Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Self Power Supplying Sensors
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: Over the years there has been a growing interest in the field of miniature sensors and their wide range of applications such as embedded sensors in structures. One specific area that has received little attention is how to supply the required electrical power to such sensors. Conventional power supplies external to such sensors is one way. However, many applications do require such sensors to be completely embedded in the structure with no possibility to external power supply or batteries. Supplying alternative power to such systems is difficult and as a result they need to have their own power supply making them self-power supplying sensors.
The purpose of this project is to do a market research on available power supplies for sensors including the technology aspect. The research also documents trends expected in the near future. Focus is placed on wireless sensors that shall not require any maintenance once deployed.
The project will identify some (typical) situations where the findings in this project enable sensors to be use where potentially previously rejected due to the problems with supplying power.
The project will also create an informative demonstration of a truly wireless sensor that is self-supplying regarding power and completely in accessible once deployed.
Company: Vattenfall Utveckling AB
Prel. end date: 2003-12-24
Presentation date: 2003-12-24
IDT supervisor: Jonas Neander, +46-21-103124
Examinator: Mats Björkman
Mats Björkman, +46-21-107037

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