Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Implementing data analysis and visualization into a SOA based architecture for AddTrack Enterprise 4G
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: Background

AddTrack is a train maintenance support and diagnostics system owned by Bombardier Transportation and developed and managed by Addiva Consulting AB. It is used by several major railway companies across the world as a tool for analyzing and providing decision making support in regards of maintenance and repairs on their train fleets. AddTrack does this by gathering sensor data from onboard sensors, processing and storing that data in data warehouses. The AddTrack server then, based on client requests, retrieves and transmits the data to requesting clients for data processing and visualization.

Addiva Consulting is a technology consultant company that offers services in industrial system development, automation, production, diagnostics and telemetry. Bombardier is a major industry leading manufacturer in the areas of aerospace and rail transportation.

Problem definition

The current version of AddTrack (3G) is based on a client-server architecture that has proven to be lacking in terms of performance and scalability. As it is now the client performs pretty much all of the business-logic, which is a problem since due to the enormous amounts of data the clients cannot handle more than a few weeks’ worth of data. To be useful the system has to be able to handle analysis and visualization of data for much longer time spans, preferably months or even years.
The new proposed version of AddTrack (4G) is to be based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Addiva is also interested in the possibilities of utilizing Analysis Services present in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 in AddTrack.
This Thesis will focus on data visualization methods and integrating data services into the proposed SOA architecture. Goals of the thesis is to address the following questions
• How can the issue with increasing data volumes be solved?
• Which data analysis and visualization services/methods will be needed/appropriate?
• How to resolve the issues with system security that SOA creates?
• Can “MS SQL Server - Analysis Services” be used in the product? If so, how?

Concretely the tasks of the thesis will be to:
• Evaluate the data analysis capabilities of MS SQL Server Analysis Services.
• Implement required data structures and mappings from existing data warehouse for use with Analysis Services.
• Design and implement the SOA services necessary for integrating the data analysis software into the proposed Service Oriented Architecture.
• Investigate, and based on findings, implement a suitable security solution for the system.
• Investigate and implement/integrate appropriate data visualization techniques.

Expected outcome of the thesis:

A working implementation of the AddTrack product, that does not have crippling deficiencies that previous versions have suffered from. The implementation should aim to hold production level quality. A Thesis report describing the work done.


Implementation must be using C# with .NET Framework 4.0 under Windows and MS SQL Server 2008R2.
Company: Addiva Consulting AB , kontaktperson: Amel Muftic
Prel. end date: 2011-12-15
Presentation date: 2012-01-15
Student: Björn Laurell
IDT supervisor: Aida Causevic, +46-21-107011
Examinator: Cristina Seceleanu
Cristina Seceleanu, +46-21-151764

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