Bachelor and Master Theses

Schedule for the status and planning seminars

Schedule for the status and planning seminars

ACADEMIC YEAR 2018/2019 --- September 26, 2018

Time and rooms are subject to modifications. Please check again closer to the deadline.

Session 1- Room:TBA, 13.15-14.45

    Session chair: Raluca Marinescu
    • Jacob Lind - "Justerbar Multi-Element Vinge För Sportbilar"
    • Dlovan Ali Amin and Jack Sabri Shasho - "Utveckling av nya landnings system och deras effekt på mindre flygplatser from olika processperspektiv, underhåll, kostnader osv."
    • Jimmy Norling and Subaharan Kailayanathan - "Admission Control in A Heterogenous Software Defined Network"
    • Ashraf Hamadi - "Evaluating home network vulnerability using Kali Linux"
    • Benjamin Heravi - "State-Of-The-Art on eHealth@home System Architectures"

Session 2- The room and the time will be added later

    Session chair: TBA
    • Andy Nadheer Polus
    • Fredrik Julin - "Facial emotion detection using deep learning"
    • Erik Boström - "Applying machine-learning to identify drivers"
    • Syed Usman Asghar - "Incorporating Security in Service Level Agreements"

ACADEMIC YEAR 2017/2018 --- April 11, 2018

Time and rooms are subject to modifications. Please check again closer to the deadline.

Session 1- Room U2-145, 8:15-10:00

    Session chair: Miguel Leon Ortiz
    • Pontus Wedén and Rickard Lundberg - "AR som instruktionsbok för industriellt underhåll" "
    • Dara Ahmadi and Vadim Panin - "Collaborative sketching in a shared digital space"
    • Aleksandra Ciesielska - "Responsive design - an explorative analysis from an aesthetic, functional and technical perspective"
    • Samuel Bodin and Joel Södermann - "Type-directed randomized program generation for imperative programming languages"
    • André Caldegren - "Predicting the Future of the Cryptocurrency A, Based on Market History and Bitcoin"

Session 2- Room U2-145, 10:15-12:00

    Session chair: Jakob Danielsson
    • William Achrenius and Martin Bergman Törnkvist - "GRAPH GENERATION ALGORITHMS FOR THE GRADE DECISION CANVAS" "
    • Mustafa Husein - "A type-inferencing mechanism for automatically detecting variable types in system requirements specification"
    • Fredrik Jonsson - "Application of Adaptive Autonomous Agents in Software Testing"
    • Janne Suuronen and Jawid Nasiri - "Controlling cache partition sizes to optimize application reliability"
    • Ida Nyblad and Christina Ahrén - "Load Balancing Workloads Through DRAM Bank Partitioning"

Session 3- Room U2-145, 13:15-15:00

    Session chair: Raluca Marinescu
    • Emil Orefors and Nouri Issaki - "Using AI and Statistics on Structured Electronic Patient Records for Clinical Decision Support System"
    • Davi Ajmaya and Dennis Eklund - "Machine learning based pedestrian event monitoring using IMU and GPS"
    • Carl Larsson - "Case representation methodology for a scalable Case-Based Reasoning"

Session 4- Room U2-145, 15:15-16:00

    Session chair: Raluca Marinescu
    • Ahmed Karic and Ivan Loncar - "Battery Sensory Data Compression for Narrow Bandwidth IoT Protocols - An Investigation" "
    • Vildan Zivojevic - "Exploring isolation of hardware resources using hypervisors"

ACADEMIC YEAR 2017/2018 --- February 7, 2018

Time and rooms are subject to modifications. Please check again closer to the deadline.

