Bachelor and Master Theses

Doing the opponentship

Doing the opponentship

The opponentship part of the examination is mandatory for all students doing a thesis at advanced levels (DVA429, DVA430, DVA428, DVA423, DVA424, DVA504, DVA501, DVA503, DVA502 ). Students at basic level (DVA331, DVA330, FLA302) shall not participate in the opponentship. Further, it is an individual assignment, which implies that even if students have worked in pair on their own thesis work, they cannot work together on the opponentship. Simply this can be understood as “1 student - 1 opponentship”.

Opponentship means that students are expected to read, understand and use critical thinking to discuss in a constructive way another thesis work in the same domain.

How to sign-up

After the report submission deadline, a list of thesis available for opponentship will be put on the website in the  Presentation Schedule. Students who need to do their opponentship can select a thesis from this list. It is important that the thesis is, preferably, in the same domain (i.e. course code) as the student’s own thesis work. Students sign-up for opponentship by sending an email to the thesis coordinator with:
  • “OPPONENTSHIP SIGN-UP” as the subject of the email
  • the data concerning the thesis they have selected in the body of the email (course code, title of the thesis, student name(s), supervisor name, examiner name)
  • their own data (student name, studentId, student email, course code for their own work)

In order to accomodate everyone during the allocated question times, the number of slots available for opponentship per thesis is limited. Accordingly, opponentship requests are treated on a first-comes, first-serves basis.

What is expected

Once students receive the confirmation from the thesis coordinator that they can be opponent on the requested thesis, they shall request the final version of the report to the thesis examiner, the IDT supervisor or directly to the student. Once they have read, understood and analysed the work, they have to submit an opponentship report to the supervisor of the thesis they are opponent to. The deadline to submit the opponentship report is always set to the Tuesday before the presentation days. After that, students must attend the corresponding thesis presentation and actively participate in the question phases. They must ask relevant questions and give constructive feedbacks to the students presenting their thesis.

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