Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Leading Quality & Efficiency Measurements
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced

Thesis background

To remain competitive within the development of complex products and systems, there is a need of continuous improvement of quality to ensure that quality errors are caught as early as possible in the development process. This increasing demand on efficiency and quality in product development requires best-in-class methods for measuring the relevant measurements in the product development process at an early stage.
An important factor in this improvement process is to find the key measurements for e.g the performance of the product development process. The basis for measuring can be summarized in the old saying: “If you can measure something you can improve it”. Traditionally it has been easy to measure what has happened. The goal for this thesis is to identify the industry proven leading measurements that allow action corrective actions to be taken in advance.

Thesis goal

The project goal is divided into the following parts:

  1. Study the current efficiency and quality measurements within the Product Development Unit TSP&IS. This work is done by studying available documents and by interviewing key personnel.
  2. Study the state of the art and practice of efficiency and quality measurements. This work is done by studying available scientific literature.
  3. Suggest new leading indicators, but also suggest which indicators that should be removed at the unit. (Leading indicators includes measures affecting the process while lagging indicators is the result of the performed process.)

About the IRIL Lab and Ericsson-MDH Collaboration

Ericsson AB collaborates with Mälardalen University. This collaboration includes the “Industrial Research and Innovation Lab” (IRIL) for common research projects and thesis works ). The purpose of the lab is to create an innovative environment where thesis workers from different cultures and disciplines can work together. Examples of such disciplines are performance engineering, security and management. The lab contains sophisticated telecom hardware and software, together with a software development environment.
The IRIL lab is supported by experts from Ericsson AB as well as Mälardalen University.

On the Ericsson side, the responsible department is a part of Product Development Unit TSP&IS which belongs to the Development Unit “Platforms”. The scope of PDU TSP&IS is to provide modular, flexible and robust platform solutions for server applications, Integrated Site and common components for telecom grade applications. Additionally PDU TSP&IS supplies other platforms with an efficient HW design organization.
Our department is responsible for project office, operational development and provisioning of a number of platform products. The department consists of 3 sub departments: Provisioning, Project Support and Operational Development.

The thesis is performed for Ericsson AB in Älvsjö but will be, to a great extent, carried out at the MDH-Ericsson Lab in Västerås


The academic supervision will be conducted by PhD student Stefan Johnsson at Mälardalen University. Stefan is doing research in methods for measuring efficiency in product development.
Company: Ericsson AB, kontaktperson: Daniel Flemstrm
Start date: 2008-09-01
Prel. end date: 2009-01-01
Prerequisites: Master or Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or equivalent education and strong interest for product development processes
IDT supervisor: Stefan Cedergren, +46 21 10 70 17
Examinator: Christer Norstrm
Christer Norstrm, +46-21-101464
Misc: The thesis will be conducted at the IRIL(MDH-Ericsson) lab in Vsters as well as at Ericsson AB in lvsj. APPLY BEFORE 2008-06-10

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