Session 1- Room R1-131, 13:15-15:00

    Session chair: Jakob Danielsson
    • Samuel Castro Inostroza - "Arlanda flygplatskapacitet jämfört med "The Endless Runway" "
    • Carl Lundberg - "Whitebox solutions for small office networks- a performance comparison"
    • Don Somboon and Viktor Wachsmann - "Jämförelse av ett traditionellt nätverk och två SDA-lösningar "
    • Henrik Johansson and Joakim Blomgren - "Whitebox lösningar i nätverksmiljö"
    • Johan Hanna - "Säkerhetsbrister i katalogtjänster: En studie om hur åtkomstprinciper kan skyddas i högriskmiljöer"
    • Mattias Lööf - "Morgondagens nätverksadministratör"

Session 2 - Room R1-122, 13:15-15:00

    Session chair: Mohammad Ashjaei
    • Aymen Ramadan Yassen Al-Ramadan - "Evaluating Bluetooth Radio for Physiological Monitoring"
    • Fabian Nilsson - "Design and evaluate an SDN-based wireless network"
    • Rasmus Gyldén - "Verifying compliance with IEC 61375"
    • Johan Vu and Hoang Son Kastari - "Investigate the Functionalities of Software-Defined Networking"
    • Albin Fahlström and Victor Henriksson - "Intrusion detection in Mälarenergi's process network"
    • Mathias Granlund and Christoffer Hoppe - "Evaluating the functionality of an Industrial Internet of Things system in the Fog and the Cloud"

Session 3 - Room R1-142, 13:15-15:00

    Session chair: Eduard Paul Enoiu
    • Sidorela Suli - "On the Use of Model-Based Testing for Developing Industrial Train Control Software"
    • Stefan Bogicevic - "Modeling Product Line Variability in the Rail Vehicle Domain"
    • Bora Lamce - "Evaluating a practical tool for software fault prediction"
    • Amina Krekic and Emina Smajlovic - "Consistent integration of system and software models at different level of abstractions"
    • Paolo Shestani and Vasja Çollaku - "A Formal Analysis Framework for EAST-ADL Architectural Models extended with Behavioral Specifications in Simulink"
    • Nermin Imamovic - "Test Oracle Automation with Machine Learning: A Feasibility Study"

Session 4 - Room R1-131, 15:15-17:00

    Session chair: Shaibal Barua
    • Darko Joska - "A software modeling environment based on UML for small touch devices"
    • Andreas Ljungberg - "Realtime synchronization between database model and Structured Query Language"
    • Dzana Hanic and Amer Surkovic - "An Attack Model of Autonomous Systems of Systems"
    • Kostadin Rajkovic - "Distributed case retrieval from big data using Spark platform and Case-Based Reasoning"
    • Bahareh Agha Jafari Wolde - "Systematic Mapping Study of ADAS and Autonomous Driving"

Session 5 - Room R2-121, 13:15-15:00

    Session chair: Svetlana Girs
    • Aliya Hussain - "An Evaluation of Model-based Testing in Industrial Practice: From System Modelling to Test Generation"
    • Hamza Sabljakovic and Marija Djordjevi - "A test framework implementation and evaluation in Go programming language"
    • Carl Martin Berg and Ayoub Ayoub - "Design of an Active Boom Suspension System in a Hybrid Wheel Loader"
    • Marcus Ventovaara and Arman Hasanbegovic - "Assessing Decentralisation in a Machine Automation System"
    • Alexander Karlsson - "Design and development of a wireless multipoint e-stop system for autonomous haulers"

Session 6 - Room R1-122, 15:15-17:00

    Session chair: Mohammad Loni
    • Alexander Falk and Rickard Willman - " Measuring Surface Contamination of Floors Using an Autonomous Robot"
    • Axel Forsberg - "A wavelet-based surface electromyogram feature extraction for hand gesture recognition"
    • Martin Johansson - "A reliable EEG-based robot controller for vehicle manoeuvring in a real-time scenario"
    • David Songmahadthai and Simon Norlin - "Drone Control System"
    • Elisabeth Eriksson and Per Ekström - "Redundent HIL testing framework"

