Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Working for the customer - Acting as software consultant in a migration project
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: Background
The Swedish Guide and Scout Association (Svenska scoutförbundet / SSF) has outgrown its current system for managing its membership database and billing system. Additional functionality has been patched on to an existing system leading to a haphazard user interface. Major administrational problems have arisen as the system does not handle the added functionality in a way such that its users can understand and use the system.
At the same time a failure of prolonging the contract with the current system provider necessitates a rapid replacement of the system with a 6-month deadline. A producing company has been chosen which will modify an existing solution, SSS, and tailor it to the needs of SSF.
Project goal
The goal of this project is to review, from the perspective of the software-ordering organization, the process of replacing a mission-critical software system. The project will look at the demands put on the organization to successfully transition to a new software system. It will evaluate what needs arises during development and how those needs can be met.
The Scrum Method from a customer perspective
The producing company is employing the Scrum software development method. Scrum involves the customer in the development on a regular basis, holding meetings every two weeks for updating priorities to the next development cycle. This project will review the Scrum method from a customer perspective. Benefits, drawbacks and requirements will be analyzed, for example: running costs involved in ordering from a company utilizing the Scrum method and what benefits the customer gains in comparison to an order-deliver method.
Open-Source compliance
The current owner of SSS, and SSF, have a goal of releasing the resulting software as Open-Source in a way such that it may be a benefit to other organizations. There are several problems in achieving the goal and a project goal is to find solutions to those problems.
• The resulting software will have several owners and there will be a need to find and sign agreements pertaining to the intellectual rights.
• An open-source system needs to have management and control of its further development.
• SSS has a technical debt of unknown size which will need to be repaid for a valuable open-source release.
• To be useful in other organizations the system needs to have a structure which allows adaption to other demands.
Software testing and evaluation
The producing company will not supply user testing and user interface redesign. A goal of the project is to manage user software testing and evaluate the results to be returned as priority updates to the producing company.
Data transfer
As the system is replaced the data in the current system will need to be transferred to the new system. A project goal is to identify the structure of the current data, which is unknown, and identify functional requirements for transfer of data to minimize down-time of systems during transfer.
Company: Svenska scoutförbundet, kontaktperson: Helena Läck
Prel. end date: 2011-03-03
Presentation date: 2012-02-02
Student: Dan Hallin
IDT supervisor: Frank Lüders, +46 21 151728
Examinator: Ivica Crnkovic
Ivica Crnkovic, +46-21-103183

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