Jonas Neander 
06.01.20  UDP for embedded FPGA systems  Lennart Lindh 
06.01.18  Datorgrafik inom svensk industri frr, nu och i framtiden  Thomas Larsson 
06.01.16  Kortspelande mjukvara fr upplevelsebaserad inlrning  Thomas Larsson 
06.01.15  Development and optimization of test module MPT for ABBs high voltage products  Filip Sebek 
06.01.06  Testbed for wireless available bandwidth estimation system  Damir Isovic 
06.01.02  Wireless embedded monitoring systems (WEMS)   
05.12.22  Historical Data Access for Industrial Systems A prototype Implementation for evaluating the HDAIS standard   Rikard Land 
05.12.21  Analys,utvrdering och implementation av Datafldestckning i ett ett komplext system  Sigrid Eldh  B/A 
05.12.21  Evalueringsmodell fr progress m.a.p realibilitet  Sigrid Eldh  B/A 
05.12.21  Analysera och utvrdera integrationstest  Sigrid Eldh  not set 
05.12.16  Detektion av kolbana i solida material till hgspnningskomponenter.  Denny berg 
05.11.01  Analyse and classify capnography time series by artificial intelligence methods  Markus Nilsson 
05.10.31  Utveckling och implementering av motor- och ntmodell  Joop Lundqvist 
05.10.26  Buildning an e-commerce system  Ivica Crnkovic 
05.10.12  Exekveringstidsanalys av taskorienterad kod fr fordon  Bjrn Lisper 
05.10.12  Guaranteeing performance properties of an real-time industry application  Christer Sandberg 
05.10.11  Omgngsbaserat strategispel med en AI-klient  Martin Skogevall 
05.10.07  Cognitive Profiling for Efficient Interactive Learning  Peter Funk 
05.10.07  Cognitive Profiling for Efficient Interactive Learning  Peter Funk 
05.10.06  Integrating an event detection algebra in C#  Jan Carlson 
05.09.30  Ray Tracing on a FPGA  Thomas Larsson 
05.09.20  Portning av ett WCET verktyg till Hitachi H8 och Lego Mindstorms  Andreas Ermedahl 
05.09.01  Abstrakt interpretering med avancerade numeriska domner  Bjrn Lisper 
05.09.01  Diagnostics Data Collection and Analysis - Improving an Industrial Problem Resolution Process  Rikard Land 
05.08.18  Utvrdering av Metoder fr Dynamisk Tidsanalys fr CC-Systems AB  Andreas Ermedahl 
05.08.18  Utvrdering av Statisk Tidsanalys fr CC-Systems AB  Andreas Ermedahl 
05.08.17  Flervgs dataanalysator fr seriell data  Jan Carlson 
05.08.02  Automatisering av en svetsprocess  Ingemar Reyier 
05.06.31  Universal Telematics Gateway I TWAG Light  Thomas Nolte 
05.06.30  Utveckl ing av databasappl ikation fr mngdning av material i Utveckling av databasapplikation fr mngdning av material i sprvgsanlggningar  Mohammed El Shobaki 
05.06.26  Component-Based Repository  Frank Lders 
05.06.22  Alarms and events in WS500  Daniel Flemstrm 
05.06.22  Flexible Scheduling for Control Jitter Marigin  Damir Isovic 
05.06.13  Datainsamlingskort fr anslutning till USB  Lennart Lindh 
05.06.02  Survey of Device Driver Management in Real-Time Operating Systems  Peter Nygren 
05.05.27  DuPaD: A dual-paradigm drawing tool  Thomas Larsson 
05.05.18  FunGu - Portal fr mobila applikationer  Mohammed El Shobaki 
05.05.02  Personlig integritet och vervakning p arbetsplatsen   Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic 
05.05.01  Utvrdering av Statisk Tidsanalys fr ett kommersiellt Real-Time operativ System  Andreas Ermedahl 
05.04.07  Grafiskt verktyg fr service av diskmaskiner fr professionella kk  Dan Levin 
05.04.01  Testning av simulatorer for undervisning i formella sprk och automatateori  Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic  B/A 
05.02.28  Design och implementation av en databas fr sm inbyggda realtidssystem  Dag Nystrm 
05.02.11  Filsystem till massminne i rymden  Daniel Sundmark 
05.01.19  The Ethics and Professional Issues of Safety-Critical Embedded Systems  Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic 
05.01.19  Healthmonitoring with a SonyEricson, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G sensors,...  Jonas Neander 
