Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Visual studio add-in for proxy object code generation
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: Introduction
We are experiencing and immense expansion of the software usage in the industry, as a result of wider expansion in the software development, which make us to think about many challenges like usability, cost, time,effort required and many more. The concept of component is not new, which could help to overcome these problems. So the idea in components is to reuse the existing already built components. The existing components are built in generalized manner that can fit in other applications too.

Problem Description
The task is to come up with new plug in for Visual studio 2008 with the concept of components. The task of plug in would be to find the connected smart device with the system and generate the code for new component providing the proxy objects to the original component along with logging service. The new plug in should be compatible with both .Net and COM. The plug in for COM should not use the .Net compact framework. The objective of this project is to maximize the use of existing libraries with one more specific goal to create the wizard that would inspect the classes and interfaces and displays them on the graphical user interface.
Prel. end date: 2013-11-15
Presentation date: 2012-06-14
Student: Gopalakrishnan Thangavel
IDT supervisor: Frank Lüders, +46 21 151728
Examinator: Kristina Lundqvist
Kristina Lundqvist, +46 (0)21 101428

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