Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Intranet for project and document management
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Basic
Description: RealTest AB is an IT consultant company that offers services within measurement and test systems, embedded systems and system development. The company has grown a lot the last couple of years and because of this they need a better way to handle projects and their related documents. To solve this, they want to develop an intranet using Microsoft SharePoint with C# as the development language.
It should support the following features:
 Document management
 Internal project management / steering
 Migration of existing data
Company: RealTest AB, kontaktperson: Niklas Mörth
Prel. end date: 16-06-2013
Presentation date: 16-06-2013
Student: Andreas Lundqvist
Student: Niklas Johansson
Student: Simon Yildiz
IDT supervisor: Afshin Ameri E., +46-21-101550
Examinator: Rikard Lindell
Rikard Lindell, +46-21-151759

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