Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Performance Monitoring using built inprocessor support in a complex real time environment
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: Ericsson have expressed an interest in hardware-near profiling, using builtin
performance counters in the CPU. Most boards in the Ericsson CPP platform
builds upon the PowerPC processor, which have several hardware performance
counters that can be used to improve performance characteristics of
existing software. These have successfully been used on other platforms such
as Apple´s Macintosh. There are possibly also unused research results regarding
how to analyze the information in the most effective way. The purpose
of this report is to provide an overview of performance monitoring and summarize
some of the related work done in this field. Important aspects such as
sampling methods, multiplexed monitoring, design issues when developing a
performance monitoring facility and ways to interpret the monitored events
are analyzed. Finally, three design suggestions are presented and compared.
One of these where implemented for the CPP/OSE environment.
Prel. end date: 2006-09-07
Presentation date: 2006-12-26
tid:2006-09-07, plats:Turing
Student: Erik Hugne
Student: Martin Collberg
IDT supervisor: Daniel Flemstrm, +46-21-151760
Examinator: Ivica Crnkovic
Ivica Crnkovic, +46-21-103183

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