Session 7 - Room R1-131, 8:15-10:00

    Session chair: Mirgita Frasheri
    • Billy Lindgren and Giancarlo Kuosmanen - "ROBOTIC WASTE BIN EMPTYING IN AN OFFICE ENVIRONMENT"
    • Josefine Gustafsson Häll - "Intelligent modeling of temporal and spatial dynamcs of grasp-and-release hand movements"
    • Fredrik Hammar - "Implementation of a test framework to evaluate hardware solutions using .NET"
    • Pontus Pettersson-Gull and Johan Johansson - "Multiple Fingered Robotic Gripper"
    • Patrik Pärlefjord - "Intelligent orange picking robot"
    • Niclas Holmqvist - "Handheld LiDAR Odometry Estimation and Mapping System"

Session 8 - Room R1-142, 15:15-17:00

    Session chair: Nils Muellner
    • Ashish Alape Vivekananda - "A Systematic Literature Review Study on Testing Digital Logic Circuits"
    • Erik Martin Campana - "Modeling of a brake-by-wire system in SUMO"
    • Albin Billman - "Object search and localization using a robot arm with an intelligent vision system"
    • Peter Charbachi and Filippo Ferrario - "Automatic Calibration of Working Hydraulics"
    • Ali Alexander Mokdad - "NAIAD PID CONTROLLER"

ACADEMIC YEAR 2017/2018 --- September 27, 2017

Time and rooms are subject to modifications. Please check again closer to the deadline.

Room: R2-302

  • 10:15-12:00
    Session chair: Per Schlund
    • Mohammad Al-asadi - "Uppvärmning och kylning av batterier för eldrivna flygplan"
    • Oscar Vestlund - "Ideal Design av en UAV"
    • Torgil Olsson - "Utveckling och framtagning av kvalitetshandbok för företag som ska producera ultralätt flygplan"
    • Abbas Heidari and Javid Sarwari - "Undersöka möjligheterna med att ersätta APU:n (Auxiliary power unit) med vätedrivna bränsleceller"
    • Liqaa Mardini and Vasilisa Stankovic - "Analys av cost index för en bättre miljö"

Room: U2-129

  • 09:15-10:30
    Session chair: Jakob Danielsson
    • Love Björk - "Securing a network 101 -A best practice on how to secure a given IT-enviroment"
    • Nahum Gebremeskel - "Performance of Interior gateway protocols in different topologies with redistribution"
    • Fredrik Köhler - "Virtualization in Multi-Hop Heterogeneous Architecture"
  • 10:30-12:00
    Session chair: Jakob Danielsson
    • Gustaf Olsson - "Comparative study of video modules using corner detection algorithms"
    • Zebastian Hansson - "Temporal similarty analysis to identify similar patientsin a clinical decision support system (CDSS)"
    • Albert Bergström - "A Survey on Developer Preference in Integrated Development Environment "
    • Richard Friedl and Erik Eriksson - "Developing Relaxing Virtual Reality Environments"
  • 13:15-15:00
    Session chair: Eduard Enoiu
    • Miraldi Fifo - "Measuring Combinatorial Coverage of Manual Testing"
    • Henrik Runge - "Mutation Analysis Framework for Simulink Models"
    • Eric Engtorp - "Testing of Industrial Control Software: A systematic mapping"
    • Christian Hurtig - "Efficient test generation through graph partitioning"
    • Kim Päivärinne - "Augmented Reality for Heavy Vehicles"

ACADEMIC YEAR 2016/2017 --- April 21, 2017

Time and rooms are subject to modifications. Please check again closer to the deadline.

