Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Design Philosophy for User Friendly Parameter Handler
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: The current DCU2 control system is used in various applications. These applications are configured by the means of a large set of parameters that are set before compilation of the code. Today all the parameters are organized in a huge excel workbook that contains macros for exporting parameter files. A problem with the excel solution is the speed when opening the file and also when working with the parameters. Another problem is that it is very hard to get an overview of which parameters that is critical for a certain function and how different parameters will change the behavior of a function. The projects also only use a set of the available functions. Some functions can be activated and deactivated through enable/disable bits and some functions are activated or deactivated by setting unreasonable parameter values. Even if a function is disabled the parameters for that function is still in the parameter workbook which can create confusion on which parameters that are in use and which is not. All these problems make it hard for new users to get up to speed with the parameter setting and even experienced people have problems.

The purpose of thesis is to first take a look at the current tool and see if the wanted functionality could be implement in today’s tool, if this is not possible the second option would be to develop a new tool for parameter handling where the parameters are separated from the tool itself. The tool can then be managed separately from the parameter database.
Company: Bombardier, kontaktperson: Niclas Evestedt
Prel. end date: 2012-08-20
Presentation date: 2012-11-15
Student: Angie Angarita Sato
IDT supervisor: Radu Dobrin, 021-107356
Examinator: Ivica Crnkovic
Ivica Crnkovic, +46-21-103183

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