Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Model Test Coverage Measurements in an Industrial Setting
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: Test coverage (e.g., statement, branch or condition-type coverage like MC/DC) is typically measured with respect to source code when performing unit testing. However, in the case of model-driven development, particularly in cases where state-based or similar models out of which code is automatically generated constitute the de facto means of implementation, it is valuable to be able to measure test coverage on this more abstract level of implementation. Recent results from model-driven development in the aviation industry have shown that there is not always a 100% compliance between the coverage attained by the same test suite when measuring at the model level, as compared to when measuring at the code generated from the aforementioned model [1]. In some cases (such as statement coverage), the reasons for this are obvious. However, considering logic-based coverage criteria, such as MC/DC, the reasons are less intuitive, even to the point that they may suggest that some test suites that yield 100% coverage on model-level are not fully adequate when considering the behavior of the generated code.

We propose a MSc Thesis with a threefold objective: (1) to facilitate the measurement of coverage on the model level, (2) to investigate the difference in coverage when measured at the model- and the code levels (as done in [1]), and (3) to see if any mechanism can be added on the model-level to ensure adequate testing even with respect to code-level coverage.

[1] Anders Eriksson, Birgitta Lindström, Sten F. Andler and Jeff Offutt, Model Transformation Impact on Test Artifacts: An Empirical Study, In Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering, Verification and Validation, 2012
Company: Ericsson AB, kontaktperson: Lars-Olof Gustafsson
Prel. end date: 2013-06-01
Presentation date: 2013-06-13
Student: Xiaowei Ma
IDT supervisor: Daniel Sundmark, +46-21-103145
Examinator: Eduard Paul Enoiu
Eduard Paul Enoiu, +46-21-101624

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