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Title: DuPaD: A dual-paradigm drawing tool
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: The purpose of this project is to design an interactive drawing tool based on two disparate but coupled drawing methods. One method is the standard graphical WYSIWYG method, in which a drawing can be created and edited by, for example, using the mouse to select, group, change, and draw objects. The other method is to use a graphical description language. In this case, textual input is used to issue drawing commands, group and transform objects, etc.

By combining and integrating these two drawing paradigm into a single drawing tool with two coupled and editable views, the user can get the advantages from both methods. For example, the textual representation makes the drawing order immediately apparent and easily changeable and, also, it makes powerful programming language constructs possible, such as looping and evaluation of expressions. At all times, any of the views can be edited, and the changes will be automatically immediately reflected to the other view.

Some of the interesting problems that need to be solved are:

Define a simple, readable and suitable drawing description language, and a suitable method to parse and interpret the textual input.

Find a graphics rendering library that is well-suited for providing the WYSIWYG view of the drawings.

Define an underlying suitable model to represent the drawings, which is as useful for both types of drawing methods. This model needs to support the coupling of the drawing methods.

Implement a working prototype of the drawing tool and evaluate the usefulness of it.

Enable loading and saving of drawings. Which file formats are best suited? For example, to make the tool useable with for example LaTeX, Encapsulated PostScript would be a suitable format.
Company: IDt
Prel. end date: 2005-05-27
Presentation date: 2005-08-27
Student: Tommy Hamplin
Student: Markus Larsson
IDT supervisor: Thomas Larsson, +46-21-101514
Examinator: Björn Lisper
Björn Lisper, +46-21-151709

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