Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Website design and development for live video streaming over mobile phones (HoorayTV)
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Basic
Description: HoorayTV is an industrial research project at Mšlardalen University. The goal of the project is to provide the technology for live video broadcasting via mobile phones, such that the broadcasted video content can be administrated before delivering it to the end-users. An event, e.g. a motorcycle race, is filmed from different angles by several mobile phones and the live video is streamed to a central editing application, where an operator can chose appropriate camera angles and add commercials, before sending it to the end-users.

This thesis is a part of the HoorayTV project. The task of the student is to design and develop a dynamic web site for organizing and displaying of the incoming broadcasted live streams, and managing of the user accounts. The work will be divided into 1) the preparation phase, which includes studying of the existing parts of the project and weekly project meetings with the other project members, 2) the design phase, done by the student in a close interaction with the thesis supervisors from MDH and the participating company, and 3) the implementation phase, performed as individual work.

By studying the existing parts of the project, the student will get familiar with the programming languages C# and Java, different video streaming server technologies such as Darwin Streaming Server, FFserver, Adobe Flash Media Server, different video compression formats, e.g., 3GGP/H.264, and the Android operating system for smartphones. By implementing the web site for the project, the student will get expertise in PHP/HTML programing languages and the MySQL database.
Prel. end date: 2011-06-10
Presentation date: 2011-06-16
Student: Ena Masic
IDT supervisor: Damir Isovic, +46-21-103173
Misc: The student is an exchange student from Croatia. The thesis will be presented both at MDH and at the home university.

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