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Title: Advanced Functionalities in the Attribute Framework
Level: Advanced
Description: This thesis investigates support for extra-functional properties in component-based development. In domains such as embedded system, some factors are as important for the development as the functionality itself. These factors concern the non-behavioural aspect of the system and include properties such as execution time, static memory usage, number or line of code, among many others. Also, the development requires the use of many analysis techniques to ensure the final quality of the embedded systems with regards to these properties. These analysis techniques often used models and/or specific properties . In a previous project, the properties and the models are handled at the component-level through the existence of an attribute framework. More information about the attribute framework can be found here:

The purpose of this thesis is to refine and extend the current realization of the attribute framework to provide advanced functionalities. The thesis work will include the following tasks:
a)Study of extra-functional properties and of the attribute framework
b)Benchmark to find suitable technology support
c)Creation of a database model to store and retrieve attributes (i.e. the extra-functional properties)
d)Creation of an API to manipulate attributes (with and without the presence of the database)
e)Implementation of some advance functionalities (for ex; selection of attribute values)

Expected outcome:
a)An extended version of the attribute framework
b)A thesis report describing the work

Prerequisites: Java programming. Database programming. Eclipse experience is valuable.
Proposed: 2013-02-15
Prerequisites: Java programming. Database programming. Eclipse experience is valuable
IDT supervisor: SÚverine Sentilles, +46-21-10 70 38
Examinator: Ivica Crnkovic
Ivica Crnkovic, +46-21-103183

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