04.12.21  Analys och evaluering av metoden Software Quality Rank p Komponent (unit) test  Sigrid Eldh 
04.11.30  Utveckling av styrsystem till lngtidstest fr vrmetrd  Mohammed El Shobaki 
04.11.04  Global Mobil Minaret - Mobil Javaapplikation fr berkning av muslimska bnetider  Mohammed El Shobaki 
04.10.31  Kunddatabas med fakturering  Frank Lders 
04.10.16  Fallbaserat resonerande  Peter Funk 
04.09.02  Design and Implementation of a Component Technology for Embedded Real-Time Systems  Mikael kerholm 
04.09.01  Utvrdering av Statisk Tidsanalys fr Volcano Communications Technologies AB  Andreas Ermedahl 
04.06.24  Statisk analys av beroenden i multi-trdade realtidssystem  Anders Pettersson 
04.06.21  Evaluering och versikt av testmetoder och dess lmplighet i olika realtidssystem  Sigrid Eldh  B/A 
04.06.21  Utvrdering av ett antal testverktyg i praktiken, samt en utvrderingsmodell  Sigrid Eldh  B/A 
04.05.30  Utredning av styrsystem p modern brandbil  Johan Furuns-kesson 
04.05.17  Geststyrning med Senseboard fr Sblings-grnssnitt  Rikard Lindell 
04.05.10  Implementering av databassystem fr lbryggeri  Raimo Haukilahti 
04.05.09  Navigeringshjlp i stormarknad med PDA  Rikard Lindell 
04.05.09  Navigeringshjlp i stormarknad med PDA  Rikard Lindell 
04.04.30  Flexibelt positioneringssystem fr konsumentelektronik  Thomas Nolte 
04.04.26  Ultrasnabb realtidsaccelerator till uCOS.  Lennart Lindh  B/A 
04.04.26  Biometri fr verifiering av identitet  Johan Strner 
04.04.21  Utvrdering av olika testfrbttringar  Sigrid Eldh  B/A 
04.03.15  Meddelandeservice i Asterix  Anders Pettersson 
04.02.15  Fallskrmsmanifesteringsprogram  Dag Nystrm 
04.01.28  Utveckling av objektorienterad tracker till ABBs automationssystem 800xA  Frank Lders 
03.12.24  Self Power Supplying Sensors  Jonas Neander 
03.12.01  Fallbaserad feldiagnos av robotar  Peter Funk 
03.11.26  USB anslutet I/O kort till PC datorn  Lennart Lindh 
03.11.25  Tredimensionell processgrafik  Daniel Flemstrm 
03.09.24  RealWebCares  Lennart Lindh  not set 
03.09.01  Internet till sm Inbyggda Enkapsel System.  Lennart Lindh  B/A 
03.08.19  Konfigureringsverktyg till modem  Jonas Neander 
03.08.01  Pomperipossa - CAD-std fr ovana anvndare  Rikard Lindell 
03.07.01  Enabling distributed simulation using an extensive miiddleware Web service component  Ivica Crnkovic 
03.06.22  Utvrdering av Java Message Service (JMS)  Ivica Crnkovic 
03.06.05  Intelligenta Agenter  Peter Funk 
03.06.02  Using voice to control and supervise processes in a wireless environment  Gerhard Fohler  not set 
03.06.01  Kodgenerering   Christer Sandberg 
03.05.30  YODA  Rikard Lindell 
03.05.23  Industrial Ethernet - EtherNet/IP   Thomas Nolte 
03.04.09  Benchmarking of memory allocation. Hardware vs. software   Lennart Lindh 
03.03.18  Real-Time systems and Real-Time systems and functional test of hardware OS accelerator   Lennart Lindh  not set 
03.03.12  USB drivare i VHDL fr inbyggda system  Lennart Lindh 
03.03.01  Operating Systems for Symmetric Multiprocessors   
03.02.15  Implementation av en Databas i ett hrt realtidssystem  Dag Nystrm 
03.01.08  Mjukvarugenererade profiler fr implementering av mtinstrument i ABB-QMS   Rikard Land 
02.03.14  On-line Simulations - Advanced Web-enabled Services  Johan Strner 
02.12.13  Minneskrockar vid parallellexekvering (Ericsson)  Bjrn Lisper 
02.12.05  Energy modeling of Portable Embedded Systems  Raimo Haukilahti 
02.11.15  Utvrdering av Xserve i JAS flygsimulator   Kristian Sandstrm 
02.09.30  Virtual Experience  Rikard Lindell 
02.09.27  Formell semantik fr hndelsestyrda sprk (p Ericsson)   Bjrn Lisper 
02.09.18  Real-Time Operating System for a Video-on-Demand Server  Mats Bjrkman 
02.09.13  Visual adaptive web-shopping using personalization techniques Visual adaptive web-shoping using personalization techniques  Peter Funk 