Room: U2-265

  • 09:15-12:00
    Session chair: Mirko Senkovski
    • Alexander Hedberg and Carl Eliasson - "The future of simulations"
    • Maxim De-Millo - "Analysis of TCAS and the human factors role in the system"
    • Oscar Dafgård - "Airbus A320 NEO Base Maintenance Concept SAS Operations"
    • Sebastian Edén - "Analys av avisning via uppvärmda rullbanor på flygplatser"
    • Hans Uggla and Léonel Vallée - "Tillvaratagande av reservenheter och reservdelar"
    • Nariman Al-Jazea - "Sensorer för säkrare flygplansunderhåll"
    • Anmar Al-Dulaimi and Emad Al Hamrani - "Studier om procedurer och rekommendationer för Electronic Flight Bag installation i luftfartyg"
  • 13:15-15:00
    Session chair: Miguel León Ortiz
    • Charlie Kotro and Jimmy Mäkkeli - "Gamification of Language Learning"
    • Filip Lagerholm - "Identifying anonymous authors on social media through analysis of linguistic style and Artificial Intelligence"
    • Fredrik Wiberg - "AI agent as a product identifier"
    • Alexandra Hengl - "Investigating Mutual Engagement In Computer Supported Collaborative Sketching In A Distributed Environment"
  • 15:15-17:00
    Session chair: Alessdro Papadopoulos and Jakob Danielsson
    • Jonathan Larsson - "Client-side evaluation of quality of service in cloud applications"
    • Charlie Höglund - "Enterprise Architecture framework for Volvo Construction Equipment"
    • Jonatan Larsson - "Automatic Test Generation and Mutation Analysis using UPPAAL SMC"
    • André Sääf and Alvin Samuelsson - "Investigating Cache Behaviour of Feature Detecting Algorithms"
  • Room: U2-267

    • 08:30-09:30
      Session chair: Martin Ekström
      • Mattias Forsberg - "Wireless fuel pressure monitoring"
      • Marcus Graflund - "Communication with an underwater sonar"
    • 09:30-12:00
      Session chair: Nandinbaatar Tsog
      • Ali Alshiekh - "Optimising energy consumption of real-time cloud computing systems"
      • Shijie Zhu and Zhiqun Jin - "End-to-End Timing Analysis of Mixed Task-Chains"
      • Xiaoxiang Hu - "Analysis of Time-related Properties in Real-time Data Aggregation Design"
      • Yanna Shi, Lili Qi - "An Evaluation of Timing Improvementsof SLAM Algorithm Using Heterogeneous System Architecture Compliant Platform"
    • 13:15-15:00
      Session chair: Afshin Ameri
      • Josefine Helsing - "A case study in requirements on a clinical decision support system when communicating result to clinical experts"
      • Filiph Eriksson-Falk and Fredrik Frenning - "Further development of a Clinical Decision Support System for Cerebral Palsy using domain knowledge"
      • Leslie Dahlberg - "Evolutionary computation in continuous optimization and machine learning"
      • Robin Chef and Robin Eriksson - "Using ant colony optimization as pathfinding in a changing environment"
    • 15:15-17:00
      Session chair: Gabriele Capannini
      • Sebastian Lindgren - "A mobile touch-based graphical programming interface"
      • Sebastian Pettersson and Kristoffer Palfi - "Tactile aids for hearing impaired within music"
      • Martin Erkers - "Hybrid CPU/GPU ray tracing for games"
      • Erik Liljeqvist - "Evaluating a CPU/GPU Implementation for Real-Time Rendering Using Ray Tracing"
    • ACADEMIC YEAR 2016/2017 --- February 8, 2017

      Time and rooms are subject to modifications. Please check again closer to the deadline.

