Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Master thesis: System Testing in a Simulated Environment
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: CrossControlís CCSimTech is a tool suite used to simulate I/O, buses, memory and other parts of the environment of embedded software. In the thesis, CCSimTech will be further enhanced to support the integration testing and system testing activities of system development projects. The fundamental reason to perform testing in a simulated environment is that certain kinds of testing can be performed already at the developers' desktops, instead of having to wait for free time on the target environment. Many kinds of errors can be easily unveiled through these kinds of tests, and thus the tests executed on the target hardware will be fewer and easier to interpret since they will be more directly related to the hardware (e.g. subtle timing behavior). Also, many types of faults can be injected with much higher precision in a simulated environment than on the target hardware, such as specific communication errors or memory errors at bit level at very precise points in time. Ultimately, this leads to higher development efficiency, better utilization of the testing hardware needed, as well as higher-quality software.

The goal of this thesis is to enhance the capabilities of CCSimTech in software and system testing. The final result can be in the form of one or more of:
- New concepts designed and implemented in CCSimTech
- Integration with existing testing tools
- Documentation of best practices and producing examples of how testing

The activities during the thesis include surveys of existing state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice for testing, test notations, and test tools. Moreover, the student will identify, based on the aforementioned surveys, appropriate extensions of the CCSimTech tool features.

The expected results, depending on the survey, may include:
- Implementation of new components, API functions, GUI parts;
- Implementation of necessary mechanisms to integrate with existing test tools;
- Design and implementation of demonstrator projects using CCSimTech, to demonstrate how to use CCSimTech for specific types of tests.

The student will work in a Windows environment with C/C++ and .NET.
Company: CrossControl, kontaktperson: Anders ÷berg
Prel. end date: 2013-04-02
Presentation date: 2012-09-06
Student: Manuel Palmieri
IDT supervisor: Antonio Cicchetti, +46-21-151762
Examinator: Paul Pettersson
Paul Pettersson, +46-21-151741
Misc: The thesis is carried out in close cooperation with CrossControl researchers and developers and can be meriting for future research studies. The thesis may also involve some collaboration within partners in the European research project ATAC.

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