02.09.10  Implementation of a terrain navigation correlator for an underwater vehicle in a FPGA  Lennart Lindh 
02.09.06  Tidrapporteringssystem  Mohammed El Shobaki 
02.09.01  Implementation of a Simple Object Broker for Distributed Real-Time Systems   
02.08.31  Timing analysis of a robot controller  Anders Wall 
02.08.29  USB/CAN brygga i VHDL  Johan Furuns-kesson 
02.08.29  IP Interconnection - att bygga system med komponenter -  Lennart Lindh 
02.08.27  Att Skriva Effektiv C-kod till en real-tids krn  Lennart Lindh 
02.08.27  Prestanda Optimering av ett Avancerat System i en FPGA  Lennart Lindh  B/A 
02.08.20  Implementationsanalys av databaser i inbyggda system  Dag Nystrm 
02.07.20  gPROMS Dimensional Inference  Mikael Sandberg 
02.07.01  Occlusion Culling in Interactive Graphics Applications  Thomas Larsson 
02.07.01  Java-baserad mobiltelefon som telefonist/call-center-funktion.  Mats Bjrkman 
02.06.26  Simulering av fjrrstyrningsenheter  Filip Sebek 
02.06.21  Operatrslarm med WAP  Rikard Lindell 
02.06.16  Intelligenta egenskaper fr patientinformationssystem  Peter Funk 
02.06.14  Configurable Internet Services for Schedule Visualization  Damir Isovic 
02.06.12  Eliminering av variabler som ej pverkar kontrollfldet  Jan Gustafsson 
02.06.10  Analysis of methodology to share and distribute information from the PDM-system at Seco Tools AB  Rikard Land 
02.05.03  Migrating from COM to .NET  Frank Lders 
02.04.28  Slutanvndartjnster ver GPRS  Filip Sebek 
02.04.26  SDK Professional - Integrerad Utvecklingsmilj fr SYSA-Processorn  Mohammed El Shobaki 
02.04.21  Databashantering av Robotkonfigurationsdata  Dag Nystrm 
02.04.17  Windowsprogrammering av anvndargrnssnitt  Anders Wall 
02.04.15  Effektanalys av hrdvarubaserad realtidskrna  Raimo Haukilahti 
02.04.11  Optimal design  Jukka Mki-Turja 
02.03.29  Anpassning av GDB (GNU Debugger) fr en PowerPC-750 kortdator  Mohammed El Shobaki 
02.02.14  Aperiodic, Non preemptive Scheduling  Tomas Lennvall 
02.02.07  RT network scheduling  Tomas Lennvall 
02.02.04  Ett intranetbaserat system fr dokumentationshantering  Jan Carlson 
02.01.19  Conference Announcement Information System  Ivica Crnkovic 
02.01.13  Visual Programming - Simplified online programming of arcwelding robots  Rikard Lindell 
01.12.20  Anvndning av en IP-CPU i en FPGA fr ett digitalt ingngskort.   
01.12.20  Simulering av algoritmer och funktioner fr linjeskydd via internet  Anders Wall 
01.12.15  Memoryhandler in SOC/PCB  Lennart Lindh  B/A 
01.11.30  In-Circuit Emulator fr uSYSA-processorn   
01.11.09  Webbaserat bokningssystem  Kristian Sandstrm 