      Room: U2-265

      • 09:15-10:15
        Session chair: Mohammad Ashjaei
        • Albin Elnerud - "Comparison of hardware firewall functions in a network environment"
        • Klas Åkerlind - "Jumping the cloud - a digitalisation of primary schools"
        • Rasmus Edholm and Hugo Wieslander - "Improvement of LAN Environment at Office IT-Partner"
      • 10:15-11:15
        Session chairs: Adnan Causevic and Wasif Afzal
        • Albi Dode - "Effectiveness of fault prediction"
        • Antonio Anicic - "Efficient Testing of Product Variability within a Continuous Integration Process"
        • Sharvathul Hasan Ameerjan - "Predicting Execution Time of Manual Test Cases in the Safety Critical Systems"
      • 13:15-14:45
        Session chairs: Kjell-Åke Brorsson and Per Schlund
        • Icimpaye Antony - "Overall Equipment Effectiveness Mätning för Flygplan "
        • Samer Alasaadi and Jamal Rashed - "Framtida taxningen"
        • Malin Gunnarsson and Veronica Berggren - "En analys av vilka utmaningar som finns för kompositmaterial inom flygindustrin"
        • Daniel Johansson and Erik Nilsson - "Materialteknisk undersökning av komponent byggd med ARCAM-metod"
      • 14:45-15:45
        Session chairs: Jan Carlson and Eduard Paul Enoiu
        • Adnan Muslija - "Measuring Complexity of Industrial Control Systems"
        • Fizza Shams - "Data-Driven Performance Evaluation of Industrial Systems"
        • Meera Aravind - "Event-Based Messaging Architectures for Vehicular Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms"
      • 16.15-17.15
        Session chair: Antonio Cicchetti
        • Zulqarnain Haider - "Cloud computing for flatness control"
        • Andreas Granholm - "A methodology for parallelizing legacy sequential algorithms"
        • Jean Malm and Jonas Skoog - "Analysing ALF/UML through model transformation"

      Room: U2-267

      • 08:15-09:45
        Session chairs: Alessandro Papadopoulos and Raluca Marinescu
        • Dlovan Ismahil - "Investigating Fog- and Cloud-based Control Loops for Future Smart Factories "
        • Simon Blomqvist - "NetEnt Office Wireless Investigation"
        • Lukas Olsson and Marcus Johansson - "Comparative evaluation of virtualisation technologies in cloud"
        • David Arvedal - "Analysing network monitoring systems and objects for a multi-server-platform environment"
      • 09:45-11.15
        Session chairs: Stefan Löfgren and Elena Lisova
        • Edvin Andesson - "Transmission of analog voice data and Ethernet traffic through a common medium"
        • Marielle Gallardo and Jessica Berglund - "How spectrum analysis can be used as a basis for site surveys and troubleshooting of wireless networks"
        • Tony Fahlén - "Comparison of Software-defined networking protocols OpenFlow & OpFlex"
        • Claes Karlsson and Mikael Gran - "Survey of VMware NSX Virtualized Network Platform "
      • 11.15-12.15
        Session chairs: Alessandro Papadopoulos
        • Daniel Jonasson - "Supervised object recognition through deep convolutional learning and sliding windows for FPGA"
        • Johan Gärtner and Philip Johansson - "An adaptive control system for UAVs"
        • Daniel Hedlund - "Mechanical design concept for UAV project"
      • 13.15-14.15
        Session chair: Giacomo Spampinato
        • Andreas Ramberg - "Characterizing sea waves using non-standard solutions"
        • Fredrik Fischer and William Palm - " Path Control of Automated Vehicles"
        • Ahlexander Karlsson and Robert Skoglund - "Video-rate environment recognition for indoor service robot application"
      • 14.15-15.15
        Session chairs: Alessio Bucaioni and Adnan Causevic
        • Jayasoorya Jayanthi Surendran Nair - "Modelling and Analysing Collaborating Heavy Machines"
        • Shankar Iyer - "Modelling of Vehicular Embedded Systems for Multi-core"
        • Mohammad Heidari - "Runtime Verification of a PLC system: An Industrial Case Study"
      • 15.15-16.45
        Session chairs: Matthias Becker
        • Fan He - "Real-time process modelling based on big data stream learning"
        • Faruk Mustafic - "Improvement of linguistic fuzzy rule based classification systems under the MapReduce framework for imbalanced big data"
        • Lennart Eriksson - "Robust Communication in Distributed, Heterogeneous Systems"
        • Jonas Holmberg - "Offline Scheduling of Task Sets with Complex End-to-End Delay Constraints"

      Room: U2-032

      • 09:15-10.45
        Session chairs: Mirko Senkovski and Jacob Brynolf
        • Adib Amro and Billy Young Öberg Sjöstrand - "För- och nackdelar med att förlänga eller förkorta underhållsintervallet inom underhållsprogrammet"
        • Thang Duong - "Analys av potentialen för rörliga winglets på framtidens kortdistansflygplan"
        • Emil Kangas Persson - "A pilot interaction system during panic situation"

      ACADEMIC YEAR 2016/2017 --- September 28, 2016

      Time and rooms are subject to modifications. Please check again closer to the deadline.

