Bachelor and Master Theses

The “planning and status” seminar

The “planning and status” seminar

Two weeks into the course for theses starting in Spring Period 2 (respectively 3 weeks for theses starting in Spring Period 1), the “planning and status” seminars will be held. The students will be divided into groups and assigned to a seminar. Students working in pairs will be in the same seminar. The list of the groups will be published on the thesis website around a week before the seminar. To prepare for this seminar, students are expected to write a report describing the background and motivations for the work, the problem, the method that will be used to solve the problem, the expected outcomes and the time plan. If done properly, parts of this work can be directly included in the final report of the thesis. Students should use the report template

The report must be emailed to the supervisor at IDT, the examiner and the thesis coordinator (see how to submit the planning and status report). The reports will also be distributed to the students of the corresponding seminar.

The seminar itself consists of two parts:

  • A 5-10min PowerPoint presentation. The presentation shall give an overview of the report.
  • A discussion of the works in a review sessions.

Each seminar will be held by one of the senior researchers at IDT and one of the student in each seminar will be selected to write the minute notes of the review sessions. The notes will be emailed to the thesis coordinator, every students in the seminar and to their supervisor and examiners. The minutes shall be sent within maximum 2 days (i.e. latest on the Friday of the seminar week).

See Important Dates for the exact dates for submitting the report and the seminar.

What is the difference between the proposal I submitted and the report for the status and planning seminar? Shall I submit again my proposal?
The status and planning report is NOT the same as the proposal for the application to start. A significant part of the report must be dedicated to a well-written background section (i.e. you must describe all the concepts and all pieces of information that a reader will need to place your work in a context and understand it). Another significant part of this report must be about formulating the problem and explaining what you will be researching. Finally, the last important part is that you must have a method section where you describe what a method you are planning to use to solve your problem and why. You are expecting to provide a justification of why you plan to use a given method.

As usual, it is difficult to set a min-max page limit for the report. However, you should attempt to write 5-10 pages on your report for 15-credits theses fulltime, and 10-15pages for 15-credits theses at half-time pace and for the 30-credits theses. (This count excludes the cover page, table of contents). The report must be written according to the official template:˙forStudents. Basically, if done right, this should be viewed as the first draft of the first chapters of your final thesis report. You might also want to include abstract and introduction to get early feedbacks on it.

How to submit the “planning and status” report

The report must be emailed to the supervisor at IDT, the examiner and the thesis coordinator, with “[CourseCode] Planning and status report” as subject for the mail (where CourseCode is the actual course code of the thesis work.

Review session procedure

  1. Assign a student to take the minutes of the session.
  2. Write the name of the participants.
  3. Discuss each thesis work (report and presentation)
  4. For each thesis, identify good points, weak points, propose area of improvements and reflect on the actual planned work (e.g., any risks with the proposed scope and planned method? Anything that could be done differently? etc.)
  5. Notes should be emailed to the thesis coordinator, every students in the seminar, their IDT supervisor and the examiner – latest on the Friday after the seminar.

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