Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: SQLite in a Robot Control System
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: The purpose of this thesis is to generate a set of general guidelines to improve performance of the SQLite database management system for use as a component in the main computer in ABB robots. This was accomplished measuring the factors that affect query execution time and comparing SQLite features to systems it could potentially replace: chiefly ABB’s configuration storage system and real-time logging system. Results show that SQlite is slower than ABBs current configuration system and real-time logger. A series of tests were carried out that give a rough description of SQLites performance. Read and update become significantly faster when used with an index, write becomes a bit slower. In an indexed database the number of rows is not important; in a database without an index they cause significant slowing. Surprisingly, increasing the number of threads concurrently accessing a database has only a mild effect on timing.
Company: ABB Robotics, kontaktperson: Patrik Fager
Prel. end date: 2013-10-31
Presentation date: 2013-09-12
Student: Björn Delight
IDT supervisor: Dag Nyström, +46-21-107042
Examinator: Mikael Sjödin
Mikael Sjödin, +46 70 288 2829

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