      Room: R1-016

      • 09:15-12:00
        Main session chair: Elaine Åstrand
        Assistant session chair: Shaibal Barua
        • Ahmed Bihi - "Semantical analysis of similarity between articles"
        • Amanj Bajalan - "Intelligent system för användaranpassade information"
        • Martin Carlstedt - "Språkteknologisk analys av text för djupare förståelse "
        • Simon Palmér - "Machine Learning applied on embedded system recordings"
        • Isac Persson - "Feature selection of EEG-signal data for cognitive load"
        • Robin Andersson - "Mobile platform interface for controlling and monitoring of artificial limbs"
      • 13:15-16:00
        Main session chair: Frank Lüders
        Assistant session chair: Nesredin Mahmud
        • Axel Gunnarsson - "Användargränssnitt för att motverka utvärderingströtthet vid insamlandet av information"
        • Linus Järvelä - "Automated Transformation of Requirements from Natural Language to Formal Specification"
        • Alexander Österberg - "Taxonomi för databashanterare"
        • Oskar Palmgren - "Evaluation Of Heterogeneous System Architecture For Embedded Computer Vision Systems"
        • Pontus Magnusson - "An empirical comparison of architectural software patterns effect on system developers workflow"

      Room: R2-032

      • 09:15-12:00
        Main session chair: Hossein Fotouhi
        Assistant session chair: Maryam Vahabi
        • Björn Gärdin and Mattias Back - "Livekodning och sampling: manipulering av korn med kod"
        • Lina Juuso - "Generation of various fantasy tree types using a space colonization algorithm"
        • David Torstensson - "Indoor Positioning System using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons"
        • Chaimaa Ben Tahayekt - "A secure user authentication scheme for mobile location-based applications"
        • Ludvig Langborg - "Underwater Pose Estimation Using Sensor Fusion"
      • 13:15-16:00
        Main session chair: Severine Sentilles
        Assistant session chair: -
        • Hosam Nabhani - "Quality assurance of the controlled practice relative to jet engines at Aircraft Academy of Sweden"
        • Ioannis Kantsaporidis and Sadeq Al-Attar - "Rescue-quad"
        • Per Edlund and Nihel Mami - "Elektrisk Framdrivningssystem för Högpresterande Ultralätt Flygplan"
        • Mustafa Al-Qaysi - "Framtidenshangaren-Upptäckt, analys och Reparation"

      ACADEMIC YEAR 2015/2016 --- April 13, 2016

      Time and rooms are subject to modifications. Please check again closer to the deadline.

      Room: u2-097

      • 10:00-12:00
        Main session chair: Tommy Nygren
        Assistant session chair: Magnus Otterskog
        • Farhad Morad, Rami Najmadin - "Producing energy from the aircraft wing"
        • Lyse Nezerwe, Yasser Sabah - "Verktyg för riskanalys"
        • Reben Amin - "Tool for Risk Evaluation"

