Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: A virtual test environment for motion capture shoots
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: Title: A virtual test environment for motion capture shoots
Company: Imagination Studios, Uppsala
Adviser: Oguzhan Özcan
Required student : 1
Imagination Studios has experienced a demand in using novel technologies and products to increase their product efficiency. It is intended to develop a prototype with this thesis to explore new product support techniques.

A prototype, which allows a user to experience an immersive game environment, shall be developed within this thesis. The game environment shall be created with UDK and be displayed on multiple screens that are placed around a user. The motions of a user are captured through a Kinect integration. The game environment should change and react to the users motions and actions.

It is expected that research in the involved areas is conducted. Own arising ideas and innovation design from the student is wanted and well appreciated.

The supervision will be done by Professor Oguzhan Özcan, a company supervisor and the PhD student Daniel Kade.

If you are interested in this topic feel free to contact us.

Company Profile: Imagination Studios is quickly becoming the leading animation and motion capture studio in Northern Europe. Imagination provides professional motion capture services and custom 3D animations to the entertainment industry. Imagination Studios is in the unique situation of having a world class motion capture studio and an animation studio under the same roof, allowing for the quality control of each move from pre-production through the capture, clean-up, solving, animating and compositing to it’s final delivery. Imagination Studios provides art and animation services for companies such as DICE, IOI, Remedy, and Starbreeze.

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Company: Imagination Studios
Prel. end date: 2013-01-31
Presentation date: 2013-01-31
Student: Claudio Redavid
IDT supervisor: Oguzhan Ozcan, 021101512
Examinator: Rikard Lindell
Rikard Lindell, +46-21-151759

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