Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Master Thesis - UML Profile for ProCOM component model
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: In component-based software engineering, systems are built from existing software components, as well as from newly developed components. The advantage of this approach is that components can be developed separately. Many component models exist, so there is often a need for transformations between component models, in order to cover for the design needs.
ProCOM is an industry oriented component model, for vehicular domain in particular, being developed as part of PROGRESS research project (at Mälardalen University, Sweden). ProCOM aims at providing valuable early analysis methods and tools, w.r.t. both functional and extra-functional aspects of the system. On the other hand, UML (Unified Modeling Language) has become a ‘’de facto’’ system modeling language, in industry. UML includes a component model as part of the language. Thus, it would be very useful to relate the component models of both UML and ProCOM. System designers can then specify the system components in familiar UML notations, which can be transformed to ProCOM models for detailed design and further analysis.
The goal of the thesis is detailed as follows:
• Investigate the possibility of transformations between UML and ProCOM specifications;
• Analyze and describe component modeling using both UML and ProCOM;
• Compare component modeling by using UML and ProCOM;
• Define a UML profile for ProCOM models;
• Discuss usability of the UML profile;
• Design transformation from the UML representation of ProCOM model to ProCOM model and vice versa;
• Analyze and describe the limitations of the transformations, as well as benefits;
• Explore a tool solution using Eclipse developing framework .
Expected results of the thesis:
a) A UML profile for ProCOM, with possible tool support for transformations
b) The thesis report describing the work done.

Company: MDH
Proposed: 2010-11-19
IDT supervisor: Jagadish Suryadevara, 021- 10 31 16
Examinator: Paul Pettersson
Paul Pettersson, +46-21-151741

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