      Room: u2-032

      • 10:00-12:00
        Main session chair: Thomas Larsson
        Assistant session chair: -
        • Victoria Andersson - "Touch gestures for process graphics"
        • David Norgren - "Evaluation of a CPU/GPU hybrid real-time ray tracing solution"
        • Michael Carlie - "Ray Tracing Non-Polygonal Geometry Representations: Implementation and Performance Analysis using Embree"
        • Jakob Antonsson, Sebastian Tidare - "Digitizing for welfare"
        • Torun Billman - "What characteristics are advantageous in a first programming language?"
    • 13:00-15:00
      Main session chair: Wasif Afzal
      Assistant session chair: Nils Müllner
      • Henning Bergström - "A Study on Timed Base Choice Criteria for Testing Embedded Software"
      • Simon Eklund - "On the Use of Base Choice Strategy for Testing Industrial Control Software"
      • Peter Charbachi, Linus Eklund - "Pairwise Testing for PLC Embedded Software"
      • Sara Ericsson - "Combinatorial Modelling and Testing of PLC Software using ACTS"
  • 15:00-17:00
    Main session chair: Meng Liu
    Assistant session chair: Matthias Becker
    • Jinle Li - "Model-checking transaction properties for concurrent real-time transactions in UPPAAL"
    • Marcus Henricsson - "Interface Design for Decision Support Systems: Evaluating the User Interface of TWOSELL "
    • Nikolaos Sycofyllos - "An Empirical Exploration in the Study of Software-Related Fatal Failures"
    • Taodi Wu, Shuyang Ding - " Analyzing Real-Time Traffic in Wormhole-Switched On-Chip Networks

Room: u2-040

  • 08:00-10:00
    Main session chair: Mohammad Ashjaei
    Assistant session chair: Nils Müllner
    • Göran Davidsson - "Evaluation of a Hypervisor Performance in a Distributed Embedded System"
    • Carl Christian Åberg - "Automated Deployment of Customer-Premises Equipment"
    • Denny Höglund, Johan Söllvander - "A firewall solution for Twignets Datacenter with Juniper SRX"
    • Felipe Retamales - "Capacity planning and optimal web server configuration"
  • 10:00-12:00
    Main session chair: Svetlana Girs
    Assistant session chair: Maryam Vahabi
    • Emil Sjöström, Martin Andersson - "A comparative study of wired and wireless technologies with time constraints"
    • Oscar Sigra - "Quality of Service för Collaboration"
    • Elias Johansson - "Evaluation of prerequisites for an IPv4 to IPv6 transition"
    • Christian Nevala - "Software Defined Networking for Mobility Management in Wireless Sensor Networks"
    • Felix Heino - "Network monitoring of wireless access points"
  • 13:00-15:00
    Main session chair: Hossein Fotouh
    Assistant session chair: -
    • Niklas Sjöberg - "Performance comparison of Bluetooth low energy and ZigBee "
    • Therese Hedström, Sara Lundahl - "An analysis of a Network Operations Center"
    • Andreas Malmgren, Simon Persson - "Firewall platform migration - Juniper to Palo Alto"
    • Jacob Åkerblom - "Analysis of SD WAN products"
  • 15:00-17:00
    Main session chair: Nikola Petrovic
    Assistant session chair: Sara Abbaspour
    • Mattias Orell - "Performance Evaluation of MAC protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks"
    • Mikael Skagerlind - "Developing an elaborated methodology model and documentation template for network analysis"
    • Jonas Rydén - " Security and privacy in assisted living systems"
    • Kenneth Palme - "Evalution of SNMP-based monitoring systems for error detection"