01.11.09  Databashantering samt utveckling av HMI till brytare  Roger Jonsson 
01.11.09  Industrial IT - OLE for Process Control for testing in Graphics Builder  Ivica Crnkovic 
01.10.19  Databaslagring av bildregister  Boel Almr 
01.10.15  Client for OPC History Data Access  Frank Lders 
01.09.14  Ett konverteringsverktyg fr konvertering av anlggningsdata till modelldata  Boel Almr 
01.09.12  Jmfrelse mellan Realtids Operativ system i hrdvara och mjukvara (SYMO)  Lennart Lindh 
01.09.10  Mtning av dataflden i ett SCADA-system  Gunilla Eken 
01.09.07  Analys av prestandametoder  Roger Jonsson 
01.09.01  Heuristic methods for routing and scheduling  Peter Funk 
01.09.01  Frenklad 3D Modellering  Thomas Larsson 
01.09.01  Utveckling av system med CPU-krnor i FPGA-kretsar.  Filip Sebek 
01.09  Internet Security(IPSec) in a real time application environment  Peter Funk  B/A 
01.08.31  Svarstidsberkning, Prioritets Tilldelning och Holistisk Schemalggning med Heltalsprogrammeringsmetoder  Bjrn Lisper 
01.08.31  ActiveX-Komponent till MACH2 HMI  Gunilla Eken 
01.08.31  Design methods and automatic code generation from real-time workshop in Mathlab  Christer Norstrm 
01.08.29  Konstruktion av sexbent autonom robot   
01.08.28  Visualiseringsverktyg fr ortopediskaoperationer  Thomas Larsson 
01.08.24  Web-baserat on-line interface mellan processbild och serverapplikation i form av en processimuleringsmodell  Andreas Sjgren 
01.08.23  Monitoring av systemlast  Lennart Lindh  B/A 
01.08.23  TDS Config Tool  Rikard Lindell 
01.08.20  Verifiering av Simuleringsresultat  Mikael Sandberg 
01.08.18  Artificial Intelligence for analysis and diagnostics in medical systems.  Peter Funk 
01.08.15  Utveckling av Web-service  Ivica Crnkovic 
01.07.03  Kodgenerering med MATLAB, Real Time Workshop  Kristian Sandstrm 
01.07.01  Subdivision Surfaces  Thomas Larsson 
01.06.28  Dynamic RT scheduling on windows NT  Tomas Lennvall 
01.06.28  Issues on the MidART Middleware for Mobile Devices on Wireless Networks  Tomas Lennvall 
01.06.26  Flexible network scheduling  Tomas Lennvall 
01.06.22  Panelbyggare fr Operate IT  sa Lundkvist 
01.06.20  Automatiserad byggprocess av komponenter med olika sprk  Ivica Crnkovic 
01.06.18  Driftsttning av ett distribuerat styrsystem p hrdvara  Christer Sandberg 
01.06.15  Kryptering i Realtid  Mohammed El Shobaki 
01.06.14  Anvndning av XML/RDF fr representation av kraftsystem modeller  Ivica Crnkovic 
01.06.06  3D-Visualisering av radarsystem  Rikard Lindell 
01.06.05  Analys av C# som det primra sprket fr .Net-plattformen  Andreas Sjgren 
01.06.01  MRTOS - Modular Real Time Operating System  Christer Norstrm 
