Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Exploring Random Testing and automation/capture of input variables for demonstrating a test technique evaluation framework of efficiency, effectiveness and applicability
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: The thesis will investigate and define Random Testing as an test technique and area. The thesis work will design an automatic test system that generates test cases for captured input. You thesis will exploit existing results around how to capture input, and apply/program it in this complex system. You will be measured during every phase of this thesis, and will constantly give and receive evaluations.
Company: Ericsson AB, kontaktperson: Sigrid Eldh
Proposed: 2007-12-04
Prerequisites: Verification & Validation knowledge. Excellent and extensive programming skills, C, C++, Java, assembler, TTCN, Tcl, Perl or similar.Interest in testing, verification and complicated software systems. Pgm semantics, compilers, OS, computer archetecture de
IDT supervisor: Sigrid Eldh, +46 10 715 2374
Examinator: Andreas Ermedahl
Andreas Ermedahl, +46-21-107334
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