Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Dynamic analysis in Web application Reverse Engineering
Level: Basic or Advanced (contact supervisor)
Description: Web applications are complex systems that are in the core of many businesses. However, their development is, contrary to other domains, not characterized by rigorous software engineering methods. The consequence is that many web applications are poorly structured and are not adequately documented, which leads to difficult maintenance. One way for dealing with web application complexity is their modeling on a higher level of abstraction. Since software systems are evolving on a daily basis, automatic model generation is preferable to manual one. Models are most often generated after static analysis (source code analysis done without actually running the analyzed program) and dynamic analysis (analyzes the system while the system is executing). In order to get a complete representation of the system, both the static and the dynamic analysis are necessary. This thesis will be concerned with expending the existing Web application reverse engineering tool – phpModeler that uses static source code analysis with dynamic analysis capabilities. The tool module adding the dynamic analysis capabilities will be developed in Java, and it will dynamically analyze php and JavaScript Web applications.
Proposed: 2009-12-03
IDT supervisor: Josip Maras, +46-21-101545
Examinator: Ivica Crnkovic
Ivica Crnkovic, +46-21-103183

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