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Title: A supplier perspective on the application of ISO 26262 Concept Phase for the development of an automotive sensor
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: ISO 26262 is a functional safety standard for the automotive domain. Quoting from the standard: “ISO 26262 is intended to be applied to safety-related systems that include one or more electrical and/or electronic (E/E) systems and that are installed in series production passenger cars with a maximum gross vehicle mass up to 3 500 kg.”
ISO 26262 regulates all phases of the entire lifecycle of the product, starting from the management and requirements specification phases up to the production release. The standard also defines the work products that have to be produced during the system’s lifecycle.
Elektronik Partner AB (EEP) is one of the leading suppliers of automotive sensors for various automotive manufacturers (e.g. Volvo Construction Equipment). Since ISO 26262 could be used as a benchmark in case of litigation even in contexts in which the application of the standard is not mandatory. Automotive suppliers and manufacturers have an interest in getting familiar with the standard to be able to self-assess their way of working.
To be ready and competitive, Elektronik Partner AB (EEP) is interested in investigating ISO 26262. Thus, this thesis focuses on providing an adequate (“qualifiable”) and company-specific interpretation of ISO 26262 Concept phase. The challenge consists in taking into consideration the supplier’s perspective and the out-of-context/in-context concerns.
This thesis builds on top of previous ones [2-3] and related publications [4-5].

Tasks included:
1) Getting familiar with the ISO 26262 standard [1].
2) Getting familiar with the Elektronik Partner AB (EEP) product (a new automotive sensor, more specifically an angle sensor to be used in various contexts) by:
-reading the documentation concerning the product;
-interviewing Elektronik Partner AB (EEP) experts and engineers to achieve the necessary understanding of the system to be able to define the item, identify the safety goals, the evidence concerning its functional safety, etc.
4) Investigation and analysis of current approaches that can be used for applying ISO 26262 Concept Phase.
5) Provision of “qualifiable” interpretation of ISO 26262 Concept phase adequate for Elektronik Partner AB (EEP)’s needs.
6) Application of such interpretation for the development of the product under examination.

Required outcome:
A thesis report that includes:
- An investigation and analysis of the approaches which have been used so far to develop systems in compliance with ISO 26262, what is good and or bad about these approaches, and what are the challenges that appear when applying the standard from a supplier perspective.
- A “qualifiable” interpretation of ISO 26262-Concept phase adequate for Elektronik Partner AB (EEP)’s needs.

References to start with:
1.ISO26262. Road vehicles – Functional safety. International Standard, November 2011.
2.R. Dardar. Building a Safety Case in Compliance with ISO 26262 for Fuel Level Estimation and Display System. Master thesis, Mälardalen University, School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, 2014.
3. A. Gallucci. Building a safety case for a small-sized product line of Fuel Level Display systems. Master thesis, Mälardalen University, School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, 2013.
4.R. Dardar, B. Gallina, A. Johnsen, K. Lundqvist, M. Nyberg. Industrial Experiences of Building a Safety Case in Compliance with ISO 26262. Proceedings of the 2nd WoSoCER, joint event of the 23rd International Symposium on Software Reliability (ISSRE), Dallas (Texas), USA, 29 of November, 2012.
5.B. Gallina, A. Gallucci, K. Lundqvist, M. Nyberg. VROOM & cC: a Method to Build Safety Cases for ISO 26262-compliant Product Lines. Proceedings of the Workshop on Next Generation of System Assurance Approaches for Safety-Critical Systems (SASSUR), joint event of SAFECOMP, CNRS report (HAL/Arxiv), Toulouse, France, 24 September 2013.
Company: Elektronik Partner AB (EEP), kontaktperson: Mikael Joki
Start date: 2014-04-15
Student: Fifo Miraldi
Prerequisites: DVA321
IDT supervisor: Barbara Gallina, 021-101631
Examinator: Kristina Lundqvist
Kristina Lundqvist, +46 (0)21 101428

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