01.06.01  Videokonferenssystem ver IP - En underskning av problem, existerande produkter samt mjligheter med ppen kllkod  Damir Isovic 
01.06.01  Bulletin Board gruppmeddelandesystem  Christer Norstrm 
01.05.19  Java fr Windows CE  Roger Jonsson 
01.05.15  SoCrates - A Scalable Multiprocessor System On Chip  Lennart Lindh 
01.05.12  Analysis of the ABB Sigma Platform and Microsoft standard technologies  Ivica Crnkovic 
01.05.11  Architectural Solutions in PAM  Anders Wall  not set 
01.05  Utskriftsoptimering p klientsidan fr Weblsaren Opera  Peter Funk 
01.04.01  Transaktionsstyrd mobil web-lsning  Martin Skogevall 
01.03.28  Real-Time Dynamics  Thomas Larsson 
01.03.23  Omdesign av Ozkompilatorn  Bjrn Lisper 
01.03.19  Managing Dependencies in Large Software Systems  Frank Lders 
01.03.19  Web-based workplace  Magnus Larsson 
01.03.12  Integrating ABB Aspect Directory with Microsoft Active Directory  Ivica Crnkovic 
01.03.12  Test och utvrdering av olika ORBar m.a.p. prestanda  Ivica Crnkovic 
01.03.11  Protokollstack i hrdvara  Peter Nygren 
01.02.28  Design and Benchmarking of Real-Time Multiprocessor Operating System Kernels  Lennart Lindh  B/A 
01.02.22  versttning mellan informationsmodeller  Ivica Crnkovic 
01.02.15  Sm och Enkla Operativsystem  Lennart Lindh 
01.02.14  Allocation and Scheduling via Simulated Annealing  Damir Isovic 
01.02.06  Utvrdering och testning av Rhapsody - ett modelleringsverktyg i UML  Christer Norstrm 
01.01.28  Utvrdering och prototypning av hrdvaruaccelererad grafik fr operatrsstationer i S.P.I.D.E.R.  Thomas Larsson 
01.01.17  AI och assistenter fr e-business (dynamisk individualisering/ effektivisering av kundbemtande).  Peter Funk 
00.12.08  Standardisering av e-handelsplats   Peter Funk 
00.11.15  Anvndargrnssnitt fr ActiveDirectory-tjnst  Ivica Crnkovic 
00.11.07  Improved RPH communication capacity  Lennart Lindh 
00.11.03  Custom feature i en geografisk databas  Peter Funk 
00.11.03  A look at Execution Time Analysis and Measuring Interrupt Latency   Johan Strner 
00.11.02  Metoder och tekniker fr distribuerade testklienter  Ivica Crnkovic 
00.11.01  JAM in Multi-X  Johan Strner 
00.10.27  A portable protocol stack framework for embedded systems.  Christer Norstrm 
00.10.18  Kompilator system fr integration av SQL- databas i Ada- baserat system genom ODBC  Christer Norstrm 
00.10.10  Preprocessor fr ny sats "restart statement" i PLEX-C  Peter Funk 
00.10.09  Data Field Haskell 98  Bjrn Lisper 
00.10.01  Lagring och skning av webbdokument  Filip Sebek 
00.09.30  Exekveringstidsanalys fr mjukt realtidssystem (telekommunikationssystem) frn grafanalys (kompilatordata).  Peter Funk 
