Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Recording of Scheduling and Communication events on Telecom Systems
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: In this thesis you will work with behavior-recording of a sophisticated commercial telecom system – a multiprocessor system based on the real-time operating system OSE. The purpose of this thesis is to find a software solution for recording task-switches and other relevant events in this complex real-time system, during operation. The solution has to be highly efficient, robust and predictable - it should be able to run 24/7 in deployed products with high requirements on reliability. The finished solution will be evaluated by Tieto Enator AB, an important sub-supplier of Ericsson AB.

After the thesis you will be well prepared to apply for the Young Engineers Program at Ericsson AB and their affiliates. The thesis is highly industry-relevant and is an excellent opportunity to get in contact with Tieto Enator AB and Ericsson AB - Sweden’s largest R&D organization.

At MRTC we have been privileged with an “Ericsson-Lab”, containing sophisticated telecom hardware – a multiprocessor system based on the real-time operating system OSE. The telecom applications that run on this system are often highly complex and hard to troubleshoot for several reasons. Ericsson and Tieto Enator are therefore interested in tools for monitoring the behavior of the system at runtime, for instance the communication and timing of the various tasks in the system.
At MRTC, we are doing closely related research, but we have not yet worked with OSE based systems. In this thesis project, the goal is to find a suitable technical solution, evaluate any commercial products that may be suitable, and if no existing solution is found, develop a recorder for OSE.

The thesis is best suited for two students, as a D-level project (20 weeks).
Skill in C programming is required, as well as a basic knowledge of real-time systems.

Contact Johan Kraft or Daniel Flemström. (021-103199) (021-101760)
Prel. end date: 2008-06-19
Presentation date: 2008-06-19
Student: Muhammad Imran Mughal
Student: Razwan Javed
IDT supervisor: Johan Kraft, 073-3196971
Examinator: Christer Norstrm
Christer Norstrm, +46-21-101464

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