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Title: Alarms and events in WS500
Level: Advanced
Description: ABB is the world’s largest supplier to the power transmission industry, and a leading global supplier to electrical energy consumers and power distribution companies. ABB Power Technologies AB in Västerås is a part of the Power System division.
ABB is currently interested in finding a new technique that can transfer a large amount of alarms and events in a fast and efficient way from the server to the WS500 operating system, which is a part of the Spider system developed by ABB Power Technologies AB. Today’s solution has it’s limitations and doesn’t allow the WS500 clients to filter and browse the alarms and events with a scroll bar because the information cannot be transferred fast enough and because a linked list must be traversed for each information exchange on the server side. The client receives only a limited number of alarms or events from the server each time the client asks for information. This gives the impression of the system turning pages until the wanted information appears in WS500.

The solution in this report will show a new approach that let the users to filter and browse through the alarms and events in a fast and efficient way. This will be achieved by having an ‘Alarm and Event Server’ on each client computer that will replicate the alarms and events from the Spider server. The ‘Alarm and Event Server’ will then provide the WS500 system locally on each computer with the wanted information. This approach will give the performance we want and also reduce the network traffic and the Spider server load.
Company: ABB, kontaktperson: Peter Freyhult
Prel. end date: 2005-06-22
Presentation date: 2005-06-22
IDT supervisor: Daniel Flemstrm, +46-21-151760
Examinator: Ivica Crnkovic
Ivica Crnkovic, +46-21-103183

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