00.09.28  A new design method for PID controllers   Christer Norstrm 
00.09.18  Java-COM ett alternativ i flerskiktslsningar?  Roger Jonsson 
00.09.18  GFC - Geographic FileConverter  Christer Norstrm 
00.09.05  Utnyttjande av VR-teknik inom flygsimuulering  Rikard Lindell 
00.09.01  Evaluation of Optimization Techniques in Ray Tracing  Thomas Larsson 
00.08.30  Licensserver fr flytande licenser ver ett ntverk lnk till projektsida   Magnus Larsson 
00.08.29  Hjlptexthantering med realtidskrav fr AerotechTelubs SystemDatorFunktion (SDF)  Rikard Lindell 
00.08.27  Kommunikationskomponent  Christer Norstrm 
00.08.18  Analysverktyg fr loggfiler frn brandvgg  Frank Lders 
00.08.14  Transformation of Off-line Schedules into Fixed Priority Tasks  Gerhard Fohler  not set 
00.08.06  Integration of a synthesizable DSP in a heterogenous system on chip platform.   
00.06.26  Evaluation of An Object Database for use in S.P.I.D.E.R.  Ivica Crnkovic 
00.06.20  Interaktiva 3D-objekt med Cult3D och Java   
00.06.16  Projektredovisning fr Asterix & Obelix  Henrik Thane 
00.06.15  Optimering av BSP-trd  Abdulkadir Sajeev 
00.06.14  The Analysis of Two Systematic Encoding Algorithm in Hardware  Lennart Lindh 
00.06.14  Modular Scheduling in RT Linux  Gerhard Fohler 
00.06.14  Off-line Scheduling Services for Predictably Flexible Real-Time Systems  Gerhard Fohler 
00.06.14  Non pre-emption in the context of slot shifting  Gerhard Fohler 
00.06.05  Local Interconnect Network (LIN) - Packaging and Scheduling  Christer Norstrm 
00.05.24  TCP/IP Stack, Construktion and Analysis  Lennart Lindh 
00.05.24  The Analysis of Two Systematic Encoding Algorithm in Hardware  Lennart Lindh 
00.03.31  SARA - Linux  Lennart Lindh 
00.03.20  Frstudie av installationsprogramvara  Ivica Crnkovic 
00.02.15  GRETA: a tool concept for validation and verification of signal based systems (e.g. written in PLEX)  Peter Funk 
00.02.14  Real-Time Systems in Digital Sound Generation, Processing, and Transmission  Gerhard Fohler 
00.012.3  Programvarusimulering med Teamwork, utvrdering av resultat och anvndarbarhet  Ivica Crnkovic 
.10.2015  Wide Area Motion Capture using Array of Consumer Grade Structured Light Depth Sensors  Afshin Ameri E. 
99.12.14  SoftPLC  Christer Sandberg 
99.12.14  Design av databas fr IP-nummerhantering   
99.12.14  Jmfrelse av registerallokeringsstrategister fr programmeringssprket PLEX   
99.12.14  Underskning av VR-verktyg fr Internettjnster.   
99.09.16  Graphical Design Tools for Real-Time Systems  Christer Norstrm 
99.06.14  Guaranteeing Sporadic Tasks in Static Schedules  Gerhard Fohler  not set 
99.06.14  Applying the Total Bandwidth Server in Static Schedules  Gerhard Fohler 
99.06.13  Graph Layout Using Genetic Algorithms   
99.05.15  Integration of object oriented and relational data in a process control environment  Ivica Crnkovic 
.06.2013  Intranet for project and document management  Afshin Ameri E. 
/06/2017  Event-Based Messaging Architecture for Vehicular Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms  Radu Dobrin 
6/2017  Cloud-centric software architecture for industrial product-service systems  Jan Carlson 
.10.2017  End-to-End Timing Analysis of Task-Chains  Matthias Becker 
.11.2011  Integrating Java with a Matlab environment at Studsvik Scandpower  Afshin Ameri E. 
