Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Enhancing the human-team awareness of a robot
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: In recent years there has been a shift towards using robots in operations that are considered too dangerous or even physically impossible for humans to complete. For instance, in the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, under-water robots were used to assess and nally stop the oil leak at a depth of nearly
1500 meters. Many of today's robots are remotely controlled and are therefore relatively expensive to operate due to the cost of training operators as well as paying their salaries. Furthermore, when robots are used in situations such as military operations that are considered stressful, the human operator may act
too slowly, or even worse irrationally, which would reduce robot's eectiveness. Hence, a lot of research has been conducted towards creating autonomous robots that can perceive and act in the environment by itself.
In this thesis we are focusing on integrating autonomous robots in human teams. Specically, we are investigating the possibilities of equipping autonomous robots with the capability of assessing and detecting activities in human teams. This capability could, for instance, be used in the robot's reasoning and planning components to create better plans that ultimately would result in improved robot-human teamwork performance.
Existing teamwork activity recognizers typically take into consideration spatio-temporal features such as relative position and orientation over time, they do not, however incorporate features describing the inherently fuzzy concepts of human behavior. Hence, in this thesis we propose to improve existing teamwork activity recognizers by also incorporating intangible features, such as motivation, satisfaction and stress, originating from human behavior models.
Company: FOI, kontaktperson: Linus J. Luotsinen
Prel. end date: 2012-06-11
Presentation date: 2012-11-16
Student: Peter Wåhlin
IDT supervisor: Ning Xiong, +46-21-151716
Examinator: Lars Asplund
Lars Asplund, +46-21-107036

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