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Title: Integrating ABB Aspect Directory with Microsoft Active Directory
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: ABB has a vision called IndustrialIT. IndustrialIT is an attempt to use standard Information Technology together with traditional industrial process expertise. To realize IndustrialIT, ABB uses a concept called Aspect Object. Aspect Object is described in detail later in the report. The basic idea is that you have two kinds of entities, Aspects and Objects. Objects are empty in terms of functionality, and act as containers of aspects. Aspects are plug-ins of functionality that can be added to an object. To implement Aspect Objects ABB has a special purpose directory service called Aspect Directory. Aspect Directory is developed by ABB and is the heart and soul of the ABB IndustrialIT delivery. ABB is the market leader (we are told) and Aspect Directory is the heart of the next generation system. We want to take a close look of Aspect Directory and compare it with the Microsoft Active Directory. It is also a fact that large APIs can be a nuisance for developers. What if the API used for Active Directory could also be used to interface with Aspect Directory? That would be a great benefit. Developers familiar with the Microsoft Active Directory API such as external computer consultants and third party system integrators could immediately interface with the system and be productive.

In this report, we first examine the functionalities of the ABB Aspect Directory and the Microsoft Active Directory. Then we analyze the pros and cons of different methods to integrate the ABB Aspect Directory with the Microsoft Active Directory. The project also includes a small prototype to test how to integrate Aspect Directory with Active Directory by using Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI). It is an integration at the API level.
Company: ABB Automation Products
Prel. end date: 2001-03-12
Presentation date: 2001-03-12
tid:14:00, plats:Vargens Vret
Student: Henrik Steen
Student: Chen Yang
IDT supervisor: Ivica Crnkovic, +46-21-103183

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