Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Design and evaluation of fault tolerant mechanisms for Dynamic Software Instrumentation
Level: Basic or Advanced (contact supervisor)
Description: Our capacity to test embedded systems strongly depends on the ability to observe the internal behavior of the system while being tested. Software instrumentation consists in introducing additional lines of code specially intended to provide relevant internal information, such as register values, memory addresses and so on. This improves observability significantly, and reduces the time invested in diagnosis and troubleshooting.

The application of software instrumentation in safety-critical systems is very controversial because it can introduce non-intended, potentially hazardous, behaviors in the instrumented code. The goal of this master thesis is to design and implement the fault tolerance mechanism needed for a specific software instrumentation technique developed for Bombardier Transportation equipment (rail industry).
Proposed: 2013-11-19
Prerequisites: Good programming skills.
IDT supervisor: Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, 021-107322
Examinator: Henrik Thane
Henrik Thane, 021-183600
Misc: This work will be performed at MDH, but in close collaboration with engineers from Bombardier Transportation.

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