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Title: A Model for Estimating the Execution Cost of Test Cases
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: Testing is an important activity for verification and validation of a software product and to assess its quality. Test-cases are created manually or automatically to target different aspects of a software system. However, there is an extremely large number of possible test-cases that can be considered for a system. Considering the cost and time-to-market limitations in developing a product, selection of appropriate test-cases is critical. While there are some suggested methods to prioritize test-cases based on their quality (e.g., coverage), in this thesis we are mainly interested to investigate methods for assigning some cost values for the execution of test-cases. The cost(s) associated with each test-case may be in terms of execution time, complexity, etc.

The main goal in this thesis, which is basically more a research-based thesis work (than implementation), is to perform a survey on available cost estimation methods for test-cases, improve them, and ideally come-up with a better approach.

Prel. end date: 2015-05-29
Student: Morteza Hosseini
IDT supervisor: Mehrdad Saadatmand, +46-(0)21-107336
Examinator: Kristina Lundqvist
Kristina Lundqvist, +46 (0)21 101428

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2015-05-29, 13:35

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