Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Designer 3.0 Concept: A Designer Tool based on Qt Creator
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Basic
Description: This report aims to describe the process of developing a prototype for the new version of Hmi Designer developed by Bombardier Transportation. This designer tool is in turn used to create the graphical user interface on a train control computer. A new version of the design tool is necessary because the remaining part of Bombardier's suite of application development has changed both the programming environment and programming language.

The prototype developed should illustrate the possibilities of performing a full-scale project of this type. The prototype is implemented as a plug-in in Qt Creator, hence the described approach for developing plug-ins in the programming environment and the benefits that are given, with a switch to Qt Creator.

This work has resulted in the prototype with the capability to load existing project files, view and modify the design and save the project in its native format. The work has reached the expected result; it is possible to build a design tool based on Qt Creator with the requested functionality. The conclusions drawn from this work are the development prospects of this project are very good giving Bombardier the perfect position to launch a full scale project.
Company: Bombardier
Prel. end date: 2012-06-01
Student: Per Ström
Student: Elisabet Gidlund
IDT supervisor: Thomas Larsson, +46-21-101514
Examinator: Jan Gustafsson
Jan Gustafsson, +46-21-101462

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