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Title: A thesis in computer communications: Evaluation of a real time available bandwidth measurement method
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: Active measurement methods inject so called probe packets into the network path in order to measure network properties. The range of active measurement methods spans from simple ping applications to advanced end-to-end available bandwidth measurement methods. Measurement of network properties such as the available bandwidth are important for network error diagnosis and performance tuning but also as a part of the adaptive machinery of network applications such as streaming audio and video.

There are many examples of available bandwidth measurement methods. BART is one of the most recent methods and has been developed in collaboration with Ericsson Research, the Swedish Institute of Computer Science and Mälardalen University. BART inject probe packets into the network path. The outgoing separation between the probe packets are compared with the received separations. From these samples the available bandwidth can be estimated.

There are several tasks to be done in this area. One task is to find the optimal relation between measurement accuracy and low intrusiveness. How many probe packets do we really need to inject in order to obtain accurate estimates in real time? Another task is to further evaluate BART in wireless network scenarios. These two tasks involve experiments in a testbed at Mälardalen University.

A third task, which involves a network simulator, is to further study the impact of probe packets on different network protocols.

Yet another task it to study how to integrate available bandwidth measurement methods with live streaming media applications.

Other suggestions in this area are appreciated.
Prel. end date: 2007-01-30
Student: Daniel Rodriguez
IDT supervisor: Andreas Johnsson, +46-21-107044
Examinator: Mats Bjrkman
Mats Bjrkman, +46-21-107037

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