Bachelor and Master Theses

The initialisation phase

2.1 The initialisation phase

Students are expected to start working on their thesis work immediately when the course instance starts to fit the 10 weeks or 20 week timeframe of a thesis work. Accordingly, all students wanting to do a thesis work in the spring semester must have an approved thesis proposal by the day the course instance starts.

The initialisation phase is thus an important and mandatory phase of the thesis work. During this phase, students must find the thesis topic they will be working on. Several opportunities are available to the students to find a thesis topic as described in Section 2.1.1. Additionally, IDT organises an “opening event” that students are advised to attend. During this event, explanations concerning the thesis process will be provided and the students get an opportunity to mingle with companies which are interested in proposing a thesis. Read the Opening Event Section 2.1.3 for details.

Students are expected to look and find a thesis proposal during the period starting from the opening event up to the application to start deadline See Important Dates to find the corresponding dates.

2.1.1 Looking for a topic

To find an interesting thesis topic, students can:

If the proposal does not already have a supervisor and examiner appointed to it (i.e. for company theses, theses done abroad and self-defined theses), it is the student’s responsibility to find a supervisor at IDT. A list of available supervisors for the upcoming course instance with their preferred topics can be found on the website in list of available supervisors webpage. Students must talk to the wanted supervisor in good time to make sure that:

  1. (s)he is still available,
  2. (s)he want to be supervisor for this work, and
  3. the proposal is suitable for a thesis work.

Frequently, the supervisor will recommend that the content of the proposal must be refined.

In case of theses with multiple partners (company theses or theses done abroad), it is important that all the persons involved in the proposal take part in the discussions on how to improve the content of the proposal. Examples of persons to include in the discussion are: the supervisor at the company, the supervisor at the host university, the supervisor at IDT, etc.


<NEW FOR VT 2016 >

For students in Thesis in Aeronautics 15.0 credits , Thesis for the Degree of Bachelor in Computer Science 15.0 credits , Thesis for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Computer Network Engineering 15.0 credits and Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science in Engineering - Robotics 30.0 credits

Before October 15, 2015, students must pre-register for the course on applying through Below, you can find the application code for your program:

  • MDH-14098 Thesis for the Degree of Bachelor in Computer Science 15.0 credits
  • MDH-14099 Thesis for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Computer Network Engineering 15.0 credits
  • MDH-14106 Thesis for the Degree of Master of Science in Engineering - Robotics 30.0 credits

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Other students

This is not needed for the other programs.

2.1.3 The “Opening Event”

The “opening event” is a half-day event to help students establishing contacts with companies for the purpose of doing a thesis work in a more industrial setting. The event focuses on undergraduate theses only and will provide:

  • A short introductory lecture on “Doing an undergraduate thesis at IDT”. During this lecture, students will receive a brief information on what is a thesis, the thesis process, rules and regulations, and gets pointers to useful resources for the course (information website, list of proposals, list of available supervisors and examiners, guidelines, etc. ).
  • Mingle with companies that will have possible project proposals.

For the students, the event is a chance to meet companies that they could be interested to work for in the future. Doing a thesis work for that company provides a good opportunity to establish a first contact and a first good impression (providing they are happy with the work).

The “Opening Event” is scheduled for the end of October. The exact date can be found in the Important Dates)

It is highly recommended that students attend this event. If a student cannot attend the event, it is his/her responsibility to obtain the information that has been provided during the day.

2.1.4 Applying to start


Before applying to start working on a thesis, students must first make sure they have:

  1. A complete thesis proposal (See FAQ - What do I need in my proposal?).
  2. A supervisor at the company (for company thesis only).
  3. A supervisor at a host university (for theses done with another university).
  4. If you have an IDT supervisor and/or examiner, you must have received a favorable mention from them to submit the proposal. (Note that this last point is only for helping; it does not necessarily guarantee that the proposal will be approved by the evaluation committee).

Students coming here to do a thesis (i.e. who do not take any other course than a thesis) should first contact the thesis coordinator before submitting an application.

Applying online

If the prerequisites are all satisfied, students can apply to start by filling the Online Form.


  1. After submitting the form, you will get a confirmation email. You must follow the instructions in the email to complete the process. If you do not, your application to start will not be processed.
  2. If you do not received a confirmation email, try again and pay attention to the data you enter
  3. For other problems, you can email the thesis coordinator.
  4. If this still does not work or the website is down, you can still apply with the following instructions: how to apply by email.

Also note all application must be submitted by the submission deadline that can be found in Important Dates) This is a hard deadline which means that if an application is submitted after the deadline, it will not be considered for approval. Students who submit their application late will not be allowed to start in this course instance; they will have to wait until the next course instance for their application to be evaluated. Also note that the submission website closes automatically after the deadline.

Outcomes of the application

After the deadline, all the applications are collected and submitted to an evaluation committee. The committee consists of the thesis coordinator, the study counsellor, a few examiners, the different program coordinators and the international coordinator. The committee will check that everything is in place to start the thesis work: for example, student’s prerequisites for the course will be checked, the topic of the proposal is in line with the program the student is enrolled in, etc. Different outcomes may arise:

  1. The application is approved. Students with an approved application will be registered in Ladok as taking the corresponding course and can start to work on their thesis.
  2. The application contains minor problems. If there are minor problems with the application, the thesis coordinator will ask the student for additional information or to make some changes before being allowed to start.
  3. If there are major problems with the application and/or the student does not satisfy the prerequisites to start the course. The student will not be allowed to start working on the proposed thesis work.
  4. If there are major problems with the application but the student does satisfy the prerequisites to start the course. The student will have the option to select one of the in-house proposals to work with. If the student declines this option, (s)he will have to wait until the next course instance to submit a new application to start.

For application without a pre-assigned examiner (e.g. company thesis, self-defined thesis, thesis done abroad), the examiner will be assigned by the evaluation committee (providing that the application is approved).

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