Bachelor and Master Theses

Presenting the work

Presenting the work

Every thesis work must be orally presented at one of the scheduled presentation days. The upcoming dates for the presentation days can be found in Important Dates). The presentation of the the work consists of two phases:
  1. the presentation itself, and
  2. the defense.

During the presentation, students shall present an overview of what they have achieved during their work. During the defense, they will have to answer questions from the opponents (if there is any assigned to the thesis), the examination committee and the audience. The subsections below provide details on each of these parts.


To be allowed to present their work, students must have submitted the final version of their report for examination on time. Students who have missed the deadline will not be allowed to present their work at the presentation days right after the submission date they missed. They will have to wait to present to the next examination period. See the section 2.3.1 on submitting the report for examination. Students whose reports are of too low level might also get removed from the presentation schedule.

How to sign-up

If the prerequisites for presenting are all satisfied, students can sign-up to present by sending an email to the thesis coordinator. The deadline to sign-up for presentation is the same as the report submission. See Important Dates.

Important 1. The data contained in this email will be used for the final data registration so it is important that the data are correct.

Important 2. A link to a thesis database entry is mandatory for the presentation sign-up. The database entry should be updated and include the final version of the report. Students should discuss with and provide infomation to their supervisor for updating the database entry.

Important 3. Students who have some constraints (date, time, skype) must contact the thesis coordinator latest the day after submitting the report for examination. The constraints must be motivated. We will try to take the constraints into consideration when making the presentation schedule. However, keep in mind that it is not always possible to satisfy all the constraints for everyone.

The presentation sign-up email must have:

  1. For subject: [CourseCode] PRESENTATION SIGN-UP, where CourseCode is the actual course code for the thesis work.
  2. For content: all the necessary information detailed in Table 2.2. They must be written in plain text inside the mail (not in an attached file, not as an image).
  3. For recipient: the thesis coordinator at
  4. For CC: your supervisor and examiner.

Thesis data

  • Course code
  • Final title of the thesis in English (mandatory for all)
  • Final title of the thesis in Swedish (for theses that are written in Swedish)
  • Supervisor(s) at IDT
  • Examiner at IDT
  • Link to the thesis in the report database at IDT (if you don’t know, ask your supervisor)
  • Abstract - preferably both English and Swedish

Student data — 1 per student

  • Student name
  • StudentId (e.g. xxx11111)
  • Personal number
  • Email (preferably the mdh email address -

Constraints for the presentation

  • Date, time, skype, etc.
  • Justifications

Table 2.2: Required data for the presentation sign-up

The presentation (20min for theses at basic level - 30min for thesis at advanced level)

Theses at advanced levels (DVA429, DVA430, DVA423, DVA424, DVA504, DVA503, DVA501, DVA502) must be presented in English. Theses at basic level (DVA 331, DVA330, FLA302) can be either presented in Swedish or English according to the student’s own preference. As a rule of thumb, if the report is written in Swedish (resp. English), the presentation is generally done in Swedish (resp. English).

Theses at basic levels are allocated a maximum of 20min whereas theses at advanced level are scheduled for 30min. In addition, given that the presentation schedule is tight (i.e. there are only 5 minutes in between two presentations), it is important that students:

  • Manage their time. If the time is up, the presentation will be interrupted (finished or not) by the thesis coordinator. However, the thesis coordinator will annonce when time is about to be running out (around 4 minutes before the end), so there is enough time to wrap up the presentation.
  • Rehearsed their presentation. Presentation seems easy but it is not. Students must decide what are the important part of the work and how to present it so that the audience will understand what was the problem and how it has been solved. Also rehearsing allow to know whether one presentation fits the allocated amount of time.
  • Are prepared for the worse. Technics will fail at the most unexpected moment. If a demo is planned, it shall be expected that something that was working before will not exactly during the presentation. Examples of backup plan include: preparing a video of the demo, screenshots, etc.

Last but not least, students are expected to bring their own laptop to the thesis presentation. The thesis coordinator will help with setting up the laptop with the projector.

The defense (10min for theses at basic level - 15min for theses at advanced level)

The oral presentation is followed by the defense. The defense is scheduled for 10min for theses at basic levels and 15min for the advanced one. During the defense, students will have to answer questions regarding their work. First, the opponents will ask questions, then they will be followed by questions from the examination committee. If there is some time left for questions, members of audience can then also ask questions about the work.

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