  Trdls verfring mellan enkla noder  Lennart Lindh 
  Verifiering av VHDL Kod  Lennart Lindh 
  Analysis of the Hardware Design Space in Embedded Systems  Lennart Lindh 
  Verktygsmilj fr Hndelsebaserad vervakning av Multiprocessorsystem  Mohammed El Shobaki  B/A 
  FltGIS  Christer Norstrm 
  Fault detection of Brushless DC Motors  Lars Asplund 
  Analysverktyg fr exekveringsloggar  Johan Kraft 
  Implementering av snabb och effektiv DC-DC Omvandlare fr autonom robot  Lars Asplund 
  Wireless Sensor Networks performance in High Voltage environment  Jonas Neander  B/A 
  Thermal study on hardwarewith comparisons between physical measurements and simulations  Denny berg 
  Surveying and evaluating tools for managing processes for software-intensive systems  Peter Wallin 
  Building high-security web applications  Sasikumar Punnekkat 
  Multisensor medical device  Mikael Ekstrm 
  A Network Security Analysis of Inter-Organisation Communication from Business-Critical Systems  Mats Bjrkman 
  Induction Machine Speed Control  Mikael Ekstrm 
  On Hierarchical Scheduling in VxWorks  Moris Behnam 
  Evaluation of Weak Relations in TracFeed  Mikael Ekstrm 
  Communication Sluice  Johan Strner 
  Master Thesis: Framework for Evaluation of Test Effort in Industrial Software Development  Daniel Sundmark 
  Model-based and component-based development of embedded systems  Tomas Bures 
  Protokollanalys SAE J1708  Johan Strner 
  A Mutation Analysis Framework for Simulink Models  Eduard Paul Enoiu  B/A 
  Protection of digital designs from illegal copying  Lennart Lindh 
  Graphical Approach for Variability Management in Safety-Critical Product Lines  Stephan Baumgart 
  Validating a Software Evolvability Model and an Evolvability Analysis Method in Industrial Contexts  Hongyu Pei-Breivold 
  Development of a collision avoidance system for a videoconferencing robot  Lars Asplund 
  Modular relay control  Mikael Ekstrm 
  Intelligent battery charger  Mikael Ekstrm 
  Implementering av slicing i SWEET mot ALF-kod  Jan Gustafsson  B/A 
  Cachningsramverk med minnesdatabas  Linus Kllberg 
  Development of a talker localization system for a verbally interactive robot  Lars Asplund 
  A case study on Heart Rate Variability and Finger Temperature to use it in a stress diagnosis system  Shahina Begum 
  The Internal Workings of Video Game Consoles: The GameBoy  Linus Kllberg 
  Implementation of UAV design into CAD  Gustaf Enebog 
  An Advanced High-Temperature Measurement Technology by the Optical Fiber Thermometer  Giacomo Spampinato 
  Centraliserad styrning av tkomstlistor  Hans Bjurgren 
  Development and evaluation of a Kinect based Bin-Picking system  Giacomo Spampinato 
  Planar Robot Arm Modelling and Control  Giacomo Spampinato 
  Framtagning av portabel patientlyft.  Lars Bark 
  Implementation of the Virtual Clustered-based Multiprocessor Scheduling in the Linux Kernel  Nima Khalilzad 
  Cache-Partitioning for COTS Multi-core Architecture  Rafia Inam 
  Dynamic Load Generator: Synthesising dynamic hardware load characteristics  Moris Behnam 
  Optimizing RPL objective function for mobile low-power wireless networks  Hossein Fotouhi 
  Investigating methods for measuring network convergence times  Mohammad Ashjaei 
  Evaluation of monitoring systems and processes  Hossein Fotouhi 
  On the Complexity Measurement of Industrial Control Software  Eduard Paul Enoiu 
  Comparative evaluation of virtualisation technologies in cloud  Alessandro Papadopoulos  B/A 
  Using NLP and context for improved search result in specialized search engines  Peter Funk 
  Testing of Industrial Control Software: A Systematic Mapping Study  Eduard Paul Enoiu  B/A 
  Modelling and Analysing Collaborating Heavy Machines  Marjan Sirjani 

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