Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Effective tracing in a massive multicore environment A
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: The goal for this project is to study to perform effective tracing in a massive multicore environment. The study should encompass general investigations on multicore tracing with respect to probe effects and how to handle the massive flow of information through the system. How should data be collected, how shoud data be stored, and how should this data be analyzed. The project will be run as two parallell theses. The students will cooperate closely, but will have different focus. The first group will bring up the system for tracing and focus on how to trace and the probe effects of different tracing techniques. The second group will bring up the eclipse framework and focus on analysis. Even though the groups have different focus, many topics will be common and worked / discussed in common (such as best architectural choices).
Company: Ericsson AB, kontaktperson: Alf Larsson
Prel. end date: 2010-06-06
Student: Sriram Sundar Rajan
Student: Narendran Sivakumar
IDT supervisor: Daniel Flemström, +46-21-151760
Examinator: Mikael Sjödin
Mikael Sjödin, +46 70 288 2829

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