Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Portning av ett WCET verktyg till Hitachi H8 och Lego Mindstorms
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: General job description:

Tools for static worst-case execution time (WCET)
analysis are now starting to get commersially available.
However, the usage of such tools has not really yet reached
academia or any larger parts of industry. This Master Thesis
work aims for porting an existing WCET analysis tool, Bound-T,
to the Hitachi H8 microprocessor. This microprocessor is part
of Lego Mindstorms which is used in many real-time courses
in academia. Thereby, this work will make students (and
industry) aware of the benefits of WCET analysis tools. As a case
study, the work should make WCET analysis part of the Asterix
real-time lab given at Mälardalens University (Mdh) in Västerås.

Detailed job description:

1. Write a time plan and a job specification. Get a computer
environment at Mdh.

2. Read material on WCET analysis to understand the basic
principles behind static analysis and WCET analysis tools.

3. Set up and run Bound-T for some already supported

4. Investigate the Asterix OS and the Lego Mindstorm lab.
Investigate the H8 object code format (COFF-H8300) produced
by the gcc compiler.

5. Implement the parts needed to perform WCET analysis on
Hitachi H8 code using Bound-T (the major work).

6. Adapt the Asterix OS lab environment to work with the
Bound-T tool. Integrate WCET analysis in the lab assignment.

7. Write a report.

8. Present the result of the Master Thesis project at Mdh.

Most of the programming will be made in Ada, (but Ada programming
skills are not a requirement for the work).

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Lego Mindstorms:

Lego Mindstorm RT labs:

Company: Institutionen fr Datavetenskap, Mlardalens hgskola (Mdh). The Master Thesis work will be mainly be performed at Mdh.
Prel. end date: 2005-09-20
Presentation date: 2005-06-01
Student: Samuel Petersson
IDT supervisor: Andreas Ermedahl, +46-21-107334
Examinator: Bjrn Lisper
Bjrn Lisper, +46-21-151709
Misc: Company: Tidorum (developer of Bound-T). Contact person: Niklas Holsti

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