ACADEMIC YEAR 2015/2016 --- February 10, 2016

Room: u2-032

  • 08:00-10:00
    Main session chair: Martin Ekström
    Assistant session chair: Fredrik Ekstrand
    • Peter Cederblad - "Opera Robot - Medea"
    • Tobias Kriström; Emil Johansson - "FISH COUNTER FOR UNFAVORABLE CONDITION"
    • Daniel Morberg - "Sensor system for spinal injury risk reduction"
    • Ragnar Moberg - "Decentralised adaptive autonomy with unreliable communication"
    • Anders Olsson - "Hybridize object tracking in dynamic Stixel-World using statistical models"
  • 10:00-12:00
    Main session chair: Saad Mubeen
    • LINOS MABVUTO NCHENA - "Localization-based hand-off process for mobility management in low-power wireless networks"
    • Urama Ifeoma Helen - "Optimizing RPL objective function for mobile low-power wireless networks"
    • Joakim Kareliusson - "Automatic Replanning of Collaborating Unmanned Autonomous Aircraft"
    • Nandu Kuttikkat Sreevalsan - "Investigating the effect of various control and data flows on the timing behavior of distributed software control system"
    • Mobin Hozhabri - "The world's fastest go and grasp"
  • 13:00-15:00
    Main session chair: Mirko Senkovski
    Assistant session chair: Per Schlund
    • Rami Gorges; Ellinor Gustafsson - "SAAB-340, New inspection procedures for "Placards & Markings""
    • Peter Åmansson - " Safety Management System (SMS) for Aircraft Maintenance Part-145"
    • Ioannis Kantsaporidis - "Applying existing conceptual study based on supersonic engines on the General Electric F414 engine"
    • Jörgen Mensah; Mehmet Köse - "Monitor and Manage tools efficiently in a Part-145 Organization"
    • Sherko Hamza - "Lift"
  • 15:00-17:00
    Main session chair: Mohammad Ashjaei
    Assistant session chair: Saad Mubben
    • Tobias Andersson; Jakob Danielsson - "Test system for non-functional requirements"
    • Sergio Erick Vieyra Enríquez - "Industrial robot processes performed in the cloud"
    • Sharmin Sultana Sheuly - " Design and Verification database for Soc Development"
    • Sudhangathan Bankarusamy - "Hardware accelerated synchronization and rectification of high speed stereo image streams"

Room: U2-040

  • 08:00-09:00
    Main session chair: Antonio Cicchetti
    Assistant session chair: Afshin Ameri
    • Julieth Patricia Castellanos Ardila - "Investigation of an OSLC-domain targeting ISO 26262"
    • Lorenzo Addazi - "Improving Model Differencing through Ontology Awareness"
    • Branko Granula - "Performance evaluation of ray tracing techniques for real-time applications"

ACADEMIC YEAR 2015/2016 --- September 30, 2015

Room: u2-032

  • 14:00-15:00
    Main session chair: Abhilash Thekkilakattil
    Assistant session chair: Frank Lüders
    • Henning Victorin - "Stereo vision based Localization And Mapping (SLAM) on an embedded platform"
    • Dennis Magnusson - "Operating System Support for Limited-Preemptive Scheduling on Multiprocessors"
    • Dimitrije Blagojevic - "Structural analysis and improvement of an IEC 61131-3 compiler"

ACADEMIC YEAR 2015/2016 --- September 23, 2015

Room: u2-032

  • 13:00-15:00
    Main session chair: Nikola Petrovic
    Assistant session chair: Hossein Fotouhi
    • Patrick Vestin, Martin Göhran - "A more flexible guide framework"
    • Johan Kolsmyr, Andreas Löfberg - "RealTime Gait Symmetry Analysis"
    • Stefan Danielsson - "Monitoring drivers mental state - Optimizing EEG-signal feature extraction and selection"
    • Richard Ahlén, Robin Grönholm - "Hur fort kan det gå? En analys av latens vid ljudframställning i Windows 10"
    • Linda Karlsson - "Från bok till dataspel, digital transformering för främjandet av läsförståelse hos barn"
    • Rickard Isaksson - "Firepower, Next Generation firewall from Cisco"
  • 15:00-17:00
    Main session chair: Håkan Forsberg
    • Jonas Bjenning, Simon Algotsson - "Maintenance System for Gripen C/D"
    • Amin Ben Sassi; Iddaris Maneekum - "Optimering av B737NG underhållsprogram ur ett tekniskt åtkomst perspektiv"
    • Martin Saur; Lena Nikolaisen - "Design and Implementation of Electrical Load Analysis (ELA) for Cross Fleet Configuration"
    • Liza Sundberg - "Electromagnetic compatibility of new components installed on Wi-Fi/telephony equipped aircraft"
    • Andreas Karlsson, Carl Eriksson - "Microsensor based aircraft maintenance"
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